Where is the PS4 Patch?

Hey Funcom , we all are waiting for your promised Consols patch ?? When you gona bring it to us?? Ps4 Version is totaly bugged , invisible NPC - LAG Fights only, Dead Body not showing , thralls not healing , structures not loading , lvl 4 thrall vanished after switch against lvl 3 in smelter, Thralls Killable from other player PVE


I second this. Lag spikes are still unbearable as well and now my server (3503) has completely disappeared for over 3 hours.


I just want all my named thralls not to die and all 50 of my level 3 archers to be able to be placed and not killed by pve playera


I was really hoping the thralls would be fixed by the weekend. Losing hope on their word of “We’ll have it fixed next week” as that was about 8 days ago and not another word since.


… to the list

weapons from other players/NPC loading sooooooooooooooooooooo long
sound issues (endless breathe, delaiyng in combat/harvesting)
unkillable enemies till you move out from buggy zone (camps)
unable to use warpaint
unable to clear hotbar
unable to finish “equip light armor part” journey achievement
incorrect combat evasion. For example, I used rollback (“round button” in defaut keybinding) - and I can evade from punch… game just brings me to prev. place (hope I explained clearly)

… etc


A Lot of lag or FPS drop Spikes, in some moments on PS4, the death animation freezes everything for like 2 seconds…

Yep seems the last hotfix did not help at all. I play offline and only after the fix it has turned into a lagfest.

Same problems and Can’t equip. Thalls weapon

enemies are invisible. In, ******, Visible!!! invisible!!!


Invisible enemies are a recent one for me, this type of quality and lack of support is unexcusable. Thralls are a core of the game and dont even work. Enemies animations don’t match what they do, try dodging an attack when its already hit you and the animation they did was a step back, and a small swipe, and the damage registers that they did a jumping heavy attack

do not play single player. no point building i lost everything for all last week because of all the game crashing 10 times every day now i got error and will not load that last save.so frustrating


Well a lot of us have had to put the game down on our server for the non healing vanishing thralls now load screens aren’t popping up for dungeons or bosses and much much more!!

Fps drops, Lags and stuttering should be top priority imo.
Also the server list Crashes that crash your whole PSN connection are pretty game breaking.

I could live with all the other stuff (Though not really being able to use Combat Thralls is really dissapointing) but the lags make the game a pain in the ■■■ to play.

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That’s my point too… What really bothers me is the lag, freeze and stutter… Like 1-2 Second freeze after kills and in combat…

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Has anyone gotten an official answer whats wrong with the servers? Is it the game itself? G Portal? PSN? I miss an sticky post from Funcom which belongs to the performance topic.

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The devs have already said the patch will come to consoles late next week. For further updates on the patch I recommend you check this link:


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Worst of all is the infinite loading time, its going on for a long time and they DO NOT fix it.

“blah blah blah, patch late next week…”

Yeah, they said that last week too. Leaving a newly released game utterly broken for 2-3 weeks is a really really bad idea.


Build a tower with ceilings I guess

they need to fix single player first this all happens offline i am amazed that you even get online when this happens in single player.and then corrupts your ps4 pro with an error code so you can not load your last save and multiple crashing.