Multiple official servers - lost connection - no longer available in the server list

At 1:41AM EST what are the chances of the servers being restored tonight so I can hedge my bets on retrieving my inventory?

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I’m just worried about getting connected again. #1581 was tapped at 40/40 hard for the entire day.

There are currently six official servers still up in the America region: the six new PvP servers that were spun up about six hours ago.

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They are not only aware cause they took them down on purpose, but I doubt they are reading this. There has been many crashes today and they are working out the kinks of launch day. The servers are down atm to be patched and brought back up, just have to be more patient. This isn’t the only game that goes through this on launch, I seem to remember a HUGE AAA game having issues years ago…you know what I’m talking about. No need to list the servers, they know. :neutral_face:

what the hell is up with this? there is like thousands of people playing and they just cut it off wtf

Do you have a link, or a statement from Funcom where they communicated that they were taking the entire block of America region servers down?

yeah its not on facebook or this forum sooo yeah im sure its on twitter lol

Last time they went down, I started back at highway with no inventory but was still the level I was when crashed. Your buildings should still be ok as well minus anything you may have built minutes prior to crash.

#1812 PVP is also down

Edit: back up thanks!

Don’t need one. They’ve been taking the servers down all day. Also this is standard for any games having issues at launch. I don’t really need them to tell me the details of what they are doing play by play unless it’s serious. If this were serious like servers won’t be up for a looong time, they would put it out there. They’ll be back tonight at some point so I assume that’s why noone’s seeing any immediate info from them.

#1504 PVE is also down.

Well the right thing would be to apologize for the inconvenience from a business stand-point. It’s not the end of the world, but it is nice to know you’re at least alive and working on it, even if it’s going to be down until tomorrow. At least say SOMETHING. Know what I mean?


it’s been close to an hour, given the popularity of this release, this is pretty amateur on their behalf for not at least saying something.

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#1809 is down as well

#1586 too hurry up

Hi everyone, sorry for the trouble! We’re aware of the issue and looking into it.


Looks like an entire farm went down

They will apologize lol. They have been all day. I’d rather them fix it and get em back up than write me an apology.

This is typical for games these days. Nothing amateur about it. All games are being pumped out fast as they can to collect to pay for more work on them cause they aren’t being funded by AAA companies. Is it annoying? Yes. Is it gonna change? Prolly not.

gn guys, see you guys tomorrow