Time for Funcom to pass the game on to another company?

Hi All, So… your game breaking patch went live on 10.07.2018, today is 31.07.2018. I see a post that you are aiming for a patch next week on testlive. Testlive where your customers are used as free resources to test your patches… Yet you have the audacity to say that you are also releasing another cosmetic DLC this month… Is it just me or do people in Norway do not know what shame is? The game is stunning from an artistic point of view, but imo you are way over your heads with this. Please Funcom, pass the game on to another game studio who have the needed resources to make this game work and to make it what you intended it to be in the first place. A company not having to milk their players only to stay afloat. Maybe you guys should focus on graphical design rather then actual games, you have proven game after game that you can make it look great, but a game needs more then simply looking great. You are not even capable of assigning 1 FTE to hop on the servers where complaints have been posted including all the evidence you need to go in there, take care of the problem and go on to the next one? Not just 1 FTE after selling over 1.5 million copies? Seriously? What a joke…
You are not capable of writing 1 simply query to delete the thralls belonging to players who have no structures on the server? I can go on for hours like this but I think most people understand what I’m talking about. As I have mentioned before, you clearly do not have employees who even play the game themselves because they would obviously also see the issues for themselves, does this not say enough?


They had holiday in July :frowning: