When will funcom do what's required?

Theres a lot to be fixed yes. But guys common. Ive put way more time into CE than a lot of other games. Yeah parts of the game is broken. A lot of bugs are present. To many to list. But I also know ive sunk 100 plus hours in it. and in beta 100+ aswell. I played a lot worse.

I paid 29.99 in EA - so that alone with hours I have in is great. How many games have issues cost 60 dollars and last 5-6 hours? A lot. Is parts of the game broken…yes. are servers stable…no. Random crashes and losing gear will happen. but time vs money the games fine.

Now im not going to argue the fact that it should still be in EA. It probally needed another entire year. The games still not bad…cough No mans sky Cough

I do suggest supporting the game. Buy the dlc and see where it goes. It may get worse. It may get better. only time will tell.

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Lol no way. It’s truly crazy to put any more money towards this game. It would most likely be a waste. Sorry. I don’t have disposable income like that, not ashamed to say. I’d not recommend anyone buy this game let alone get dlc for it… on Xbox anyway. It’s bad too because without that how do they fix it?! Total catch 22.

I agree with OP, xbox is the worse version, I play pc too, xbox is annoyingly buggy.
The worse begin forced to open single player everytime before going online. And then you run to someplace, crash. Guess what have to open single player again to continue.

Xbox version is so bad my whole clan quit, only me and one more left, all others got redund. Official servers are becoming empty because of redunds. Funcom dosent seen to care now. They are losing xbox for real this time.

I’m not having issues like what is seen posted here…

Yes I crash sometimes, but I’m willing to do the single player 2 minute work around before I jump on and decided to conquer the Exiled Lands…

I make SURE I do a hard restart on my xbox and load single player before getting involved…

I’ve had Named thralls reset from 90% to 45% after a log off, I’ve had thralls turn their backs on me after creating a clan and then return to my service after I’ve disbanded, I watched thralls fall through floors, ceilings and the environment. I’ve dragged a thrall from the City to the jungle only to watch it glitch and slingshot into outerspace or knock me off an elevator killing me and the thrall…

Yes this game has issues (like every single game you’ll play and ever play) but as a whole they keep the community up to date (no they WILL NOT respond to every single cry/plea). They ask us for feedback and we spend hours typing a rant instead of walking them through what issue we occurred.

Rampant land and player harassment on every single server… (when humans are involved someone will cause problems)

Yes, this game has issues, but I’ve spent several hours in this game with my heart full of content as I travel the lands, explore the dungeons, kill world bosses and build a mini kingdom…

If you want to fix the issues, try helping, not crying or complaining that this game is crap (because its not).

I say thank you Funcom, but you’ve got to increase your staff and get to work. As you can tell a lot of people enjoy this game and the ones that “don’t” actually care enough to spill their guts here on a public forum wanting action.

Exiles… Stop hurting the situation and try helping.

Yep it goes both ways. I hadn’t read where he went off on people. It really serves no purpose to resort to that level.

I’ve questioned whether Conan Exiles is a port from the PC version for the consoles but I’ve gotten no answer on whether this is true or not. It would explain some of the problems I’ve seeing and experiencing on console, my own anyway. Losing items on a regular basis is not conducive to having a fun gaming experience.

As far as the bug fixing goes, something’s not right. Since the game came out and they released the first patch, the issues have only multiplied. The response from Funcom on Twitter is laughable, saying “we’re only human and we can’t get to everything at once”. That’s not good enough. With the issues mounting up and frustrations on an all time high, they really need to stop with the fix releases, no DLC, none of that until the game is stable again. Short of that, they need to quit being defensive and tell us why all these issues have cropped up and why they can’t seem to get the game under control.


Your attitude toward issues with games is the reason why game dev’s think they can get away with it. I’ve also played the game since launch and have a lot of hours into it. However, I feel like I’ve started over from scratch since release as I’ve lost my item wheel contents and armor 6 (that’s six) times. That’s a lot of farming wasted due to a bug that Funcom can’t seem to address. Like I mentioned before, it gets worse when you die and your body isn’t visible AT ALL when you go to find it. Again, more items gone, and typically more than what would have been in your item wheel or what you were wearing.

Funcom gets NO pass from me.

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I feel for then, CE is unique in many ways and I really want to see it get all the praise it deserves and be expanded upon.

But right now the situation on xbox is working against then and they are losing ground. Hope they can find the help they need to fix it on xbox. The pc version is night and day difference from xbox in terms of bugs and crashes.

Edit: it just occured me, playing CE makes Skyrim and Fallout 4 seen stable.

