Official PVE #2132 Down or missing for 2 days now Please Fix!

Mon. Oct 30th Been trying to log on to my server for two days but its not listed or in my favorites nor will it show up in search. Please get it fixed soon guys…

Yeah im on that server as well ,i hope decay timers are off ,or ill be rebuilding my army yet again!

i aint gonna do it again… ill delete the game and be done with it

yeh not me…ive had enough of that over the years

its back up but has been erased from favorites and history … but its up…im on it now

Cool I’ll have to check for it when i get home from work,i couldn’t find 2131 over the weekend either ,i didn’t get the memo of changed ip addresses just assumed they were out of service.

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same here… but appearntly our history gets whipped with the address change of servers … i shoulda known that but ive noted it now so hopefully i’ll remeber to check next time it disappears… should pop up in search for u though

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This is why when I join a new server screen shot or write it down it is not a new issue. @Frankenstein @Sfgtvee but definitely a pain. IP address was changed in 2 regions


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