Please Funcom - hear your players out

Unfortunately, it’s very obvious that Conan Exiles is an unfinished and poorly designed game. I’ve been let down by the progress I’ve seen from the beginning of early access through today. There are numerous topics on all of the bugs on both the official and Steam forums. This is historical data about these bugs, some of which goes back months to even before the North biome was released. I don’t understand why the developers aren’t utilizing all of this important data about their game.

I have felt optimistic about the Conan Exiles at different times throughout EA and after launch, however It feels like the development team didn’t follow a well-defined concept of what type of game they wanted Conan Exiles to be. There have been several complaints to the effect that CE is an “orb farming simulator” or a “tower defense with exploration” game. After spending 60+ additional hours playing after EA ended, I have to sadly agree. When you have to spend countless hours grinding to build a structure, and that structure doesn’t require almost an equal grind to destroy, then what’s the point of building anything but orbs?

It would be nice (and another shot of optimism) if the devs would hire an outside development team to audit their game. The amount of bugs still present is staggering so it’s obvious that they need some help. Restructuring the purpose of the game and implementing a slew of balance tweaks would be a good second step after fixing the underlying problems. Currently, the game does not feel like an open-world survival PvE/PvP game.

I think they’ve been working on getting out these crash fixed and this dlc more than doing anything else. Few and far between you see actual content fixes. But I hear you lol