Funcom... What on god's green earth are you doing?!

I’ll start off by saying that I love Conan Exiles, and this game continues to have so much potential. Developers have done a phenomenal job with the artwork, coming up with new gameplay ideas, and just creating an overall unique game.

With that said, this last release has just been a kick in the teeth. Never have I thought about leaving a game at this late stage due to the sheer number of bugs (and bugs that are obvious and blatant, with some of them just game-breaking) and I never thought a game could revert to feeling like a day-1 beta, but here we are apparently.

  • NPC’s skipping across the screen
  • Thralls getting stuck or just sitting there as their faces are smashed in (weeks of effort thrown out the window)
  • Accounts banned due to negative crom coin balance
  • Thralls falling through the ground
  • NPC’s running backwards
  • The horribly executed combat changes
  • All sorts of issues with Purges
  • Rescued thralls from cages totally broken

On top of all the usual bugs (broken hatches, certain weapons can’t hit the hitbox of certain NPC’s, continue button in launcher sends you into a server with the intro playing in the background, screwy blocking mechanics, etc.).

At the very least, this devoted and dedicated community deserves some frank and mature communication with what went wrong and how to move forward so we know whether it’s time to throw in the towel or maintain our hope that things will improve.


They definitely need to work on improving QA and focusing on quality and not just pushing out updates on a schedule come hell or high water.

That said, a fair number of those issues have existed from day one. NPCs skipping / flying across the screen, thralls falling through the ground / disappearing, broken purge pathing (new and old), etc. are all long-standing issues that I’m sure they’re aware of. They must either consider them to be low-priority or that they don’t have the technical capacity to address.

Here’s hoping they revert the combat changes and/or fix the facing / turning problems they’ve introduced. I feel for the folks on PC who had this unleashed on them with minimal testing and QA.

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simple answer, not giving a f#ck about this game.

January lukewarm fix. Ch4 the fix the age of war chapter; no joke.


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