Official server #1726 PvE DOWN since ~ 1100 UTC


As the title says, Official server #1726 is down, and has been for about 4 hours. Hoping to this isn’t going to remain down over the long weekend, here in the US.

6+ hours down now. Anyone home?

Sorry for another self-reply. But, #1726 is back up. What I’ve noticed happened, is the service IP address and port have changed for #1726.

When this happens, it apparently gets removed from your favorites, and history. So, I haven’t been seeing it after checking for status updates on

I’ve found it by number in the server list and re-added it. Checking the logs I can see it went from to some time in the past 8 hours.

It would be helpful if the server browser had a UID that wasn’t linked to the ip and/or socket. This would prevent it from being removed from our history and favorites list, in the server browser.

So if this happened to me and I don’t happen to know my server number, does that mean I’m screwed?

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