Fix the bugs in the game

Uninstall , reinstall , single player login kill self logout , TO BEABLE TO login to multi player , play untill kick out of game , then corrupted files , REPEAT

How many times do we the players have to keep asking you to fix the bugs ??
Do you think i enjoy having to do this every 1/2 half hour or everytime i get kick , this is worst than 7 days to die md5 crash

Conan exilies is uninjoyable and not playable on xbox .
And you dont care

Get with it or just quit making anything for xbox and just stick with pc

They really need a fresh pair of eyes looking at this, I get the impression from the hotfix that was supposed to fix a lot of this that what the team or individual working on the problem thought they knew what was wrong, and was clearly mistaken.

They should also make sure to test the hotfix on all of the consoles it’s supposed to be compatible with. (Aka: A regular bum’s 2 year old xbox, not top of the line.)

So far they seem too preoccupied trying to get folks to buy expacs to a game that they can’t even play on. Half wonder if they just decided to scrap the old map bc it’s easier to start from scratch than figure out why it’s broken.

The game is now total broken
I cant login to single player with out having to uninstall the game now , as soon as i do reinstall the game i get to play a hour if that then right back uninstall

I’v tryed to support conan bought ever dlc and this is what we get a 7 days to die repeat
I wont be buying anything with conan or with tencent name around it
Sellout triple aaa game my butt , games a -f

I’m reasonably certain that it’s not actually dependent on the number of times we ask. If it was, all of the bugs would’ve been fixed by now.

I’m reasonably certain that they’re doing what they can to fix the bugs in the game. What we can do is provide them with as much information on the bugs, when and how they occur, etc. That’s what is possibly helpful for Funcom. Repeatedly telling them to fix the damn game, without providing any new data on how to do it, is not helpful.

I’m not saying you’re not allowed to be dissatisfied. I would be dissatisfied if I was unable to play the game. What I am saying is that complaining more is not going to fix the game any sooner than complaining less.


They are fixing bugs but it is easier said than done :smirk:


XBOX definitely had it bad but hopefully, whatever issue is causing people to keep crashing will be resolved soon.


Players have been asking them to fix the bugs and performance issues since early access over 3 years ago. If it were possible, they’d have done it by now. Sadly it was built on a game engine that can’t handle it, so it’s very likely as good as it’s going to get.

You stop that. Some people think that’s actually how you fix bugs around here.


That is how funcom fixes bugs around here…

Citadel same platform unreal engine
Conan unreal engine

Login to citadel , play 24 hours
Login to conan , i have to do the 12 step program
1 turn xbox off
2 delete save game files
3 uninstall conan
4 wait a hour for reinstall
5 login to single player , killself , exit from single player
6 login to multi player join game
7 play untill i get kicked
8 repeat
If they cant fix single player , killself , to be able to login to multi player, it be the same problem on siptar
I’d call it something better but dont want them remove the post.

I didn’t have a problem with conan up untill Aq dlc after that this single player login , killself to just get on multi player is a joke .
No other game in history has this problem

Didn’t tell them what the issue are ??
Theres a whole xbox bug page for it
Were telling them , there not listening

They only care how and were they are going to get the next buck and keep the shareholders and tentcent happy

I’v uninstalled conan and all dlc , there going to play that after i’v spents the hundred on this game @#$% that
Am even going as far as too disliking every yt video done on conan
You cant fix it then dont need to see the crap when i login into yt

Yeah yeah yeah , dont want to hear it

We will!
Please help us doing so by reporting any bugs you might encounter in its appropriate forum section and by following the instructions found in these threads:

If playing on PC, please also make sure that your mods are up to date, or disable them until they are updated to be compatible with the latest game version.