Server Outage update

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So funcom said this on twitter
Hey Exiles, it appears some US servers are offline due to lightning striking a part of the data center. Seriously.

It’s shut down for repairs but the current estimated time until they’re back up is another 2-3 hours.

Thanks for your patience!

UPDATE (Aug 16th, 2019 10:50AM Oslo Time)

UPDATE (Aug 16th, 2019 15:10 Oslo Time)

Fantastic. No. Not good enough.

Hello, theres no way one lightnining hit caused outage like this. That would be like like admitting theres only one server location for all of the usa.

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I’ve seen worse, Down road lighting hit tree, and basically fell over and took out 1 of major set of lines, we had no power for 9 hours as they tried get it all cleaned up.

Snow in another instance, (not lighting, but nature itself being a *****) took out several poles in nasty storm, that had us with out power and water for little over 2days.

Most of time power has gone out here cause of lighting, its 5-6hour ordeal as they scramble about trying find and fix all spots.

Some of quicker ones have been hour.

Of course it’s a lie. They expect us to believe that it’s a coincidence that 2 days ago they announce that they are migrating to a new server host. And now this happens.

It wouldn’t shock me AT ALL if they used this as an excuse to wipe the servers because of all of the item duping. “Oh, the data center where the database is stored got hit by lightning and all of the data was lost. Sorry!”. Since removing all of the duped items is too difficult.

And why wouldn’t they just say that setting up the new servers takes a little longer than expected… I see absolutely no reason to lie about this


Easier for people to think there is malicious intent, then to entertain the idea that an actual naturally created weather event occurred and caused server disruption. And I will never understand why.


I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. I have had g-portal hosting my private servers since September '18. I’ve ran into a variety of issues, all of which they’ve been prompt to respond to.

Also to note, is down. This is their US based site. If you go to, you will get their European site, which is working. If you attempt to switch to their US site from the European site, it’ll let you in, but the game servers are unavailable. They host a variety of game servers, not just Conan Exiles. You cannot get into their US dashboard to manage your servers right now. This issue is bigger than Conan Exiles.


I bet the lizard people are installing their mind control mods on servers right now!!



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Hey all,

Sorry to take off your tinfoil hats this time, but G-Portal did indeed suffer a lightning strike in one of their datacenters, which happens to host quite a sizeable number of servers. They’ve been working against the clock since then to restore functionality and all servers affected should start being accessible over the next few hours.
Apologies for the inconvenience.


1651 has been down for hours… no warning… just shut off… No announcement… WTF is wrong with funcom. Where is the player base support… 1651 has been down for over 3 hours now.

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Ps4 server 3564 has been down as well. Exactly 3 hours. I was at in the middle of nowhere. I’m super pissed.

Same… super pissed… Ark doesnt do this… Atlas doesnt do this… Funcom has got to get their act together. This is why i hate playing games developed in Europe always such bad customer service

I bet European servers are up and running with no problems.

All older servers are down.stand by. Dont think for a minute your alone. We all got surprised today.

I was in the middle of collecting thralls and all of a sudden the game kicked me out, at first i thought it was a connection issue, reload, redownload, and for some reason, i can’t find the server i was grinding on, what happened to the server?

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It’s not just you. Ps4 server #3564 is down as well.

what causes these crashes?

I don’t know. At first I thought it was my WiFi, but no it’s funcom’s servers, and they don’t care enough to fix them.