Why is ps4 community hated so much by funcom

This is a open letter to funcom.
Dear funcom I am a admin on a few ps4 servers.
As such I have heard from a lot of ps4 players.
We all love conan exiles all the servers I am on are almost always at the limt of twenty as that keeps the lag down.
But we the players of ps4 feel like we dont matter to you. Everytime there is a issue we are told it is being worked on and still we have no fixes. And g-portal is a joke they are just a nightmare to deal with. Constant lag even with just 3 or 4 on the server that has just been wiped. Multiple shutdowns during a normal day with no notice or explanation. I have taken a poll on my servers and 98% of them have a ping of 80 or higher mostly we get 100 or the ??? When we go to long in.it makes moving a choppy head hurting run. But we do love the new momentum running and the new dodge a lot.very good work there.but things loke the horse while cool to play with just feels broken when we try to go fast and the horse is burning its durability but it just crawls along and the mobs just kill us because of the speed we are NOT going.plus turning is the worst there is no fine turning. Also evertime we have a soft boot of the server we have to redo the settings all over again and again.also every single admin I hqve spoken to is a ps4 admin and they all say we need admin tools that are useful.or at the least keyboard support.alot of my players have had the thrall kickback to level zero for no reason even today it has happened and there perks stay there.another thing is the players keep wanting to see if there clan members are on or not and can’t see them because of the new way you have the list.and I think that all of us would be willing to wait a few months for a new dlc if you guy want to take time to fix the game. The underneath and clipping are geting out of hand. I would like to say that we do like the direction that you are going. And some ideas like Alex the lead designer he said a bit about mounts Haveing diffrent class or job types like one for travel one for gathering we love this idea.also when we got the new lighting a few months ago we were astounded at the way it made the game just pop. I personally really like the short swords and cant wait to see more as well as maybe a legendary one or two. Lots of my players love to tank and really like the way you handled the two handed swords. And enjoy playing with the great axes. I would love to see a ape for the spear make a come back to take the place of kick like you did with the great swords. A alot of the admins would like a better system for admiring not just new tools , but something like a limted admin set up so we can have lower ter admins.

But please please do some work on the game to fix the probloms and get the ps4 devs to optimise the game to work for us. I have played on xbox and ps4 and it just fells like you guys dont care about the ps4 community.

They don’t hate you man, and it will come, you have to just understand it is a lot of work to patch things across multiple gaming platforms.

Something to keep in mind is that PC is their bread and butter and also by far the easiest for them to patch on as the game is coded written and designed on PC’s it is then ported to platforms via a lot of hard work that the Devs put in, and you must realize that Xbox being a microsoft product is a lot closer to a Windows PC than ps4, this is why it is much easier to port or emulate PC games on xbox from PC and visa versa (this isn’t just a conan specific phenomenon). The reason ps4 often lags behind in this department is simply due to the nature of the beast, PS4 is the most different one of the big 3 and so it isnt just funcom showing bias, it’s an actual legitimate variable that makes porting any changes over take extra effort to do.

So just be patient it will come, I’m sure they are working on bringing all the new stuff to ps4 as soon as they are able to.


That is why I have posted this is to call attention to it . I love this game I love the world of conan I want to see it do good but if I don’t bring this up then ps4 will continue to be the poor cousin. Like right now we have two servers down because of the ark update but we don’t have ark servers.

Sadly everything they do needs permission from the companies to have it go through they just cant fix everything at once. Playstation is â– â– â– â–  when it comes to this stuff. Xbox and pc a little quicker on the ball. Every patch and update get vetted. Smaller companies also need time and exiles is not the only game

You’re right but, fact of the matter is sometime (too often than it shoudl happen) new patches comes out with issues that seems pretty “untested” (look at the uncropped image of character in menù and thrall’s menù). That means that the “soniacs” get a patch that brings fixes but also new bugs (sometimes heavier new bugs than older ones) and PS4 users have to wait weeks (ETA and yaddayaddayadda) to have it fixed properly.
That is not right, I understand that the Sony’s burocracy can be a pain in the -youknowwhat- but int he end we (PS4) players have to pey the highest price in this trade,
Seems not fair to me.

As a PS4 server renter and player, I categorically disagree with this post. Please don’t attempt to speak for all users of a platform just because you have a complaint. Your complaint may be valid, it may not, but you don’t speak for me. Funcom is extremely responsive to questions and my PS4 server has remarkable up time (I’ve never even seen it down unless I took it down).

Well I really am happy for you then. Just understand I am speacking for me and my community of a few hundred players.most of whom have poores there money into this game and come to me. Everytime the things I have posted above that is what they bring to me. I am not well versed in tatic but I am good a being blunt hence my words above.I am trying to get attention to the problems that player across multiple servers on ps4 have come to me with and I cut it down to the most common. But I am happy that you are problem free.

