We've heard your Cries! NOW HEAR OUR SCREAMS!

I know there are now MANY players very frustrated and thinking of leaving. It really sucks when you put so many hours onto a server, have limited time you can play, or are in the middle of a crucial spot. Only to have the server crash on you ( or whatever is going on with them ). We have put many posts on the forums all weekend with still no answers. This is unlike Funcom to not give us something to work with. To leave us in the dark. It is not too much for us paying players to get some feedback. PLEASE stop leaving us in the dark on this issue and give us some feedback. I have had a few players on my server 1516 grip about Funcom and how this is a usual thing for them. I have always seen otherwise in Conan Exiles. Yes you have bugs or major issues. But the major issues with servers are usually fixed the next day. This is now going on day 4. I fear that if we don’t get answers soon we will end up seeing a drastic drop in players again. SO I NOW SCREAM " FUNCOM JUST WHAT IS GOING ON? "

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Yes, please fix the server issues…

Dear exiles,

Today we’re rolling out a new tool for reporting server issues on our official servers. We’re doing this to streamline the process and make it easier for you to send us reports about when your server is unavailable.

Click here to reach our new Official Servers Report form.

Please note: This is only for the official servers. If you have a problem with a private server you need to contact your server admin.




Yea this is ridiculous…server 1517 went down again,4 days in a row too! I usually would put a ticket into G-portal and I did! But they told me they cant do anything cause funcom is in FULL control now…WHAT THE FUCH! WHY WOULD YOU DO SUCH A STUPID THING! Every time I put in for a reboot it was done within an hour! Way faster then depending on these forums! Actually helping you guys out.


This may just be a stall tactic but I am at least willing to try it

Didn’t know they had that! According to others it don’t mean crap…so ridiculous.

Probably not and it seems more like a stall tactic. I know have them coming on a couple other threads I put up saying that one thread was enough. But when I put up one thread they shut it down claiming it wasn’t productive. So it appears that multiple is at least getting some response. But they made the form so I thought I would give it a shot too. Hopefully it truly does help them streamline server issues in the future just apparently not right now.

Fingers crossed…it sucks cause they do have alot of us who love their game…but if we cant play…wtf do they think will happen…what would they do in our position?

Thanks I have passed the information along to my clan.

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