Game breaking bugs on xbox

As a newcomer to Conan exiles Having bought all the content just to find bug after bug after game breaking bug & then having watched a number of YouTubers saying they won’t be returning to Conan until funcom make the game playable on xbox & hearing how poorly the xbox community are being treated by funcom I feel that I need to warn anyone considering giving any money for content on conan to funcom.



We regret to hear you are having a negative experience with our game. Could you use the bug report template to let us know which bugs are impacting on your gameplay?

Thanks in advance and apologies for the inconvenience.

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shocked they didnt delete your post. they are very quick to do so on critical posts. join the party. as you can see there are endless posts on various game breaking issues, almost none of which get fixed despite what the fanbois on here will tell you.
if you can log in and play for more than an hour or two without ur server crashing, count yourself lucky. enjoy the little stable game time you get b/c when it works, it is actually am enjoyable game to play with great environments, building and crafting systems. provided you can avoid the toxic land claim spammers and undermesh cheats lol

it is possible to contact MSFT for a refund when a game is unplayable due to technical issues, they usually fight you on it and tell you it is a ‘one time’ thing but they will do it when needed, so could be worthwhile considering what you spent on it (i.e. the full DLC pack)

Most of us have been trying to warn people. Funcom is trying to fix xbox but in all honesty i think that they either lack the ability to do so, or just dont have enough people to keep up with pc and fix xbox at the sametime in a reasonable time frame. I mean over a year of updates and waiting it has gotten noticeably better to be fair to Funcom. But even after a year theres still things happening to xbox that shouldnt be. We’ve waited for a year and still current state needs major work. No other company would take this long.

They recently almost doubled their staff in last few months and originally their staff was working on multiple areas of game at once say content makers and bug fixers did both but about 1 month or so ago they now have with extra crew 1 team for bugs and another for content nd personally I think the game has been dramatically improved but like ask above what problem are you having and also this post is a discussion not bug since you new here the discussion is in category box.

Apologies apparently space buttons don’t work :joy:

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