Funcom, what on earth are you doing?

The game has been plagued with bugs and issues since EA, you delayed a ton of “fug fixes” duing EA because “dont worry we will fix them in the big launch patch”

Come launch sure you updated a ton of new mechanics but also broke a ton of stuff in the process and released the game with more bugs than it had in EA.

And then we patch after patch after patch that added and broke so many more things that we ended up with a “mother of all patches” test live patch that was suppsedly going to fix 500+ bugs
500+ bugs that should not even be in a released product.

Ok fair enough…

But then, knowing your game is full of 500+ bugs and being tested on testlive (dont know the point in test live when it gets released with more bugs) you guys announce “hey guys funcom is going on vacation until sometime in august so we wont be patching our broken game with 500+ bugs in it”

And then because of the absolute stupidity of that announcement and teh outrage of the community you guys have a “call to arms” which honestly i took part in purely for the fee DLC because hey im not paying you guys any more money.
While on that test live patch there was no temperature issue that is present in the released patch.
The decay timers on consumables were not broken like they are on live now.
Many things that made it too live were not broken in the testlive patch WE played.

So what the hell happened?? between testlive patch without these issues to pushing out a patch that obviously was not the one on testlive but a retweeked one? and old one? the wrong one you pushed live??

Do you even know what happened?

And while we are on the subject of how bad the communication within Funcom seems to be, has no one communicated to anyone about what REALLY needs fixing, what things dont need touching and what can be left alone?

I mean you could have cut the testing of testlive down by ONLY working on bugs that were already present, not tweaking and changing stuff that was working fin but annoyed a few people.

There was absolutely no reason for example to randomly change yellow potions or war paints but hey somone at Funcom obviously had nothing to do so you guys said they may as well change something that worked fine and add more bugs to the game.
And this seems to happen over and over again with you.
Always a lack of QA (dont rely on players to quality control your product when you cant even do that)

Have you ever head the saying “if it aint broke dont try and fix it” ?

That should be made into big signs and put over every single department in Funcom.
You guys ALWAYS try and fix something that was not broken and end up breaking something in the process.
Maybe, just maybe, instead of trying to add things or change things.
Just fix the bugs that were already present i mean you started with 500+ and every patch seems to add 500+ more.
When will you learn??

So now we have a 500+ bug fix patch that broke more things than it fixed, changed things no one cared about and to top it off, since you guys said you probabbly wouldn’t release it until August because you are going on Vacation, we now are most likley going to have to deal with all the stuff you added and broke while you go away?
I mean if you were unsure (and obviously knew) that this patch was not going to be ready before you come back from Vacation why rush it out with more broken things that you know you definitely cant fix since you dont have the time before you close up for a month.

I really dont know, you have such potential to make amazing product but always let yourself down with the “that will do” mentality.

Guess we will see you in August sometime (maybe see you if we are still here) for more patching that include bugs


I know what they doing, which is listening to community, trying to release the so much demanded 500 patch fix, and trying to find best way to make it possible, which was the call to arms beta testing event.

Then it generates some bugs, like a dozen after fixing more than 500 things, and instead of going holidays as it was initially planned, they are gonna hotfix it today and maybe even patch it again morrow.

“PC Exiles!
We are looking into the issues reported. Some of them have already been addressed and others will be addressed. Our plan is to deploy a hotfix later today and possibly one tomorrow, if needed.
Thanks for your feedback so far, your patience and understanding.”


You must be new to Funcom.
You realize that half the 500+ bugs should have been fixed in EA most were reported then?
You understand that they wasted resorces and time by changing things that didnt need changing currently and could have waited until after 500+ bugs were fixed and the game was actually in a released state and not still in EA state?
The whole call to arms event was nothign but a clever play on Funcoms behalf to quieten down teh community offering free DLC, you really think people did any real testing from 1-25 on a multipled server? it took me i think around 40 mins to get to 25 and then log out. ( i did notice during that time there was no bug with temperature or decay like there is in the live patch)

I wish i was still like you in my honeymoon period with Funcom. But it wont be long before you start seeing this pattern over and over again with them, they always try and do more things than they can and then it doesnt work.

They dont even know what they are doing i mean did you not see the announcement a few days ago of “patch will go live this week” and then less than 24 hours after that official post another official post is made with “patch wont be out we are going on vacation” i mean that shows a massive lack of communication if they dont even know whats happening on the same day.

Did you know they had to cut alot of features they planned to have ready before release? because of so many issues with the EA that they cut them to make it easier for them to fix the game and have it ready for release??
And what happened with the release patch?

Yup more things broken or missing, for example lets add a new biome and new religion, but forget to check if the actual Priest for the god spawns correctly (ps still doesnt) and thats just 1 more major isue for a released product that some how the Devs missed that major issue and still havent managed to fix it with the 500+ bug fix patch.
Its ok though they did manage to release new DLC which of course was thoroughly tested before release… oh wait no it wasnt, doors had more hp then all non dlc doors, hatches hp was off, weapons and armor were not as intended, crafting said items was not working as intended, textures missing from some of the items and so on and so on…

Its ok though to keep people like you happy they announce things like new DLC, new Religion and Dungeons and Taming coming. Hopefully you are very excited about that but dont be too excited because i can bet you that if and when those are actually release they will also be broke.


