Funcom, please get your head out of the sand

Hi, So Funcom… Are we going to get some sort of official acknowledgement about the status of the game?(in my case I’m talking about the game on official servers: Purges not working, AI not working, thralls not working, poor server performance, etc.…) Is Funcom going to make a statement about what is going on? I mean everytime you release something you seem to introduce more bugs than fixes, clearly something is wrong. Is Funcom going to do something about the situation or will it go on like this? What is the view from Funcom on the official severs? What exactly does the official stand for? Do you even promote playing on the official severs? Why is it that Funcom is not able to communicate with the players? Why can’t you be open and honest about stuff going on? Is it wrong to expect you being open and honest? Is it wrong to expect you to fix the game first and then to release more paid content?, yes even when the DLC is done by artists, finished and ready to go?(according to your standards that is, becasue clearly it was not) Can you make a statement about the DLC issues themselves? When will you release a hotfix to fix the hotfix?(armour stats, building issues, weather/temp resistance, queue issues with DLC pieces, etc…).
Can you explain to us why your focus is on making even more content(paid and free) rather then tackling the major issues? How can you defend working on pets when the thralls are not even working? (HP issue, poor AI on follow(rather A without the I), etc…) Basically the thralls are completely useless, yet you are adding pets? And you say they will work exactly like thralls? I tried really hard to be constructive here and to refrain from getting jerky/salty. I apologise if I strayed a little bit from that path, but PLEASE can we get an official statement? Thanks in advance.


I really agree!


Same, haven’t been on the past few days because I am simply losing interest and patience with no bugfixes in sight. I play on official.

I cannot be online during most of the purge window so offline purging is something of a major concern, due to bugs that are effectively crippling any defense against them. It has become more stressful than fun to play… (yes, despite what everyone thinks the purge DOES work sometimes, it just is very random; I see bases that got attacked all over the place on my server).

My daily checklist of things I shouldn’t even have to do:

  1. Login and afk for 20 mins or so in my base so my thralls could ‘heal up’ – thralls health gets reset to nothing on EACH restart, so daily–sometimes multiple times per day. If a purge comes they will just get one hit.

  2. Walk around to reset the decay timer on my ‘decoy bases’ scattered around. These are the only reliable defense against a purge, apparently.

  3. Try and be online for the first hour or so of the purge… the rest is left to chance.

I don’t know why I even bother with the thralls, their AI is -still- broken even after the last hotfix (as are a million other things–I could make a huge list but this thrall stuff is by far the worst of it).

They simply don’t reliably aggro enemies anymore and it’s a major freaking issue.

If my base does get offline-razed and I lose anything important-even just a part of it-that’s it. I’m tired of waiting for fixes to major bugs that have been around for multiple months.

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Agreed and this is quickly turning me off the game. It has the potential to be so much better than it currently is if funcom actually pulled their head out and addressed the issues currently plaguing it.

One of the first things they did after their holidays was work on releasing the DLC and even the DLC is bugged, stats not being granted properly for example. We also haven’t had a purge in over a month, which is annoying when you consider some mobs such as legendary repairs and white dye alchemists only spawn during purges (correct me If I’m wrong).

Don’t let this be the legacy of your game funcom, don’t let bugs like these ruins what is otherwise a pretty great game.

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I don’t think server performance on official servers will ever be fixed. Because its all about cost and not about code as such. The resources assigned for the VMs are simply not enough. But higher running cost would need to come from somewhere.

The rest of the issues they should be able to fix.

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Hi ShintaiDK, bug fixing is also a cost. If your servers do not have sufficient resources allocated you either make performance tweaks or you assign more resources. The running costs is not my responsibility, nor is the cost of fixing the core mechanics, it is Funcom’s responsibility and duty to fix those. You are saying they sold 1.6million copies + 2 money grabbing DLC’s but they cannot pay for the resources their product need?

Games like these mainly relies on (better) private servers. Official servers are run cheaply.

There are like 12000 conan servers and only ~450? is official.

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I believe it certainly does have a lot to do with the code/DB design. Even with SSD’s, our private server reports say the system is only using 22% of it’s CPU and 50% of it’s RAM, yet the SSD’s are getting hammered. Whenever we have a server crash, the logs report excessive delays to read/write to the DB, this is certainly the bottleneck we see on our server.

Edit: And before you come back with “You must have a faulty SSD” The problem was worse with a 7200rmp drive and the SSD’s were added NEW only a few weeks ago. There is nothing wrong with our SSD’s.

You mean there are 12K private ghost servers and there are 450 servers with an active population. Where do you get the information that games like these mainly rely on private servers? Official servers are simply not having enough resources so they need either tweaking or more resources.

Can we also please stay on topic here or they will conveniently close this thread again. Thanks.

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Does it really matter if they close this thread, there are plenty of others saying exactly the same thing. The game is busted right now and not worth playing seriously at the moment. We all know it, I’m sure Funcom do too, what else is there to be said?

Does anyone have a good recipe for a bacon and onion quiche? :pie:


Yea you are right about that, but they have been closing threads where people are complaining hence my message. Rofl no, I can make an egg but that is about it :smiley:


Please stop spamming complain everywhere, I really need that pet system coming, please stop complaining… just stop please

Hi DerekChan, please hop on an official server and get yourself a thrall, now imagine that the thrall would be your pet and put it on follow. Go on an adventure, swim, climb go raid some camps. After that, tell me if you still want those pets…


Yes, I’ve noticed that too, and banning accounts as well.

