Thanks for fixing Star Metal - Now what about EVERYTHING ELSE!

Single player is still broken because fish traps stop working every time you restart a server. (which is every time you exit single player)

Fish traps in general are busted, needing to be replaced often because they stop producing fish. As the primary sources of Oil and Ichor this makes actually playing the game at higher levels far more stressful than it should ever have to be.

It is impossible to fight large enemies like Rhinos and Elephants without getting stuck INSIDE them.

Playing online. enemies teleport around in combat, often randomly appearing directly behind the player because your net-code is junk.

Playing online, enemy aggro is completely undependable and often they will not even realize a player is there - Once again, because your net-code is junk.

In PvE thralls will run up to other players as if meaning to attack them, destroying any purpose in placing them at a ‘guard post’ - Having your soldiers stand at certain points, facing certain directions are key elements in allowing a castle or fort to seem ‘fortified’, ‘grand’, and ‘powerful’. Thralls as decorative additions in general are useless.

Trying to climb the bound-log pillars which, for example, hold up the ramps in The Den will cause the player to get permanently stuck to them and force them to suicide to fix it.

And yet, you’re continually releasing new DLC and pushing for additional mechanics like pet-taming. I understand that the way game development works doesn’t mean this is impacting your ability to fix bugs, but as a consumer it leaves a stale taste in my mouth with concern for where your priorities appear to be.

Fix your sh*t, Funcom.


If you think everything is junk then go make your own game and see how well you do … !!


In this instance, I am not a creator, I am a consumer. I am a person who paid money for a product, and that product is not performing to the standards I expected or was advertised. I am fully within my right to criticize that and expect it to be fixed.

Your hand-waving excuse has no legitimate place in this conversation.


No offense but your rant does sound like you think everything is garbage.


I think this would be an above-average game and a wonderful experience if I were not having to deal with a fresh bug every 10 minutes. The aesthetic, mechanics, combat, and basic game-play loop, from a design perspective, are all well above-par.

I am frustrated by the poor execution of good ideas.


No it really doesn’t, they’re all legitimate concerns, and fixing those would improve the game significantly.


I do agree though the problem is that I’ve been noticing some people might not have the bugs stated while others do as I find it is a strange situation.

more you become experienced with this game, more you will notice there are bunch of bugs here :wink:


So you expected them to fix everything in a week? You know that would not happen, they fixed first what they considered more critical, but we should I expect more things fixed very soon

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Let me tell you a tale.
A tale of ancient times, when fishing traps and presses would be considered magic. Behold the dark time, when ancient people only had water to drink. When they had to pick fiber by hands, when they had to hunt for each and every single drop of ichor. When people had to venture into crawling caves, filled to the brim with spiders - oh beware of these endless spawning creatures of the dark! …
Ok. Enough with the fun part. :joy:

A potentially good source for ichor are spiders. I always forget wether it was the axe or the pick…

I agree on rhinos, however elephants are funny to slay. I love the two handed sword when fighting them!
Hm. I rarely have issues with teleporting enemies. But I am playing on lowest settings, as my machine isnt as strong as I wish it to be. However, enemy players might teleport because of eighter being desynced or whatever else reason.

Mh. Yes, it leaves a bad taste if they push out whats “ready” (even more if its not, as it can be seen when looking into forums) because it has been done by someone who isnt part of fixing stuff.

People like me are looking forward to fixes and are hungry for new stuff, other people are less willing to wait until stuff is fixed.

Stuff should be properly explained.
Marketing should start to learn from what has gone wrong the last year.

There have been several times - the newest ones being the summer break which isnt a thing for the majority of the world (except for summer break in school!) so it needed to be explained and before that, why exactly the first pve-c servers have been turned into pvp.
Why is it players who have to explain stuff to each other?
Where is the reason to have someone who stands between the company and the players if that person wont properly explain stuff?

If someone from Funcom would actually explain certain things…
Instead its players who explain stuff to each other.
It’s been other players who found out about norway and july.
It’s been other players who found out that gportal had literally zero capacity forcing you to decide wether pve-c players should be allowed to play pve-c or allowing more pvp players to join official servers.
And you? You just said pve-c is being deleted. Only after a huge rage (including myself having been super salty) you said there will be new pve-c servers.

