Comeback after 3 Month break. Same bugs as before. when does funcom work? my complaint

First, I want to say that I like conan exile very much. I’ve been actively playing for hundreds of hours and also bought the new dlc.

I play on official Server #1035, #1039 #1040. #1043

But nothing has changed. The same bugs that were mentioned before the “holidays” are still in the game.
Flying Thralls, Aggro/Combat Bug, Thralls dont Attack, Purge Bug, Hunger/Thirst Scaling bug, and more.
Now my honest question, what is funcom doing all the time? They had the excuse “we are on vacation” but now nothing happens. they are exactly the same bugs as 6 months ago, which massively influence the game. the servers are getting emptier and the community servers are dying.I know that a content design team fixes no bugs and others are responsible. but how can it be that funcom only manages to sell DLC´s and make money, but does not want to fix the bugs?

For me it’s almost a scam and I feel fooled by funcom. Because exactly the same was deducted with Age of Conan and Secret world.

So, what will funcom do? keep the bugs in the game and ignore the players and still sell dlc’s? because then I turn my back on funcom after 6 years finally


LOL this game is not a scam. Trust me on that one. Oh heavens to god they didn’t fix the entire plethora of bugs and glitches in the short 3 month time span you took a break from. And including on top of people constantly asking for new content. new content, new content. They are trying to please everyone.

Just calm down and wait.

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Latest status of known bugs and issues

[Issues Status - PC - #5 by Tascha]

Latest blog, posted yesterday.

Latest test live notes, pushed yesterday.

Care to rant some more about them being ignoring the players?

One of the producers responded to a post in the testlive section saying that they are also going to be fixing some bugs that the community has been reporting to go with the pets update so it is possible some of the things you have said that haven’t been fixed could be what they are working on to go with the update. Here let me provide a link.

I understand you, Elathar. The fact that you like the game does not prevent you from taking a critical and discouraging stance on its “development”. No doubt there is potential and fun in it… but it is important to know the problems that are part of the daily life of this “project” since its birth on different platforms.

I sincerely believe that Funcom tricked the players who hoped to receive a stable and satisfying game on the day of its sale. No one is “obligated” to passively accept an “unpredictable” game in the circumstances that we all know. Of course, any player has the right to wait patiently for things to improve in the “future” while maintaining their trust and partnership with Funcom, but it is also the right of consumers to have the unpleasant feeling that they have been deceived and harmed by the “special conditions” of that purchase.

This philosophy works for any company. If I happen to buy another “complete” game on its official (theoretical) release date in similar circumstances, I will not be happy to see that reality is quite different from its (logical and fair) expectation. I have no interest in paying in full for something that can only provide a satisfactory and stable experience in the future (if that will happen). In my opinion and speaking of my personal experience, it is preferable to buy another game between the competition that respects these prerequisites.

As for the fact that Funcom is ignoring people who are reporting errors, performance failures etc., it is best not to go into the merits of this possibility so as not to run the risk of being unfair. But I certainly prefer to remain skeptical in this regard and consider - seriously - that improvements may not occur in the speed and breadth that dissatisfied consumers require (and deserve). And in the face of this “realistic” perspective, logic suggests that the game was not prepared to be “officially released” without frustrating and / or irritating a significant number of players indefinitely… until Funcom fulfilled its part in the deal. This could have been avoided if there was greater respect for consumers, as Funcom is directly responsible for what it sells.

Because of this problematic and uncertain prognosis, it is absurd to think that the player must deal with the burden of his purchase. Regardless of the next “chapters,” the consumer has been misled and neglected from the start by looking at the “nature” of selling that game.


See my reply in this post up above for you as well.

I’m going to tell you what you want to hear.

You were scammed.
The bugs will remain unfixed.
Funcom doesn’t work on CE anymore.
They’ve moved on to mobile games.
The servers are dead.
A few more premade DLCs will release but not work.
They caused your cat to get sick.
They are responsible for poor mileage on your car.

You are entirely 100% correct. Have fun.