CE has game breaking errors on Xbox. party of me wants to slap the devs till new year for not testing it intensively prior to lease as they are digging there own grave which is something I don’t want to see.
I tried ark today and let me tell you this Conan is much more pleasing to eye and if it wasn’t for the bugs and the clan roles system then with a bit of more content this game would destroy ark

I consider myself one of the hardcore players i guess as i play for multiple hours every day. Also have had multiple level 60s. Already made the item to remove the bracelet also. Anyways sure there are problems with the game. Still a fun as hell game to play. People need to practice patience. Just because its not fixed completely (if thats a thing) at this moment doesnt mean they arent working on it. They keep us updated all the time. Just because you kids these days want everything given to them and want it now let this be a lesson in life. The world doesnt revolve around you…or me…or anyone specifically. You’re need to want things done on your time means absolutely nothing to those who are practical. Also if you have such a big problem with it go to school and learn to do it yourself. Lets see you release the perfect game and not get flack.

See, this is exactly the kind of discussion we wouldn’t even be supposed to have at this point. When they sold this game as a full release, no one told us the game is the way it is, that we need to practice patience, while they are trying to fix it. No, good Sir, they sold you and me, and everyone else here a full release. A working piece of software.

They keep us updated all the time?! Oh? Like they move their lips, and nothing happens anyway, right? What’s updated? What fixing is ACTUALLY done? And on what platform? Cause definitely the game is a mess on consoles. You seem to forget we paid money for this and we got what we got. And no, going to school to learn to code is not what we do here. We’re customers, we are not supposed to test their game, we are not supposed to fix their game. That’s something you shouldn’t even talk about, it just shows how far removed from the reality of what’s happening you really are.

If they cannot fix it, they should stop working in this field, I am sure there are better developers who release better versions of any given game than what Funcom released now, with Conan Exiles. We really don’t care how many hours YOU put in the game. This discussion is not about YOU making whatever item to remove the bracelet. Good for you, but this is about a lot of people being tricked into playing the beta testers for a fully released product.

I really hope they can fix the game, and they can do that. I like this game, but right now it’s between a rock and a hard place. We’re not here complaining about a game we don’t care about, we do care about it, and we want it to be good, and have fun playing it. Right now, it’s not that fun. And at the end of the day, it’s not about paying real money for a game that almost seems to be a counterfeit copy of a real game, we all lost money before; no, it’s about being honest, and humble, and admit this is not what they sold the game as. We got a product that should have worked. And right now, we’re a bit far from that.

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Really… Ok let’s see here. First off if you actually watched the dev streams they address they are working on it multiple times to get things fixed and say it’s gonna take time. Imagine that…common sense says working on things takes time…mind blown…and the state of the game has been put out there on the forums over and over again…so you didnt know or was not told this is how the game is…hmm maybe read the forums. You think someone is gonna call you and say “oh hey before you buy this there are bugs in the game”. Ha! And no kidding you paid money…geesh most people have…i paid while it was in the preview stages…i knew what to expect…even if I didnt buy it i would know from reading the forums. Isnt like it was some big secret or some crap. And i wasnt telling you how many hours and bracelet stuff to brag…it was to get my point across that i consider myself one of the hardcore players in response to earlier posts in the comments…i dont care what you or others think about how far ive gotten. Nothing I said in my post was in reference to boost my own ego or whatever it was to reiterate the point of being a hardcore gamer. Unlike some people I’m not conceited. And you might have understood that if you paid attention when i said “The world doesnt revolve around you…or me…or anyone specifically.” Regardless i hope they can fix the bugs as well…but I also understand they are a small team…not some big company…and they have lives…they sometimes need to step away from the screen for their own health and mental well being. They may have family emergencies thats really none of our business. Games only been (full) released just over a month now. How many patches and updates have we gotten since then…at least 3 i can think of without looking it up even. How many other games get that much in a month? You say im far removed from reality…hence you complain about a video game…its not real…so in the end…i am patient.

2ndly…I’m really entertained by this conversation. So thank you.

I don’t disagree with you but I also don’t think people are wrong to complain. I’m a software engineer and I’ve worked on things that have been pushed to production products with issues… it happens. However when it does happen me and anyone else that worked on the product are going to be around the clock working on it until we fix it with agreements that we would provide updates every x amount of time. I would argue that the crashing in this game is one of these kinds of issues that would require this kind of attention. I would expect daily updates to the customers that paid money for the product, even if the update is “no progress” or maybe the update is very technical, doesn’t matter, give it to the customers so they can at least see you are working on it. And when I say daily updates, I mean weekends too.

