All Official American Region PVE servers OFFLINE

Was kicked off the server and now no American Region PVE servers are showing up.

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Yeah where are all the servers? Been trying to play all day this is so frustrating. Got into server got base started then kicked couldn’t get back in.took a break came back to no servers. What gives

“no American Region PVE servers are showing up.”

YUP!! :rage:

Finally got home to play and the servers went down…

Hell I took off work to play haven’t been able to get in all day I’m really frustrated with their release today


1583 PVP is down as well

Hi everyone, sorry for the trouble! We’re aware of the issue and looking into it.


Thank you for the response!

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You have thousands of excited players getting pissed off… You should be giving us a minute by minute report.

Same. Kicked off PVE official server 30 plus minutes ago. Waiting for a statement or something. If the ETA on getting this fixed is unknown, or hours, I’m going to bed. If it’s going to be resolved anytime, I’ll wait.

Can we have a status here?

Please tag your platform in the topic title or by using the tagging system! This will help us narrow down where we need to look. Thanks!

Alternative: Tell us what server you may have been playing on. Server numbers correlate to platform. 1xxx is PC, 2xxx is Xbox, 3xxx is PS4.

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