Just “hahaha dude, ha ha and ha” as an answer, not gonna waste time giving you a reasoned one or reading that ranty wall of text :stuck_out_tongue:


You can haha all you like, wont change the fact that im correct and you will understand that soon enough.
Or you just dont want to admit that you read my post and realized “oh **** yeah”


Nah, anybody that has read some of my posts, which include many players, cm’s and devs, would laugh their ases off when you said im in a honeymoon with Funcom, so I stopped reading at that point , HA HA HA AND RE-HA.


You avoided addressing nollywoods issues by effectively saying TL;DR

That’s not a good look, bro.


They were “adressed” on my first comment linking todays announcement of hotfix going to fix his big wall of ranty text.

bless you, you think a hotfix will fix the 500+ bugs that exist in the game already. And you say “ha” to me yet you still believe that they can magically fix their game that has bugs in it for 1+ years, over night.
It lucky they will fix the temperature and decay issues in a hotfix. Not the other multitude of bugs that have been in game for over a year or the new ones created with every patch.

Sad thing is you are a pve player and have not experienced most issues in the game because honestly alot wont effect a pve player.

But yeah you can stop replying to my thread since you bring nothing too it other than showing how blind you are to Funcom unless its about praising them for the DLC and how you are looking forward too it.


But yeah. You can stop posting on this forum since you bring nothing to it other than showing how blind you are to game developement, unless it’s about whining at Funcom.


Things will be broken for awhile. But meanwhile most choose to enjoy the new things brought on by the patch.

When the wind of change comes, some poeple build walls. Others build windmills.

Give people a bar of gold and they’ll complain how heavy it is.


The only person blind to game development is you. Many of these bugs could be fixed in minutes.
I fixed some of them in minutes.
The old “code is hard” argument hardly applies when you can open the dev kit, click a couple of things and it’s fixed.

See here: Please fix the PurgeConfigTable before you go on holiday

Defend there their inability or refusal to fix that.


Shipt I come from playing 2h straight and enjoying the hell out of it.

If you are not an extremely burnt out or frustrated person, even the food and torches decay being so broken now can be seen as “a temporarily harder survival mod” despite it’s unintended and will be fixed.

You know we have nothing else to argue when somebody who rants about everything combos with somebody else saying he can fix everything better and by himself lol.

Bye guys keep (not) enjoying this game XD

Unless the hotfix actually fixes things, you have no ground to stand on.
Since you don’t know either way in advance, you addressed nothing.

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Except that I did fix these things by myself. And it wasn’t at all hard.
But scramble for that ejector seat now that facts demolished your lack of an argument, by all means.


@nollywood; nice written and sadly so true

Maybe we should all ask for the money back with an
Intervention of a court and lawyer who can represent us all as looks like we got scammed hard

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Yes. Let’s shut down the game industry.

Back to the OP: yes, the decay issue and the heat system present in the Live version were operating in TestLive. I have reviewed my video from the gameplay on July 4/5. There was no ghost operation that did anything different between Live and TL, as far as I can see. The builds are the same.

The problem isn’t when there’s a roach in your chow. It’s when there’s 1.5 roaches in your chow and you just swallowed. Enumerating bugs is never a good idea.

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Halcyon all I’ve seen so far is that you have no clue how the game industry works.

A. By no stretch does someone wanting to boycott an exceptionally poorly built product that charges a ridiculous amount of money for said product equate to “I want to shut down the games industry.” There have been plenty of titles so bad that refunds have been allowed purely on them being so bad that they essentially weren’t what was advertised.

B. As we’ve already seen even by a random poster in here, a lot of the issues in the game would not be hard to fix at all with a tiny bit of know-how. So why are you here trying to make excuses for the company that’s been working with this content for probably ~2 years or more depending on how long they spent with it before EA launch?

C. I will never be able to wrap my head around why people choose to uphold completely different standards for the games industry than any other product or service. “Oh the devs tried and they got at least something out, they totally deserve to charge me $40 for it!” But then if someone sells you a tricycle that’s just missing one of the wheels so you just have to scrape around on the ground are you just gonna go “Well they tried to build a tricycle and building tricycles is hard so I’ll pay full price anyway!”

People like you see criticism of a game as “I dismiss any and all value any of your work held and fully expect to get this product for free in a flawless form.” When that’s not even remotely what’s being said. All they’re doing is expecting what they’re paying for. If the game is pushed to full release, they expect a full release quality game, not one that’s barely improved its core functionality (despite whatever flashy additions they may have made) since day one. If they pay for a tricycle, they expect it to have three wheels.

You’re just the guy paying full price for inconvenience and calling it luxury and a privilege.