To my fellow players

a small bit of advise coding is not as simple as it seem if you think it is try getting a ball to bounce from top to bottom of your screen while moving slowly side to side. Now I get that there a lot of bugs in the game but to be fair en years ago we didn’t really get dlc or game fix updates and we had a lot less complains about those games. Also take in to account that the games tax the console more then our older games did and on another note I not going to completely place the blame of bugs on funcom microsoft and sony both have a certified process for games and updates why our they letting a buggy update though.
So how about we use this forum to help them find bugs instead of b****ing about the game having problems.


I for one know coding isnt easy, but when its your job you shouldnt be releasing your mistakes when your game is months post-launch.

For the most part certification has nothing to do with this being an issue, the issue is the console versions aren’t sufficiently play tested. That is abundantly clear otherwise we wouldn’t get broken builds.

Certification doesnt play the game to make sure it doesnt crash constantly or bug reports the build for them, we the players are doing that because im guessing its cheaper than paying people to internally test it.

I totally understand your point but conan has lost most of its playerbase because there has been no change to development on the game since preview and actually launching. There needs to be some change in direction i think now we’re not in beta anymore.

We need console testlive if its cheaper for us to test give us that and i will happily test future xbox content changes or big patches that could potentially break the game for a week for alot of players.

Sometimes it’s better to vent your frustration in a forum than vent it irl. Also I find repression of frustration very catto-superstitius. But yeah, in a way you’re very right. :wink:

The game price is far too high for customers to be comprehensive.
Is Funcom comprehensive when we don’t pay our monthly fees on a private server ? Hell no.

In my life, and i’ve been gaming since video games exist, i’ve never seen a game even close to the amount of bugs this game have.

We don’t owe them anything. My friends and i have paid over 100$cad for this game each plus the private server montly fee of 17$+cad per month. With such a high price, we expect this game to at least be functionnal.
It’s the other way around pal ; We are far too forgiving on corporations that disrespect customers.

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Even I am with you relating the bugs, that is not true.
Private servers are not by funcom. Conan Exiles include the offline mode and playing on official servers. They do not earn money with the private servers.

I think you mis understood Kruxia. The way I understood is, Yes you are correct that Funcom does not get money for Gportal Servers. What he is referring to, is even though Funcom does not get paid for the private servers (AKA Gportal Servers) the same code goes to those servers. Hence you are paying Gportal to host broken code.

try ark is has much more problems from bugs

and i get point of it broke not saying it not as for test live my understanding cant be done on xbox/playstation but i could be wrong

Please don’t take this the wrong way.
I think the word you were looking for was “Complacent”

Complacent - 1.pleased, especially with oneself or one’s merits, advantages, situation, etc., often without awareness of some potential danger or defect; self-satisfied:

Comprehensive - 1. of large scope; covering or involving much; having an extensive mental range or grasp, as of a particular subject or many subjects.

I tried to stay away from the thread, but I got nothing better to do while waiting for a build…

Since you opened with that, I’ll have to get this out of the way before giving you the rest of my response: 20+ years of software development here, 2 of those spent as a game dev. Just so we can establish that I’m not clueless about what I’m going to say.

Just how many years ago was that? Because the practice of releasing expansions to your game is older than the concept of DLC and you can bet there were complaints if things didn’t work.

That’s not what certification process does. Microsoft and Sony would both go out of business if they had to do QA for the companies that want to publish their games on their respective platforms.

Certification process doesn’t involve combing the game for bugs. It looks for crashes, things that interfere with the correct functioning of the console and its platform, etc. Basically, they’re looking for things that would make Microsoft or Sony look bad. They couldn’t care less about things that make Funcom look bad.

When you open the Conan Exiles forum, this is what you get:

Notice the red callouts? I added those to highlight which forums are specifically meant for bug reports.

The rest are meant for other things, including complaining about the game having problems, but also showing off player’s creations, offering suggestions for new content and getting help from other players.

Notice what’s absent? The forum that says “this is the place where players should tell other players to shut up about the game’s problems” :wink:

The word @Kruxia was looking for is “understanding”. In Spanish, “comprensivo” is an adjective that means “understanding” (as an adjective, not as a noun, as in “Funcom is being understanding towards its players”). I would guess his or her native language is either Spanish or some other sufficiently related language where there’s a word that resembles the English word “comprehensive” but really means “understanding” :wink:

I meant no harm or malice, I would want to be helped if I used a word incorrectly.

Complacent fits, it may not mean understanding exactly
but it does mean excepting, forgiving or ignorant of flaws, satisfied.

Which is how I interpreted the meaning of the sentence.

Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that at all! I was just trying to clear up that particular bit of confusion :slight_smile:

20 years in IT development, but to be fair have never touched video games.

In conversations with friends I am usually the first to jump to the developer’s defense. That having been said, it always amazes me when updates come out and something fundamental doesn’t work.

As a developer, I have had my fair share of software go to production that had a few bugs. When you change one thing, you may inadvertently break another, that’s just how it is.

However, if I’m putting a change through or adding new functionality, I am always sure that it does the basic thing I say it is going to do before it leaves my desk. Other issues in different areas that I may not have tested or been aware of, sure, but if I say that the number 3 is going to appear in spot x under normal circumstances then it will.

I’m always amazed that games release updates that say they are going to do something and just miss the mark. But again, I’ve never coded video games so maybe there’s something about the transport process or something that I don’t know.

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might i add i know that which was what i was trying to say ass i find some folk who only complain in the bug section with no info on what going wrong so they can fix it

People get paid pretty decent money to know how to write a solid, descriptive, repeatable bug report that a developer can use to track down, reproduce and fix a bug.

Given that bug reports on the forum are at best free, and really it’s more like we’re paying Funcom for the privilege of doing their QA, poorly written bug reports are hardly unreasonable.

Also, I would hazard a guess that multiple poorly written complaints about some malfunctioning features does tell FC that there’s a real problem, even if there’s nothing they can use in terms of reproduction steps.

So basically, while I get what you’re saying and I agree that more detailed complaints would be more helpful, I’m not sure you should be trying to convince people to cease providing what may actually be quite valuable feedback.

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I submitted a multi-point bug report that included statistics in a spreadsheet, charts and graphs, and detailed points about 7 or so problems I had found. They acknowledged 2, and told me the remaining ones were intentional, while in the next sentence contradicting why they were meant to be that way.

Short of hacking the game files and sending them the code rewrites, I don’t know what else to do.

Oh I’m not trying to say don’t report things only that they should give them more feedback so they could actually perhaps fix the problem quicker by knowing what the problem is over guessing at what exactly is the problem that they’re complaining about complaining with thorough info is not a problem

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