US Official Server 1808 is down

Tried to log in at my lunch break and the server is not showing up. Checked battlemetrics to see if it was only on my side. It is listed as offline, and 0/40 players online.

You can report your server outage with this tool:

Is the response time on those reports fairly reasonable? Official Server 1934 went down last night and has been down for 10 hours, I sent in a report but it was only a few hours ago. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with how long it took for a server to come back up once reported.

Server 1808 seems to be online currently. Sorry for the trouble on that.
We’ll generally keep an eye on the servers and the report tool and if they go down for some reason, try to investigate and get it back up as soon as possible.

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It’s past my lunch break, so I cant get online to check, but BattleMetrics is still reporting the server as offline. I don’t know how reliable their data really is, but it has been so when keeping tabs on players during raid hours.

I just checked on conan-exiles, there’s 2 different " Official server #1808 PvP" entries. One is online with 8 players, the other is offline and has been offline for 9 hours. They have different IP addresses.

I also checked on my server, “Official server #1934 PvP”, and there are also two entries. One is online, the other is offline.

When searching for server 1808 and 1934 on BattleMetrics, I also see two entries for each server.

Were these servers accidentally duplicated? Why do they still not appear as available in the server list? Will I ever be able to login to my server again, or was a fresh copy created and the old one is offline for good?

So I just remoted into my PC to check, it looks like the servers must have come back up with new IPs. Server 1934 is back up but I had to search for it manually, it no longer appears in my favorites. However, all my stuff is still there.

I’d recommend manually searching for server 1808 when you get back home. It should be up, and it should still have your character and bases saved. All usage stats have been wiped though - I had over 500 hours of playtime on server 1934 but now the metrics say that no one has ever logged into the server, ever.

Possibly due to the GPortal maintenance yesterday as per this post:

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Oh hey, I could have answered my own questions if I’d just read through the forums a little more, surprise surprise lol.

Thanks for the info!

Your welcome. I saw the post yesterday whilst the servers were offline for the maintenance. I had trouble finding it just now though to paste as a link. I had to go to Nicole’s forum page and look for the topics she had posted to locate it.

That was the problem. Inhad the other server page bookmarked. Didn’t occur to me that there would be 2 of them on BM to check.

The 1200 server is unavailable for approximately 4 days from ~14:00 to 24:00 GMT. The ping jumps and the server stops responding. Most likely it is ddos. Similar issues with servers 1210, 1220.

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