Lost hope at you Funcom

3560 US pvp server palace of the Queen bugged beams not working at all fought the giants and queen stuck at the chair will not teleport to us 5th time this happing losing gear and no body’s after death

All game companies now release incomplete buggy software on all platforms because we as consumers give them money and license to do so. Until we quit giving them our money and accepting this as a standard practice it is NEVER gonna change. If early operating systems were put out like this there’d have NEVER been a software industry.

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again logged back in was in desert naked was in my base and nothing killed me no body to be found wtf going on

Cleaned up some posts. Please remain objective and keep personal attacks out of the forum.


just took head piece off my equipment bar to repair and disappeared can u plz fix been posting thing about items form hot and equipment for
over a month now

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This dude.

Yeah how’d that 3gb patch work out for ya?

So sick of a these white knights and jock supports vehemently defending funcom. You guys do know you’re a cancer to games? Like you seriously do much more harm than good.

We complain, we like the game, we want to see it improve. But to see improvement we have to acknowledge and motivate developers to fix things.

You guys don’t, you sit and say, “They’re doing their best” except their best isn’t good enough. At this point Hello Games actually looks better than Funcom right now. No Man’s Sky is easily the most disappointing fuсk show of this console generation, and these guys are make that games developers look good. That’s a problem. That isn’t your best getting on live streams and fuсking lying about game mechanics that don’t work right isn’t trying your best. Selling consumers a faulty product as ‘launch material’ isn’t trying your best. Ignoring complaints by said customers for a full two weeks or more after that launch, is not trying your best.

Being almost a month out from launch and still having major parts of your game that still do not work right… Fuсking nobody in this industry does that. NO BODY. But we’re supposed to give Funcom a pass?

Why? <— I seriously want an answer to this question.

They’re not trying their best. I don’t know what the fuсk they are doing, but it’s not that.

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hey wait now they got that new DLC out really fast tho.I mean i wouldnt know i didnt buy it nor will i ever buy DLC from them…

After 2 weeks of posting here and on Facebook my server finally showed up on the server list again, I log in and…MY ENTIRE COMPOUND IS GONE ALONG WITH ALL MY MATS WEAPONS ARMOR AND EVERYTHING. Litteraly all the work I put in to the game since launch day was gone. No response ever from a moderator (but they took time to clean this post and tell us not to be mad…) So I deleted my character and I’m done. Was going to buy the dlc if all my stuff was still there, it’s not so by funcom thanks for wasting my money and time.

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u can ask playstation for your money back my GF did and was refunded

25 members from my discord asked also for there refund cause of how bad the NO response from funcom and buggy this game is looked on the web about this game and a lot of rants and refunds going on and yes I know o plz haters don’t respond to this post and thanks

How exactly to get it refunded?

people been getting bluescreen and homes vanishing items disappearing game not playable servers gone for a week and your stuff gone that’s unplayable refund

to be honest I would wait a week and hopefully they fix the game but we will see

The fact that they broke the game with their last patch (which was to release DLC to an already bug ridden game) is not even the biggest piss off for me.

The biggest thing has how unresponsive they have been. The loss of entire structures and all your items is no small bug, especially in a game that is designed to make you grind so you can reward yourself for your time and hard work.

The closest thing we have gotten to a response was their latest “Ps4 Issues Status” post which they have reserved for the most prevalent bugs, but guess what’s not mentioned? The very bug that has rendered the game virtually unplayable for the past week, the bug that is a waste of players time and efforts and will and probably has, driven people away from the game.

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agreed hate fighting invisible npc