Official server #1650 offline

please bring it back online!


Been down since 8:06 PM Central Time 6/19/2018. I’d love to make sure my body didn’t lose everything on it as I sit in the middle of nowhere.

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Can we at least get a reason why 1650 is offline?


1650 down over 40 minutes. Why?

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link below is what gportal advised submitting. they said funcom manages the server and that they cannot do anything about it.


Also just got an email back from support:

"Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Funcom Customer support.

I would be happy to assist you. We are currently investigating the issue with #1650. Unfortunately, I do not have a time frame of when this server will be operational again."


Thanks for getting someones attention on it at least PopTart!

Just hit the 4 hour mark of the server being down. I’d love even a small update to know what the progress is with getting it up and running again.

Aaaaand 6 hours downtime. That’s a quarter of a day with no resolution to an entire server being inaccessible. Goodness knows when it’s going to be up again, and in what state it will be in once it IS up. Best of luck to those who’s bodies are in limbo, probably being trampled on by a mammoth, or gnawed on by a crocodile. The people who notice when the server is up have free reign on most of the people’s loot.

I started a thread on g-portal’s website

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server is back up

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