How is this not your fault or an issues since the big patch

How is this not your issue funcom? How did players cause this high connection rate?

This silliness has been going on since the last big patch and nothing has been done about it.

Notice no one is on that server so its not just me.

This is a complete joke of a service.

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IP for direct connect:
Ping from Germany:

P.S. I was not able to connect to it from the list due to high ping as expected but the direct connect works with no issues for me.

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So a steam game can no longer use steam to connect?

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It is not going to be a steam game forever now that EGS is in the picture as well. While steam direct connect might be disabled, the one in-game works just fine:

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Hey there,

Please report technical issues with official servers here:

Note, G-Portal maintains the technical side of official servers, not Funcom.

@Mumra you should do this as well, if you haven’t yet :slight_smile:
(continuing from this post by the same author)

See also: Useful links for methods to report issues.

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If G portal maintains the tech side for funcom why are you not on them to do something since this has been posted as an issue for at least a month now. I am assuming your search tool works for you and you can pull threads for this common theme.

To be honest anything I have reported has never been addressed including building items that still exist on the server from dead clans that left after the first week game release so many years ago now. I even pinpointed it like you asked and the stuff is still there.

Not like I have much faith in the reporting process - sorry.


I get the same issue sometimes when I log in too. My ping is easily 2x what it used to be since the last big update a while back. I just have to refresh or relaunch the game to get it lower. Inb4 people say “oh its a problem on your end”…no, its not. Every other game I play I have lower ping (playing on either NA east or NA west servers, lucky for me im kinda in Central NA, so I have a happy balance). Definately only an issue when playing Conan.

I wonder if the new Funcom live services is part of the issue?


Everyone I know has to use direct connect, the problem for me is now the chinese are using direct connect too in order to play on EU servers


When I talked to gportal they told me that funcom maintained the servers

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Funcom rents the servers from Gportal.

Funcom thus maintains the server software.
Funcom does NOT maintain the server hardware.

So if the issue is a hardware issue, Funcom needs to contact Gportal to fix it (Gportal won’t listen to us, we are not their customer, Funcom is).

But if the issue is software, then Funcom needs to address it.

Having dealt with Gportal before (they don’t do servers over 20 players well at all), and having had a private server which the latency hasn’t changed since the Funcom Live went live, I’m thinking Gportal is part to blame here.

Funcom needs to get in touch with them and light a fire under their rear though.

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funny how fingers get pointed between funcom and gportal - and no one takes responsibility good customer service on both their parts.

Like I said this is a joke.


Where have the fingers been pointed?

Gportals customer service has nothing to do with us though as we are no gportal customers

So in other words if we have no impact on Gportal then Funcom need to pull its finger out and do something.


That will depend on what the contract looks like.

Gportal is likely in an agreement agreed to certain server specs, hardware uptime, and a maintenance agreement.

The issue is the game has evolved since 2017. The server specs may not be enough for the game in 2020. So Gportal is under no obligation to upgrade the specs. And we have no idea how long the contract is for so we’re not likely going to see them leave for greener pastures.

Funcom is responsible.

They selected Gportal. They should not have done that. But that’s hindsight.
They updated the map beyond Gportal. They could have simply not added the North and Jungle.
They updated the game beyond what Gportal can reliably keep up with. They could have simply not added mounts, thrall changes, and the combat update that added combos.

Ironically what made the game successful, killed the servers on Gportal.

The only way for them to fix it now, is to buy themselves out of that contact and go with a better server host. That’s on them to do that.

Funcom can whine and complain to Gportal all day. But Gportal is simply going to say “we are providing you what we agreed to provide.”

Its like a cellphone carrier.


So, there is not way this will not go poorly, but, posting in a forum is not reporting an issue unless you have been specifically asked to post in a forum and follow the specific format.

The result of posting in a forum for problem reporting is akin to my clients emailing me:

“Something is wrong!”

And five minutes later emailing me again:


I get that tech issues are frustrating, that the last patch was beset with completely preventable issues, and that folks are annoyed. But the approach being used most often, this vague “SOMETHING IS WRONG! WHY ISN’T IF FIXED?!” method is not just unhelpful, it’s anti-productive. It encourages a mob mentality, presents the originators of the complaint as victims, and incites some sort of malicious recourse in an “us vs. them” environment.