I wish I would believe you… but sadly this game is scam. I played this game a bit until I managed to see that they will never fix the bugs. I play games for years but I never saw such a slow bug fixing developing company. The DLCs are raining tho, people are raging, quitting the game… there are still not fixing bugs, some of them more than one year old… others are repaired and they are returning in future patches… I feel sorry for every penny spent to buy the game and for each minute spent in it. But that’s only my honest opinion…


Tbh you’re not far from truth lol… and I am not even joking… never saw worse developing company for a game before. I don’t how how they made this game like this just to ruin it more and more with each minute they are owning it… It’s so so so sad… all my friends (we had a clan of 10) left… I am alone on server and all servers are depleted by people… it’s terribly sad…


K, door is that way -> Waves


I suggest you read my answer as well. Let’s face it: Is the problem waiting or being cheated on the purchase with a game that was not ready to be released on good terms? This “wait” is the direct result of a very bad decision by Funcom. Curiously, the money could not wait at the time of payment, right?

Players have to “wait” because Funcom first failed to sell something right. There may not be much choice now on the part of the consumer (if he still has an interest in it), but that does not make the situation any more worthy of understanding.

Now it’s easy and convenient to talk about waiting, having patience and being tolerant, but the victim here in this whole story is the player since Funcom received full payment for something that was not yet ready to deliver on acceptable terms and yet decided to go ahead knowing that there would be serious problems in this trajectory.

These problems are not the player’s responsibility and it is not even reasonable (or fair) to think that he should adapt to them until this is resolved.


I’m learning that I can provide links and quotes and data and facts all day long, but people like yourself don’t care. So, you can keep being toxic and leave, or stay and be helpful. Since you are “leaving for fallout 76”, then just go already.


Alright That`s enough!!! :rage: . Both sides should stop acting like this as well as stop fighting and look to find a middle ground without hurling insults at each other as both sides have points that make sense.

As every time a topic like this comes up I feel like it just goes into a big fight with neither side agreeing on common ground as it feels so silly when fights like these happen when it can be so easily resolved with finding the middle ground.

So can we please just stop with all of this and work together as if we keep fighting this thread will be closed down because there is no point of keeping it open if we just end up fighting.

First EA game, I am going to roughly guess. I have played many. By no means is this game a scam or funcom messing with you. If the game had stayed the same since EA I would agree but guess what. It hasn’t.

Everyone in here whining are impatient and impertinent children.

This game isn’t dead. It isn’t being ignored. Some of the bugs are inexcusable, but they are working to fix them. I feel your pain, but a scam? No.


every discussion is "trolling " ?

i think u have no work or discussions with real persons in real life


Everything which he doesn’t like should be closed… I suppose we are not allowed to talk real problems of the game because you want, eh? Take a deep breath and move on… this isn’t the way the life works. I don’t know how old are you and how you survived your age with this mentality but on day you will wake up taking some hits from the rough side of the life… people can talk, we are not in medieval times and everyone can state their opinions about the game they paid for… either you like it or not. If you don’t like it, you’re free to leave this post alone and play happy in your favorite games… have a good one!


They need to work faster then… since they came from their holiday no major bug was fixed… thralls are still a mess and so does other bugs, these bugs are with us for more than 1 year some, some are returning back with future patches. There are 6.5k players now from over 50k… and it’s becoming less and less by day. I don’t see any progress from their side and soon will be even less… already there are 1-2 servers with decent amount of players… mine is fully empty for example… it doesn’t look right to me sadly! I wanna believe in them but idk how I can anymore…


I don`t think Palm means you nor @Azhael since you both have your concerns that i completely understand with as I think Palm was more talking about the people who come on here with a different story every time or are on here trying to rile people up for example.


No problem, but I have a different interpretation of what he said. Unfortunately, there are players who are not interested, “ready” or easily lose their patience by reading negative opinions about Funcom even if you try to support your own voice with one bitter truth. I speak of facts that people know and / or are experiencing in their own skin.

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