So Funcoms Decay timer is about to start?

Reading that the staff at Funcom Norway are off on Vacation and delaying (again) the 500+ bug fix seems to be when they are starting their own decay timer for the whole game.

Seriously, they know there is alot of bugs in the game they released early, the just recently wiped orbs for example because of a exploit which in turn annoyed and caused alot of legit players to quit after having no warning that ever orb they had worked hard to get were being removed because Funcom was incompetent again and couldnt find a fair fix.
Also instead of actually FIXING the regen exploit they just fully disabled regen from dancers (whats the point in having dancers now other than corruption which is minimal compared to in EA)

And that was before they announce the
“hey guys our game is so broken we have well over 500+ bugs in the game that we should have fixed before release while the game was in early access but well we needed money so released early and now have to fix 500+ issues (more like 10000+)”

And then 3-4 test live patches and updates for the 500+ bugs and a post on how the “update will be released this week on PC”

Not even a whole 24 hours since they posted that, they then decided
“erm well you know that 500+ bug fix we have for our very broken game??? yea? well erm we kinda cant release that this month at all and we are all going on vacation so we will release it maybe in a months time”
“oh yeah we forgot to say that we at Funcom can take vacations for a whole months and leave a broken game but you suckers cant even go on vacation for more than 144 hours or you lose EVERYTHING hahahaha thats if stuff that is bugged doesnt just randomly vanish or get removed by exploiters, sucks too be you on official servers lolz and we recently wiped all your orbs derp”"

So im pretty sure that during Funcoms vaction their player base is going to decay and unfortunatly i dont think any bug fix will bring them back.

I really do wonder what they learned in early access, the game was ripe with bugs and exploiters and they took 6+ months to fix things like stealth raiding though walls and duping explosives.
Seems like nothing was learned except pushing out the game way too early with way too little staff, poor community managers and cringey (and now worse with the over forced enthusiasm ) live streams and rushed and not tested DLC (which i admit is nice dlc if it wasnt broken or broke more of the base game)

Seriously Funcom if you had not posted the patch would be this week at all you would have maybe saved yourself or at least extended your decay timer. But instead you make a complete fool of yourself showing how incompetent your whole community team is by announcing patch will be this week and within 24 hours say that it will be delayed a month.

Were you not nearly bankrupt a not so long ago??
Did you learn nothing?

Decay timer started lets see how long it lasts. I know i for one will not be playing much at all now, my official pvp servers already gone from averaging 30 players a day down to 4 and that was since the last patch when you removed orbs.

Pretty sure the post will be removed and ill be banned from the forum because that is Funcoms way of controlling the situation.
Hi Nicole, you know im correct.


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