Server #1518 broken

1518 is broken again. Shows everyone online but no one can join.


I’ve noticed this the moment I got disconnected from the server, and couldn’t enter. I would frequently see that people are in the server and after several attempts to jump back in with no success, there would be one person online on the server.

I’ve been able to enter other servers no problem but not on this one, and it is getting awfully suspicious with that one person onine.


It just did the same thing again, fix this crap please.

Yeah just got kicked 30 mins ago and unable to join the server. Shows there are people on but after 5 mins i lose connections. Also when i close the application i get a crash message. I know this has happen multiple times since the release.

Yea and this is 2 days in a row now.

Report it there, not that it will matter.

Hi there,

Server 1518 has crashed. It is currently being investigated by the developers. I am sorry but I do not have a time frame for when the server will be back online.

Any chance of a restart please so we can jump in and have some fun?

Server was up for several hours of fairly decent quality playtime today…then just got kicked 5 min ago and can’t get back in. This seems chronic. Is there any further explanation of issue? Thanks kindly.

Yup twice in two days now for 1518. There goes that weekend of fun play time :frowning: Any ETA on when it will be again?

It has happened again!

After 5 min or so there will be a time out message, despite showing the server as up in the server list, which looks like this…what no links? Boo! Uploaded a screenshot to imgur to try to be helpful…but guess I cannot refer to it in this format. :frowning:

Side Note: Does Funcom have an actual ticketing system? The Google Forms form is limited and doesn’t permit attachments. Like do y’all have JIRA Service Desk or Service Now or something? Would be crazy helpful to us customers.

Suuuuucks. Would like to at least have an ETA, or maybe a warning next time so I wouldn’t be so far from my home base :frowning:

Yep 1518 is still down. When the server list first loads it shows 0/40 but if I check my favorite list is shows as 39/40. I tried several times last night to get in but just have forever load followed by can no connect. I got in once for about 30 min and today I can’t get in at all again.
Please fix this.

Well, glad I’m not the only one. Hope it gets resolved without issue.

3 days in a row this has happened, each time the server is broken for 8+ hours.

WTF funcom…


I’m getting pretty pissed that this was launched in it’s current state. Everything lately smells like a cash grab. (Rushed launch, DLC so quickly)

You don’t use a google form as an official reporting tool if you’re serious about your products. This is how you destroy your credibility as a game company.

Please get your stuff together Funcom, or people will start tearing your game apart and shouting it out on social media.

What is the delay in getting this server back up. Wow come on Funcom Management this is your job and we can tell you don’t care. Plus there is a lack of communication with the Conan Community. Like explaining why this is happening? What is being done to fix it? When or an ETR? Something… So pathetic…

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1517 Broken again too. 3 nights in a row now. Really sad that unofficial servers are running better than official ones…

Can we please just get a restart on 1518 so we can get a little play in before the week of work starts, please.

Can we get extended double XP to make up for this mess?

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