There have been enough examples of with how much passion people burn and try to incinerate the forums…
I am sorry for kind of insulting you guys, but I really think this stuff creates so many unnecessary problems…

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No, most players expected to buy a complete and stable game by paying full price for it. Is it naive to think so? If Funcom does not have the ability to fix the game in a few weeks and still insisted on investing in other platforms, this developer prioritized money to the detriment of consumer satisfaction and transparency.

Ah, now it’s all a matter for the player to wait and fuel hopes for this vague and uncertain future. It remains to be seen what is the validity period for those same hopes to remain alive and if Funcom has a reliable reputation as to the repair of this game.

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It is also important to not forget that players can also be very forgiving especially when a good patch comes out like for No Mans Sky.

NMS doesn’t compare to the success of A Realm Reborn.

But I think CE will likely see most of the issues fixed. They ought to delete any post/thread that says they aren’t dealing with the bugs. Since they obviously are.

Sometimes bugs take months, or in some rare cases years to fix. I know in my development team it took us 3 months to fix a bug involving a feature.

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That is true as some bugs can be pretty stubborn to fix.

Because shutting down a player’s ability to vent his frustration is a great way to foster good will among your player base. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If Funcom wants to see less griping about fixes they could start by one simple step:
Someone from FC (someone on the dev team, not a community manager on the forum) needs to come to this forum and say “We screwed up. We are Sorry. We are going to fix it.”

That alone would go a long way to assuaging the anger, buy them some good will, and make the players willing to be more patient.


The anger is a cultural bias against corporations. There’s no way to appease them. Best thing to do is just ban them and take only constructive bug reports. Discard the rest.

Here’s how to fix the real issue:

  1. Ban the Malcontents.
  2. Drop the Official Servers.
  3. Release the new Modloader system.

They’ll have a 50/50 review on Steam for a month and then jump up to 70-80% once the whiners get bored, then they could drop another DLC and make bank.

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Wow. Just… wow.
I honestly can’t decide if I’m being trolled here or not.
Your suggestion sounds like a good way to lose half your customers.

And while I’m sure “cultural bias against corporations” may well be a factor in some few cases, I hardly think that accounts for the majority of complaints.

If I sell Mrs. Jones a techno-widget, then release a software update that causes the widget to stop widgeting properly, and she calls me to complain. I don’t say “Screw off, I’m on vacation and will look into it in my own good time.” Then block her number so I don’t have to listen to her complaints.
I say “Very sorry Mrs Jones, I will make it right.” It’s just good business.

It’s not “anti-corporation” and it’s not “whining” to expect a product you paid for to perform properly.

Sadly, I actually think you are right in a way. Following your model would turn this forum into a perfect little echo chamber of fanboys and FC would probably be just fine in the end, with fewer players, but less headache.


You’re best off ignoring Taemien, just a forum warrior that types WAY too much.


I don`t think they are a form warrior, as to me calling them that is a silly way to discredit someone.

at first i admit i was kinda worried when i saw it starting with “let me tell you a tale” but actually i enjoyed this tale, and it’s good to remind players that we don’t go in caves anymore (or at least i don’t, and you nuria probably too).
That part of the exiled lands adventures has kind of disapeared from the game with all these “improvements” as we might call them.
But, just to take the defence of other players complaining about fish traps and stuff, it’s also true that at this “stone age” :wink: you describe nuria , oil was not so greatly needed for insulated wood… Ichor on the other hand was important but the drop rate was ok, you just had to make a specific ichors/ silk run for this very purpose (which was great imo)
so now with the new cost of insulated wood, fishes are much needed and if i count on seeds for that matter, i wish me good luck and good patience then ! So with fish traps still bugged (i’m glad i play in SP now) i can def understand why so many players are complaining.

And i also agree with you nuria about that noise around the vaccation in Norway. this was not needed and was not constructive at all.
Some old issues are really bothering me in conan exiles, but a worker has the right to go on vacation at some point. This must NOT be discussed