When will funcom do what's required?

I am not a game desiger or dev. but I am a gamer like you and I work to buy the games I want.
it is a poor day when a game you play full price for becomes the norm that you have to play single player to play multiplayer for more than a hour without lagging out . Xbox platform is getting worse, EVERY time they do something it makes it worse.
lagging out
losing your body
losing dozens of chests with high armour in
losing thrall
thrall timer resetting
Npcs being invincible under tents
not being able to heal while getting cold!
mini bosses have way too much health
unable to build in locations where u can build
being able to glitch your stats to 50 all so you get wrecked by others glitcging.
not enough skill points to run a medium build to help farm and fight.
the list goes on (feel free to keep adding)
yet 3 months is it? and where still in a worse ! situation that it was at start. funcom has lost so much respect from Xbox players. they need to stop all this BS they are doing and focus on Xbox. we as gamers should not have to pay full price and be subject to a game that is 10x worse than the preview version. I do love Conan I just want them to resolve all the issues with servers and allow me to invite new people without fear of them deleting my hard work

Conan isn’t that bad sure theres problems. but it still a very fun game. I encourage everyone to buy the dlc when it comes out.

its each to there own really i just want them to sort things out


And you must be an employee of Funcom’s competition, or a complete idiot who can’t fathom that other people can have an opinion opposite to your own.

adding additional to the above I found a arch priest that vanished

Dude, just because someone doesn’t agree with you on a game “being crap”, doesn’t mean you have to go on and become a giant douche

On another note, while i do see issues in the game, i usually don’t see the extent of bugs that other people report… So maybe I’m lucky, or tolerant (could be too), but i sure as hell get enjoyment of the game, and will definitely consider buying the DLC…
Doesn’t mean i don’t expect Funcom to actually finish/bugfix the game, just that despite the bugs i still decide to enjoy it instead of whine about it…

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its been 3 months m8. only casuals left on game now and odd hard-core hoping funcom will pull finger out.
the evidence is in the actions. actions are poor indeed

And it really matters whether its casuals or absolute bloody hardcores playing?

Seriously, people being so salty about this process should just bug off O.o all you bring to this is damned negativity

its not being a ■■■■■ just want them to sort things out

But they aren’t done. Granted they should have been done

And I would argue the reverse. The hard core conan fans are still here hoping funcom gets things straightened out. The casuals are the ones who run like 6 year old crybabys to their mothers when things don’t go their way. The only morons I see are those who quit and will never play the game again, wasted the money they spent on the game.

So go, run to another game, we dont need your cancer here.

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casuals are guys that get to level 60 in 5 years so they find it entertaining , casuals reason destiny 2 died and is in reconstruction. all games survive on hard-core players that hit it daily keeping it active , keeping talk going so Google pings it. nothing wrong with casual players though


Not wanting to bash Bethesda here, but have you seen their track record with bug infested games? O.o
Seriously, their games are riddled with bugs that get fixed by the community via mods…
I look forward to Fallout 76 myself, i think it’s gonna be great, even if it does have bugs. Been wanting a Fallout multiplayer for a while, me and a buddy have talked about it more times than i can remember…

But you seem to keep forgetting one thing… I never said it wasn’t broken? I’m just positively minded, that at some point it will get fixed… I don’t care how long it takes honestly, i really just want to be able to play, and at some point see the game fully bug free (not likely, but that’s not a fault of Funcom though… Generally, that’s a game thing, in my opinion)

You know, the people who usually go with “You’re such a little kid/crybaby” arguments(if you can even call it that, honestly don’t know what else to call it), are the ones you can usually tell ARE kids, right? Seriously dude, it’s immature as hell O.o

m8 if they don’t fix it soon it be a graveyard my server was known for best official pvp in Xbox but due to the state of game instead of 40/40 we are now 20 /40 at a push. i mainly log on to try keep my base alive but it’s just me now my clan is gone as they got board like rest of server it’s kinda sad to see a game die in 3 months

Possibly… Depends on what they bring to content updates, like the pet system and such, and how many fixes come with it… You people seem to forget that sure, every fix they seem to put in breaks something else, but they’re still working on it… Give them time…
If people were relying on you to make something cool and awesome, wouldn’t you want them to be patient instead of whining about it NOT being fixed yet?