Imagine just for a second that The Legend of Zelda released and was the awesome game it was… only it kicked you out every hour of play. Also sometimes you’d start the game back up and all your gear was gone! How would that have gone over?

The people complaining about this game obviously care enough to post about it. They aren’t complaining for the sake of complaining. They are complaining because they expect more and Funcom really is on the hook to deliver it. What people are asking for is not too much. Start with fixing the constant crashing so people can enjoy your game and not get setback every time they crash and die. I played early access and did not crash this much. Something happened that is causing it. If your current team can’t find it, bring in contracted help. The server populations have dropped so far it looks like early access again. The people complaining are rooting for you guys to fix this game so they can build the community it deserves.

Trust me I want the game fixed as much as anyone else…heck I can’t even see my server right now to play. I filed an official issue thru the proper link provided and will just wait. I’ll watch videos and get build ideas. Not really sure if them saying no progress will make things any better honestly. Can’t hurt either I suppose. People will always voice their concerns/complaints even if they say no progress.

And are you playing on PC?

“Go to school and learn to do it yourself”. I really can’t believe I read that from your post. Really? I don’t know about you but I bought this game so I wouldn’t have to get a degree in programming and “do it myself”. I bought the finished game and its anything but finished.

The norm these days seems to be hype the hell out of games and release them waaaaaaaaaay before they’re ready.

I don’t know about you, but I’m afraid to play the game for fear of losing all my items once again. Once I encountered the bug where when you die your corpse isn’t visible I stopped. I’m NOT working for hours on end only to lose my stuff once again. The smart assed replies back from the “help” folks on Twitter is laughable. “We’re only human”, “we’re working as hard as we can”, “there are so many issues to address immediately”. Really. It makes me wonder if game companies even employ a QA staff at all.

Nobody should buy the damn DLC until the base game is stable on ALL platforms.

I just wish they’d answer my question if the console version of the game is a port of the PC version. If it is that would explain a lot of the problems. It wouldn’t get them off the hook in my mind, but I’d understand better. Sadly they won’t confirm or deny this.

I was just going to say the same thing. This is a great topic that I wish I weren’t involved in if the game were somehow stable.

So you said “The norm these days seems to be hype the hell out of games and release them waaaaaaaaaay before they’re ready.”

Well if that’s the norm these days why did you not expect this then. Why did you buy the game now instead of waiting 6 months from now? I knew the game wasn’t complete. I bought it knowing that. I knew it would have bugs and issues. So did Friday the 13th when I bought that before release. Me saying to go to school and learn it yourself is me saying pretty much ya you can’t do it…they are…when you can do it better then them then go ahead. Should stop criticizing them so much on something you can’t even do. Well good don’t buy the dlc…in fact just stop playing. We will be ok. Some of us enjoy the game even with the issues. We just understand it will all be fixed…in time.

just to help visualise the above people’s concerns
picture selling your car (if your old enough to drive) you buy a new car that was realiesd this year. however when it got delivered you noticed it was missing various items… seat… glove box… radio… when you turned it on the engine didn’t run right , wasn’t smooth

you approach the retailer and they say : we know it’s got issues were working on it" months later your car still is like this but you might have gained a cup holder.

would you sit there with that point if view. I very much dowt it. same concept is applied to the above. the sole reason of preview games is to build the game into a fully working platform it’s also to Indicate that the game has issues.

but just like the new car in the car shop looking all complete without the sticker saying damaged goods/faulty you would never know.

everyone in this room wants Conan to succeed.

funcom just need to buckle up , stock up in cafine and work till this game is resolved and save it from dieing. the community can help rebuild the damage done on console but the first move is always with funcom

You’re not understanding my point. Their marketing is great, hence why I bit the bullet and bought the game. I have had some hours of fun in the game, especially lately (mainly due to trying really hard to not die). None of us should expect game companies to release buggy games. We’ve gotten to that point however because that’s what the majority do. The only way this will stop is if we don’t pull out our $$$ so fast.

You want me to stop criticizing them. Uh, no, that’s why this forum is here. When they can provide some concrete feedback to the issues myself and others are experiencing then I’ll back off, until then you’ll see me on here most every day joining in on the conversation. If you’ve seen my comments on other posts you’d notice that they’re not all based on criticizing them. I ask questions about game play, etc.

Getting back to the issue at hand, I want to know “why” they released the game the way it was. Obviously they must not an adequate testing platform or QA staff. Maybe they’re cutting back on overhead and using the player base to continue to trouble-shoot the game. Either way would be fine, just tell us. Don’t tell us that the game is “in a finished state” and then have the masses come out in an uproar when it turns out it isn’t.

Are you playing on PC or console?