If it were just counterproductive, that would be one thing, but it is much, much worse than that.

You paid for a game. That game should work as defined. Any back-end infrastructure should work as advertised. When there are issues, follow the publicly posted process to report them and stop being surprised that, if you do not, no one ever responds to your issue.

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I stop pointing fingers, the only finger I’m still holding up Is directed at me, for believing It was going to get better and they fix at least most of the issues.

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Here’s the frustrating part for most. It does work as intended for many players. But it doesn’t for many others.

If you’re on a Gportal server, your experience sucks. If you’re on another server host or single player. The game runs fine. There’s some other conditions that cause the disparity, but that’s the biggest one right now for the obvious reason that the officials are on Gportal.

Ironically if Funcom made no new additions to the game in early access to now. The Gportal experience would be fine. No map expansions, no new dungeons, no mounts, no combat changes, no mod support, etc. But lets be honest, none of us would be playing that game. There’s only so much you can build using sandstone, brick, reinforced brick, insulted wood, and black ice in the newbie river and desert.

But we’re here. We have a game that evolved drastically from its idea in early access. Unfortunately they made a contract with Gportal way too early on and for a duration that is too long. That is Funcom’s error, that is their fault.

But we have to deal with the consequences of that. We can sit here and whine on the forums about it. Frustrating ourselves and Funcom too because nothing can be done about it. Not legally or ethically anyway.

Funcom could come out and say, “yep, we screwed up, Gportal wasn’t a good choice.” But what does that do? Honestly? Is everyone going to be like, “well since you said it, we feel better now, that fixes all our problems…”

No, you all want an actual solution.

Funcom is responsible, they made a mistake (in hindsight) by going with Gportal with the agreement they did. But the solution they cannot give. Not legally anyway. You’d have to wait for that contract to end, and maybe they would change over to another host. But I suspect by the time that comes around, they won’t be supporting the game anymore. So that’s not a solution.

So you have to take matters into your own hands. You shouldn’t have to, but this the fact of the matter of where every Conan Exile player stands. Here’s what the players can do:

  1. Stop playing. Cut the losses and go for greener pastures. You have all the information you need to make this choice. You know it won’t get better going forward, is the condition of your play experience acceptable? If not, then consider this choice.

  2. Go singleplayer. You forfeit the ability to play with others, but the singleplayer works fine. Maybe that’s a good enough trade off.

  3. Play on a non-Gportal server. If you’re already on private but they’re on Gportal, or if you’re on Official, then seek another server with better performance. This means having to deal with non-Funcom admins, and your mileage will vary greatly from server to server. Some have good rules, some don’t. Many wipe occasionally. Most have at least the Pippi mod which you will need to subscribe to.

  4. Take a slightly unethical approach and put Gportal on blast. Give them negative reviews on every site they advertise on, blow up their forums, and generally be a nuisance to them. I call this unethical because they are fulfilling the contract they agreed to. Its just the requirements they agreed to in 2017 are not good enough in 2020. But negative attention to both Funcom and Gportal may cause them both to come to some sort of an agreement. Its not a guarantee though. But if you care enough about the character progress on the server you play on, then this might be an option to take.

Everyone has the information they need to make a decision. Complaining further isn’t going to make any results, and I’ve outlined pretty much why. I mean I can’t tell everyone what to do and if they just want to moan on, then that’s a fifth choice they are free to make. It just won’t yield results at this point. And that is the real reason why we have an ‘us vs them’ situation. Many of us realize complaints are futile at this point, and we poke at people who don’t realize that yet.

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This has not been my experience.

And? Does posting in a forum solve anything? If there is an established path for reporting issues and folks instead avoid and and clamor for solutions in the one area that will never yeild results, the fault is not Funcoms.

If the reporting procedures are followed and Funcom does not act, then it is their issue and players will vote with their time as they peel off to other games.

For me, I enjoy the game. I play it for relaxation and enjoyment. I have no plans to stop.