PVE #2132 offline for 2 days now. Please Fix!

WE Need Help on Server PVE #2132. Its Been offline for 2 days now. Please Help!

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The ip address was changed on some servers :unamused:and favorites don’t show. Try typing in servers numbers @Sfgtvee

lol yeh i did. but thanks for the tip

well aparently i didnt or it just came back cause its there now… and u are right … all favorites andserver history has been reset and is no longer there… gotta add it back… but thanks for the tip… i went back on just ot double check and all is good… oh and by the way … the Ping is low now too…60…its been over 200 for weeks now…maybe it’ll stay this way…thanks again!

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Your are very welcome. Let us hope ping stays down. Could be they moved some server locations.

totally hope this bing is more of the norm for now on…thanks again.

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