And that is why I have done this. Funcom needs to hear from us the players that things are not working right. Thats how things get fixed.

You assert ps4 players are hated and I can tell you we are not. You’ll catch a lot more flies with honey rather than vinegar.

That doesnt make any since, since vineger is used to catch flies… >_>

And they tend to ignore honey. XD

Anyway… It seem they dont have Console Dev kits… so that seem part of issue.
And ya, certification is a killer on consoles. (and they to let stuff get past)

Funcom could do better yes, But hate? It feels like that sometimes. Specially when its reported on testlive, and makes it to live game… and PC gets its quick fix, and were stuck for week or 2 with broken game.

I know Funcom doesnt hate me… but every patch, makes me question it.

I’ve lost my save few times, i’ve loaded up my game after patch to find stuff wonky or broken, parts of house missing…
I dont mind restarting, I like it to be on my terms…not a patch that breaks part of my house down, and thralls half in ground or under it.

I undrrstand this more than you think. But Funcom has said in ther own streams that if they had about three months they could fix most if not all of the issues and problems in the game. I say add a month or maybe six weeks to optimize it for ps4. Then they can go back to dlc making and selling.this is a game they they are selling and I am a customer as is all who come to me on my servers. We paid for this game and its dlc list we are asking for fixes.

It takes longer to get a fix thru for console than pc. Its not exclusive to funcom.

Besides the horrible formatting and lack of structure in their post, op has raised some valid concerns.

  • Ps4 as stuck with G-Portal. I don’t envy them …
  • Ps4 lack the admin tools. Us PC users not only have the luxury of using mods like Pippi but also the command line.
  • Ps4 are stuck with heavy bugs for much longer (stable dupe and 100% ap arrows for example). This could be avoided in two ways: much longer testing phase which will delay the release on all platforms or by releasing it first on pc, fixing the major issues and only then patching consoles. This would mean delays for consoles. So if consoles dont want to have buggy patches, they will have to wait much longer for the updates.
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Again, these are common compromises we make when choosing to play on a more inexpensive and less flexible platform. I think those issues have applied to every game I have ever played. Personally, I choose to play on ps4 partly because I dont have to worry about mods (I own the pc version too but never play it). To lay a common, cross the board deficiency of console gaming at the feet of Funcom and deduce they “hate” us, is grossly unfair and needlessly confrontational.

If they hated the PS4 community, do you think they would make the game available on PS4? They go through a ton of trouble, just to make the game available for PS4 players.

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I do not think Funcom hates Sony players but I think “munne” ($) are their first priority, and if somehow I can understand that, as a customer who spent full “working-as-intended” 70 euros on D1 I’d like to have a working-as-intended title on my consolle.

Waiting more time to have a patch is not a compromise, is something that everyone should do especially on PS4 consolle (for ETA and certifications, not because “we are better” do not misunderstand me), otherwise if I have a lesser/slower/worst service on my product I should pay it less than others.
Am I wrong?

Doesnt cost any less to develop for ps4, so the question becomes, why SHOULD it cost less? Considering it takes longer to release, I would assume there’s more, not less cost involved.

It has been over two weeks since I sent the “support” team over 100 pictures showing land claim griefing and 2 pictures of the perpetrators taunting me via messaging. Their statement was “there are alternatives to the Official PVE servers such as moderated Private servers with administration and strict rules regarding griefing or the Official PvP servers, where players may destroy one another’s structures and prevent land claim griefing the blocking of points of interest, which unfortunately is an inevitable occurrence in PvE servers” as a consumer of their product it is appalling that it has been over twice the decay time and their response was in essence “dont like it? Change servers” when their harrasment and griefing issues say “land claim griefing” and the clan in question has spread over 6 squares on the map with only teir 1 fence foundations surrounding 3 seperate peoples bases. 7 days after I put in my complaint support THEN told me I`d need the perpetrating clans ign. I play on offical because I expected offical support for a problem they claim they will act on. I play pve because I didnt want to be forced to move as pvp naturally forces you too. Is it cause they deemed it not abusive/harassment? Idk seeing as they wont disclose that information but it has been over 2 weeks and still this clan owns 6 squares on the map only to grief the jungle. Will I waste my time on a company that says in their own public “harrasment and griefing issues” that they “MAY” intervene? Probably not.

and here is your mistake, Funcom have multiple times stated that they don’t provide GM like support. You want to play on officials, your choice … Pay 10-15 eur per month for your own server and you and your friends will have the highest level of GM support, directly exercised by yourself. Let’s be real here, to have the support you are asking for we either need to pay a monthly fee or have a cash shop with microtransactions.

Why are you posting in this thread anyway? PC users have the same level of “official support” as consoles and you can at least report the offenders to Sony …

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So let me get this straight the consumer has to pay extra for the support that the company has publicly stated it will give.