Lost hope at you Funcom

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I lost my hope that you Funcom ever will be able to Fix Conan on Ps4. Every Patch make it even worse. Extrem stuttering, no Fightingsounds are only a few issues. Its a pitty i want my money back


Well, at least it sounds like your server shows up in the list. Mine doesn’t… All for what? So they can make more money on a game they haven’t even fixed yet?


I play offline and have these Problems


Then go to gamestop and claim it as a game which doesnt work else u wontnget ur money back. Thats what i did and also told everyone on reddit. Funcom didnt learned anything from the past where the company was forced to shut down the servers.

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i feel ya… If they dont fix this game, itl be the last time i buy anything produced/co produced by them. They basically did a No Mans Sky on us :frowning:


Funcom is a joke. I read some place that they have 25 years of game development but you cant tell by the quality of work they release. They know their game is bad and they know people are pissed. I think while we are playing their game they are still on vacation after ps4 launch and left one guy in the office working on patches and updates apparently he’s not qualified either and makes up fake patch notes…

Thanks funcom, this is just another company I’m avoiding from purchasing games in the future added to my list of EA and Ubisoft


No. They are being forced by marketing to churn out more billable content/features. They owe us the 500 bug cleanup for free and a fix for the choppy video and sound.

I was at the launch of Anarchy Online. The worst MMO launch of its time. Server roll back of a few days… Sadly ps4 CE is way more messed up and not getting a vibe they can fix it.

Yes the game is bugy and yes much are frustrated in what state the game currently is. I am also not happy with all but with some i am. Funcom works for the game on all three platforms, PC, XBOX, and PS4 and is not as an huge company like EA or Ubisoft are. The Devs, the Community Managers and all the others at Funcom get my respect for the time and the ressources they have to make the game as great as we want to have. They all works hard for us to bring the game to a state that we all will be happy with it and gave theyr best. And the very big + what Funcom get from me is that, they stay to theyr words the new content like Pets we all will get for free and only for the cosmetic items we have to pay for and thats fair becouse not every company will do it for us. And what i hope is that we will see Funcom for a much longer time on the Game playground becouse they making games with an deeply and unique playfeeling and put much heart into theyr games. What Funcom need is time and this time we should gave the people. So i wish the Team from Funcom the best for the future and i am looking forward to the new content :smiley:


What platform are u on? Big or small company they still charged us money for a product listed as full access launch.

The ps4 product is not ready for anything more than beta imo. They brought this on to them self. Should have stayed limited access on ps4.

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PC, PS2 or Xbox - game have issues everywhere.
Some are general, some are to the specific platform, but still way too far from a official release…
And the worst part is that some issues are known for months (some more than 6 monthS)

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A companys size is not an excuse that funcom can hide behind. They released an unfinished product hands down. They get respect for pushing new content on a game thats not even stable? Hell nah might be fine for some but not me. I’ve had about 120 chests despawn on me i’ve lost an excess of everything from 9k steel reinforcements to 40k or more black ice brimstone. Boxes of demon bloods thralls a set archpriest. My losses are staggering to say the least and guess what funcoms response was? I didn’t get one and neither did the other similiar posts. Some kind of acknowledgement and possible temp solutions until its patched would go a long way. Reminds me of EA and ubisoft in a ton of ways, none of them great.


Dude… Even Hello Games was a significantly smaller developer, with a smaller developer team when no man’s Sky launched, even they were more on top of fixes than Funcom has been, and that game was quite possibly a worse train wreck Than Conan Exiles has been.

It’s not always the size of the team. Sometimes it’s about priority. Clearly Paid DLC is a higher priority than getting fixes out.

Sometimes it’s about doing things the smart way, an open beta test a couple months ago for example would have alleviated some of the issues the PS4 launch has had. Would’ve helped them get the jump on optimization and crashes for example.

This industry is littered with small teams achieving amazing feats. It all depends on where you heart is. If your heart is on your wallet and not quality, it shows.

Which is actually kind of interesting and sad, because if you put your heart into quality, the wallet takes care of itself. But these days developers would rather step over a dollar tomorrow just to pick up a dime today.


The paid DLC is only cosmetic and the people they works on this have not the experience to fix bugs, this people are art atists etc. Not the whole team can make bug fixing they didnt learn this.

Dont get me wrong guys i understand you all :smiley: Funcom had a hard time behind but if Funcom were a bad company they would take our money and dont support Conan Exiles any more. But they give us the content they already have spoken for free. And the DLC nobody have to purchase thats optional.

yea im done with funcom last dime i will ever spend on one of thier titles and i was planning on buying the dlc but no not now

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The DLC is a little more than cosmetic. Comparing stats with top feat gear, Khitan is slightly better. At times as much as a 5 health point dmg advantage over Acheronian weapons.

This concerns me.

I don’t think any Khitan weapons are top tier. They might be better intermediate choices, but that’s all, unless they have some great bonuses.

And would you look at that! 3gb patch on PS4. You of all people suck with your constant whining. Show some respect.

did they fix the 500 bugs in tis game

LMFAO told u they pulled a EA on us lol

ps4 pro having issues on stamina and heath regeneration pvp really laggy since new patch fishing traps still disappearing with loot bags nothing in event log of being destroyed