Bugs, bugs, bugs, game is not yet fun

First let me say I have been a Funcom fan since 2008 with AoC. TSW. SWL. CE. Even The Park.

I love your content.

That said, Conan Exiles, which I love - I keep quitting for weeks after encountering an annoying bug that wipes a bunch of play-time…or is just ridiculous.

Speaking of ridiculous…Thralls floating in the air…floating…in the air. It looks ridiculous. :frowning:

I just dropped a named thrall. I equipped a torch because it got dark. She rolled into the water and cannot be targeted. Seriously?

Why do I drop things when I go to swim?

Why do I act like I am bumping into stuff that’s not there?

Why, does an item (like a wheel of pain) that is fully ON foundations, have to be placed intersecting with the foundations to be in contact with the ground?

Then, why does that item get deleted for invalid intersections?

Why, when I pick things up sometimes out of a crafting station, do they vanish?

Why can’t I hit an archer when it’s standing under a tent? But it can shoot me?

Why when climbing can I bump into something, lose my grip, then be unable to grab the wall and die?

Then, why, when I die like that, can my wife on another machine sitting next to me see my corpse…but I cannot?

There are too many bugs for Conan Exiles to be fun. Inevitably, when I am having fun, some bug comes up, I lose an hour of collecting and building, I quit and go play a competitor’s game instead.

Funcom, this has been consistent feedback across reviews for multiple games. You are not cleaning up the bugs enough. Tech issues and bugs hurt the AoC launch 10 years ago. Hurt the TSW launch 6 years ago, hurt the SWL relaunch, and now the Conan Exiles launch.

I love your content, and I want your company to do well which is why I have never joined in the many critical reviews for technical issues. I don’t want to add my “thumbs down” to the Steam profile…which often says “too many bugs.”

I just really wish you would listen to this feedback and work to improve quality and focus on fixing bugs more than you do. Conan Exiles already has a content pack…and I’m still dying and losing all my stuff due to bugs? I know the tech is complicated, I was a game framework product manager and a QA department manager for a while years ago and I imagine it must be more complicated now…but still…these quality issues are costing you money through bad reviews, work of mouth frustration and people simply leaving a game to play something else when they get frustrated.

I love your design work, and find the hurt that tech issues and quality do to your bottom line really upsetting.

I just lost the named thrall I worked so hard to get after dying from bumping my head and falling off a cliff…I’m going to go play another game for a while until I cool off.

Thanks for wonderful stories, design and aesthetics. Thanks for all the hard work.

Work on the tech/quality piece. Please.


I’ve noticed that since the last patch combat is MUCH harder as well…seeing as how things can now hit me when I am to their side, behind them and out of the range of their weapons. Whereas before I could take two low-level crafting thralls at L33, now, they kill me about 50% of the time…the mechanics changed somehow? I’m loving dying to small groups all the time at mid-level now.

What happened to targeting? Why are things hitting me all the time when I don’t seem to hit them?

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I really don’t see the purpose of gathering food and cooking it in preparation for a journey only to then log out then log back in 9 hours later and all your food is spoiled and the wheel has been emptied of your items NOTHING should be happening to your items if your logged out this is a complete waste of time we all have real lives to live and I think it makes this game very unplayable for us gamers who are not supported by our parents. Please suspend all food and supplies while we are offline

I also don’t understand why all my thrawls I I am dragging disappear from my captivity while I am taking them back to my home and no my rope is never broken when this happens I did not think there would ever be a game more bugged than mass affect but this one is clearly taking the cake

If you dont put captured thralls in a wheel they will despawn. You cant just drag them somewhere and leave them.

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