The bugs are surreal


I am seeing page after page of game breaking bugs. Has anyone else noticed we don’t even talk about all of the cosmetic bugs? I caught myself getting ready to say ‘these little bugs don’t affect game play’ but it’s not true. It tells a story of developers that use poor tactics, static function calls , and hacks in place of implementations.

An example of a “static call” is when you can turn up loot to x10 and still only get one explosive gland per drop. This is the driving concept that explains how the exploit where you can fill a thralls inventory was corrected in this patch, and yet, you can still fill any bench to an unlimited degree.

Skilled gamers look at this and judge the development as incompetent. in a game that includes pvp, you cannot be dismissive of exploits. There is no rational explanation for breaking large wells. Things are dependent on each other that should not be.

Nobody, and I do mean nobody is going to rush over to purchase Conan because of thrall food. Firespark has a new video showing the rate at which players are leaving. The only complaint I hear from players is bugs, exploits, and unplayability.

The bugs are being introduced as fast as they are being closed and the wrong things are being added. I haven’t actually seen a pet yet, but Thralls appear to continue to stare blankly at things that attack my base. Am I supposed to expect that pet AI will be any different? Archers look nerfed and fighters appear buffed (hitpoints increased). That is backwards. I thought I read on a thread somewhere that there is supposed to be underwater combat already in effect and that it may have been completely disabled in an attempt to limit stamina regeneration. I’m not sure on my facts on this one, but does underwater combat actually already exist??

Purges, cauldrons, gods (seriously, most of them are useless), base defense, base offense, underwater mechanics, turn weapons into a selection of options rather than 1 or 2 options in a collection of wrong options, make it so i cant turn a corner and see the entirety of someones internal base structure as the blocks load in the wrong order.

Its my strong opinion that there is a fundamental problem with the judgement being used. Reaction is dominating, and its obvious that your professional testers aren’t being taken seriously. (You do have some, right?)

Questions need to be asked that are more along the lines of "if a good base design took 10 hours to build, how many hours should it take to prepare an offense? A great example is vaults. in less than 20 minutes (that’s generous) I can farm the ingredients for a vault. The standard, apparently, is 120-180 explosives to destroy one vault. 120 explosives takes a heck of a lot of farming to produce. I’m not making a judgement on what the ratio ought to be, but I hope vaults were nerfed because this question was asked and not just a reaction to a bunch of screaming players saying vaults are OP. (which they were)

I really love playing this game but both of my servers right now have been made unplayable for very different reasons.


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