Have to completely disagree and I am one of the most optimistic ppl u could meet.

We should have a game that works. Not this broken game that many many people have already abandoned.

I’m definitely hardcore gamer. I’ve put so so many hrs into this game already and I only started playing a week before official release. I did own it from the first week of early access release and couldn’t play as it was way too broken. I waited until the major update in EA that fixed a lot of things.

On to today, I play this daily. For maybe 12 hr.s (not none stop, will log off for food etc!) I crash so much I can’t even give you a number, it’s heartbreaking to keep count.

I played Skyrim and oblivion, two notoriously bugged games, I put hundreds and hundreds of hrs into both these games (actually probably every Bethesda game ever made) and never once had anywhere even near (I really can’t express that enough) the frustration of crashing, thrall bugs, graphic glitches, animation lags, decay timer bugs, death glitches, invisible mobs/enemies, disappearing containers… this is off the top of my head… there are so so many more things that I could list.

The real issue for me is how much time I’m wasting. This is a game that is designed and created so that played have to put a lot of time and grind into, no matter pvp or pve. I’m lucky in the way of being able to have the time to put into the game to build up quickly. But I see my friends with full time jobs who only get 4-6 hrs a day at the most losing things they have really put time n effort in to get. It’s just so heartbreaking.

No one is wrong for being utterly disappointed and salty over this kind of thing. And least of all for saying they really can’t play the game any more.

I myself am a hardcore Conan gamer but I will not be buying any dlc until it’s fixed. I’m scared I’ll get it and some crap will happen straight after, I’ll lose my base and will also stop playing and play something else (until I read somewhere Conan actually got fixed). I however cannot wait for the free stuff… It’s a real big shame it’s as bad as it is still on Xbox.

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The only issues I’ve experienced so far have been logging in to find my item wheel contents and armor I was wearing GONE. So far this has happened 6 times since I’ve been playing. Lately I’ve been experiencing an issue at death where my body isn’t visible, only a shadow of where it should be. Hence, I’ve lost all those items as well.

My last 4 log on’s have been bug free, but the way I have to play now isn’t conducive to an enjoyable Conan experience. I’m only level 22 but what I’ve had to do is build a base closer to the material I’m farming and run away like a crazy person when an enemy gets anywhere near me. Some of these enemies I could probably take care of but I can’t take the chance of losing my stuff again.

I’ve let my voice be heard on Twitter, which seems to be the only platform they respond on, and all I get from Funcom is “we’re only human and we’re aware of these issues”. Really?!?!?! I’ve only seen a couple of other games that had more issues/bugs/glitches than this at launch and it took them over a year to get to a relative stable state. I hope I’m not going to have to endure that here.

I’m in agreement with a couple others on here, NO DLC should be considered until they get the base game under control. It’s stupid to even think they’d release a DLC at this time to begin with. What they should be is embarrassed at the way they’ve handled the issues.

You people attacking OP just because of his opinion need to just cut it out. A forum is a place to share thoughts on a topic. If you can’t share a thought without attacking someone or calling them names then just move on.

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Notice the fact that he started calling other people names before any one else… Now, with that said, my intention was personally never to attack anyone, so I’m sorry if that’s what it looks like…
All I tried to say was, he doesn’t have to get all salty and start namecalling, because we disagree with him…
That business hopefully being done, I also just stated that I’ve never experienced the amount of bugs others have, so for me it’s never been frustrating or anything… I’ve had nothing but enjoyment. Admittedly i play PC (not sure if that could be a reason for it), didn’t notice this was an Xbox topic before i had answered, but i still stand by not personally having experienced the same quantity of bugs and gamebreaking stuff others have…

All in all, really just wanted to say that people don’t have to go all torches and pitchforks on this… It’s just a game, they make DLC because they can but they’re also bug fixing… Overall, give it time… The patient hunter gets the prey, if you will ^^

Im pretty sure the torches and pitchforks only came out after all the updates and hot fixes that just caused more issues; when Funcom stopped replying on the forum or even putting out patch notes. The last patch’s notice was in a reply to a previous hotfix info post (9 days prior) literally 1 minute before we got disconnected on Xbox without warning, as usual.

Ugh I’m so annoyed even thinking about them going on about this orb /missing containers thing on pc and totally ignoring this happened also on Xbox at the exact same time.