As we’ve said before: We are constantly working on all aspects of the game and as fast as possible.
That includes bug fixing, stability and performance improvements as well as adding new mechanics and features.

We are adding new features because a big part of the player base is looking forward to new content and new armor and placeables. Those players are as much a part of the community as everyone else. As you know already, these DLCs do not take away from the workload of any of the other teams and are done by the art team (just to mention this again).

We are also aware that it’s really frustrating to wait for bug fixes and the team is working hard to hunt and eliminate bugs. In some cases (such as the thrall aggro issue), it’s really hard for the team to reproduce the issue internally.

In some cases we are not immediately able to reproduce the reported bugs internally, either due to hardware or software configuration differences, or missing/inaccurate steps for repro. This is where we really have to work together. Remember, we, the community team, are your voice back to the devs. The more info we have the better we can help them to fix bugs faster. The best thing you can do is if you are able to provide us with clear step-by-step instructions and close to 100% repro case.

We’re also really interested in keeping a good communication with the player base and are trying our best to improve on communication as much as we can with our small team :slight_smile:

That’s one of the reasons we started the stickies in the suggestion category as well as in the different platform sections with known issues and lists as well as the relatively new News and Announcement section.

Regarding the DLC armor issue: Please remember to check out the stickies. If we have to find every single post that asks about this we are bound to miss one or two and then the player in question feels ignored, which we by no means intend to do. That is another reason we are trying to work with more centralized info that can easily be linked and hopefully will lead to less information getting lost in translation. That said, it’s fixed internally and will go out with one of the next patches. (Check out the News/Announcement section for target schedules for patches, which we try to update if something changes in our timeline).

Also, best Bacon Quiche Recipe!


Originally I wanted to post this 5!! hours ago but they put a limit on new members, very encouraging to get involed in the forums :thinking:
So I apologize in case things in this post were previously answered, just waiting for the timer to run out then hit send :rage:

I also would like for the Community managers to be a tad more responsive.
According to the Dev Tracker, good source to follow official statements, there was only one activity yesterday, related to bugs:

Funcom Forums

All Internet, I usually disable the Twitter option since it is often not relevant to the game:

I personally do not play on public servers, mostly because they are not administrated by FUNCOM, for obvious reasons (they rather spend their resources into maintaining the game IMO)

About the aggro issue there is an official statement even from the producer, they really seem to be on the case there, here is the link:

Here their statement about DLC vs. Bugfixing:

But again I would appreciate more communication as well, I get they were on holidays and I am sure they needed some, heck I could need some as well.

After those long three weeks of silence I personally would like to hear more details too. I do not expect them to put a statement out apologizing, I do not think this is needed they rather fix the known bugs.

During the time I host my own small server I ran into many things myself, not really game-breaking and for a lot you can find work-arounds but, as you said it gets kind of repetitive, especially without Purges.

In case you want to know more, be aware it is a real wall of text, here is the link to my topic:

Hi Tasha, ty very much for your reply.

We all want new features, new armour and new placeables, after fixes… We know the art team is not solving bugs, that is not the point. You are from the same company right?

If you feel that an equal part of the player base is more looking forward to new content rather then seeing the core mechanics fixed we must not be reading the same forum.

Ofc you cannot reproduce it internally on a server that has enough resources, not being stressed with 30-40 players and having 1000+ sandcastles. I’m all for helping out on reproducing issues, as I have already invited Tyros to come on my server where the ‘AI not responding’ is 100% reproducable, but no response was given. I included steps and coordinates btw. Most bugs do not even need instructions to be reproduced, they are very clear and obvious. Can you comment on this? Why are official servers being ignored?(And I’m not talking about moderating but about major issues)

Again, I’m not looking for apologies nor a reply on every topic posted, just a statement or acknowledgement about the overall state of the game and confirmation that you are on it and with the right priorities, which is even more important considering you are a small team.

But allow me to ask this though question: How is it that you sell 1.5million copies and are having a small team?

And one more, sorry in advance for being negative again: But…

At the rate of 1 reply per day we do not have much of a voice back to the devs, and it would be nice if you could also be the voice of the devs back to the community :wink:

Anyway ty for your reply and looking forward to your next posts :slight_smile:

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Seems like all you need to do is play on an official server and you can see everyone of these bugs first hand.

Thrall health, ever server restart every single thrall goes back to 100 health. This is ones placed since launch and new ones. from darfari camps, to new asagarth or the mound. doesn’t matter, if it is a placed thrall it goes back to 100 health on server restart.

thrall AI, seem the more thralls in the area the less they do. my smaller bases will help me when attacked about 50% of the time, but my big main base, zero. they sure do like to run over and watch me get attacked but they just stand around.

just to name few of the big ones.


Art teams should never be creating content and releasing it without engineering support. If you all are doing this then you are not a well organized team.

I think you all are falling into the same UE4 trap that most consumers of that engine do. UE4 is easy to get started and a nightmare to maintain if you don’t do things right from the start. This is all related to the “visual programming” nonsense that makes it easier for content creators and harder for engineers to keep the content creators at bay and to fix all the crap they come up with.

Great examples of this can be found here -

Submitted via Tumblr: during a skype call, casually “showing off” the material setup…. 

My guess is FunCom has built themselves into the UE4 trap and sadly there’s no way out of it without massive re-writes. Next time, use an engine that doesn’t do this “Visual Programming” nonsense and hire more and better engineers to support your art and content teams.

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