How do they break the game even more with every update?!

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With each update,major mechanics are broken and they say they will fix it. But after months we just get used to it and they still don’t fix those issues.
I can count many bugs that are still there from the day one.
I can count many mechanics that USED TO work. (they said they would fix them)

I can even find one of GM’s saying “we will fix the fish not respawning”. We could place fishtraps in water then. Oh do you remember fishtraps being able to put in water? I miss those ■■■■■■■■ days.

Now we can’t use maprooms,elevators etc. of other people. And the same bug continues with mod items, in age of calamitus we need to go place to place and touch some books,but now we can’t because they are also NOT OWNED BY PLAYERS…

I have thousands of hours in conan. But I have never been this furious to this game.


HUH? I’m on right now and literally NONE of those things are true. I can use other’s map rooms, elevator etc. I can place fish traps in and UNDER water. Everything is working fine here. Perhaps it’s something other than the game. Lag? Rendering? Server settings? I don’t know but I can say that nothing you mentioned is broken where I’m playing it.

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Huh? If you’re referring to fish not being produced passively by fishing traps, that was an intentional change, not a bug. I disagree with how they did it, but that doesn’t make it a bug.

I mean, you can put them in water. It’s jankier than it used to be a couple of years ago, and I wish they would fix the jankiness, but it’s not like you can’t put them down.

Yeah, major updates will always mess up mods until everything settles down. That’s the risk of using mods. :man_shrugging:

@dniezby Are you playing on PC or a console? The 2.4 patch has a bug that makes it impossible to use someone else’s map rooms, elevators, and some other things.

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA which game are you playing?! all of this is true


no back in the day,the only bug of fishtraps was pressing F and taking all the fish,which would stop the fish from spawning.

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Wait, now I’m confused. Are you complaining about an old bug that isn’t in the game anymore?

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it is not just about mods, we can’t use other people’s maprooms and elevators and the same bug applied to mod items.
we can’t tolarate them breaking everything!


no i am saying it was the only issue back then,now it has a lot more…
you are just trying to defend the game while not seeing how they break it

Not on any of my three official servers. I can use all of that stuff. Are you on a private server? Maybe they turned it off? However, on officials…It most certainly is on.

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I am on PC and wherever you play,you can’t use other people’s items!


It’ll get fixed. Really not the end of the world, just a minor inconvenience until whatever hotfix gets deployed.

Um okay…I’m going to Go live in a few minutes to show you…Gonna take me a bit to get to a few minutes to get where I need to get to use someone elses maproom. Look for Shadow_Viper1 on Twitch in about 15 min.

If they fix it yeah,it’s fine. But I know that they’ll just sugarcoat it,change it somehow and not fix it completely.

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Yes, I understand that. Thing is, not being able to use other people’s map rooms and elevators is an annoyance, but it isn’t game-breaking. The effect of that same bug on mods can be game-breaking.

In your case, if I understood correctly, it affected AoC in a game-breaking way, which is why you’re more upset about it than you would have been if it was just map rooms and elevators.

I understand your frustration, but I’m pointing out that using mods involves that kind of a risk.

How long have you been playing Conan Exiles? This is really not a new trend in this particular game. I’ve been playing it since early access, and I can’t remember a single major update they release that didn’t also include at least one major bug. :man_shrugging:

Nah, mate, I see how they break it. Like I said, I’ve been playing it for years, and it’s been happening all this time. By now it’s clear that it’s not likely to change, and if it does change, it won’t be abruptly and massively. You either get used to it, or you quit. :man_shrugging:

Now that is completely untrue and unfair. There have been many other bugs like this that they fixed completely.

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It’s not broken. LOL.
Like I said, I’m going to show you. I have to run from Mounds to Sink hole first though…So, give me a few. I killed my horse in a fight yesterday…So…running I will be.

dude that is what i’m talking about. I have been playing for a really long time just like you,I have thousands of hours in game… Every time they manage to break something that used to work. People who make mods are more consistent…

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Uh, no. We make mistakes too. And then get yelled at when we have to hotfix our mods.


dude,people who make mods fix their mods afterwards…

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… I’m aware…Yet you all still fly to the moon and back when things break, or when we update…


let’s all see how quick they’ll fix maprooms and elevators issue
wanna bet guys?

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