Multiple official servers - lost connection - no longer available in the server list


Help!! From the looks of it, something may have happened in your data center. Players are reporting that all of the America region servers have dumped them without warning. The servers are no longer available in the server lookup list, with the exception of the most recently added servers.

Servers that are up (and also full, at 40/40 capacity):

#1588 PvP
#1589 PvP
#1590 PvP
#1813 PvP
#1814 PvP
#1815 PvP

Thank you for your swift attention on this matter, Funcom! :slight_smile:


hehe prolly someone salty and ddos’ing the servers

1578 PVP is down as well

add 1729 PVE that is down

Is there a way to see what server I was on before server went down? I can’t find the number. It’s probably one of the listed ones already, but just in case.

1803 offline as well.

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only 6 are still up for pvp rest are down

If/when your server comes back up, you should be able to filter based on recent play history. You should be able to find it that way.

When in game, press ESC, and you’ll see the server name/number noted on the page.

#1810 has gone down as well

1801 too. Gonna be some salty servers haha.

Thats exactly what i thought lol!

thanks, but since mine is definitely down at the moment, i can’t see what number it was :frowning:

It was intentional on their end. It gave me a message saying the host themselves purposefully disconnected the severs…

That’s not what that message means… the host terminated the connection is all the client (you) can tell, but that can happen if the machine crashes, i.e., unintentional

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Looks like all Americas PVE are down

1500 for sure

True. But that might be the way the server container closes in the event of a crash, or kernel failure, too. shrug

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As I said, the client (you) just knows that the connection was closed. If the host (the server) crashed, it definitely does not signal to the client before it shuts down the reason why it shut down… the client only knows that IT wasn’t the one who closed the connection.

Seems kind of suspicious to me as I even had a support ticket answered at the exact time so I wonder if they are active as of this time in office,so maybe it is something good,but wish they had announced something,seems very odd though.

it seems like almost all of the america servers are down, with nearly none from other regions

All Official American servers are down, any word from funcom?