Feedback from a casual players point of view

Hello Funcom staff, hello community.

First off, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to play a game that is set in a universe I absolutely love since my early childhood. Conan Exiles is a game that mashes up everything I love, from Robert E. Howards Conan stories to Frank Frazettas artstyle and takes so much inspiration from the Schwarzenegger Conan movies which I also am a big fan of. Conan Exiles is a great game but it has a boatload of bugs, some even gamebreaking. There are some flaws, mainly changes made during the last months that suck the fun out of the game for me.

I am playing CE for a year and the Siptah expansion since its release with a combined playtime of 300 hours. I am what most would call a casual player (hence the name). I play 1-2 hours total during weekdays and 2-3 hours per day on weekends. I want to provide feedback from someones perspective who only has limited time to enjoy this flawed gem and maybe help shaping up this game to its best state.

Flaw 1: Fishtraps.
I understand that a passive generation is not wanted since fishtraps provided a passive income of food, which negates the survival aspect of the game. Removing passive generation was needed and I totally understand the move. I understand the need for insects to bait the fish inside the traps. What I dont understand is, why catched fish which are entrapped under water have such a short decay timer. Right now I have to babysit fishtraps and the already limited time I have to play videogames is spent by watching bars fill up so I can quickly take out the fish and put them in a fridge. I would usually just avoid content I dont like but in this case, fish is needed for oil. And you need tons of it. So lots of nights where I want to play for an hour and maybe explore the world before I have to go to bed, I have to attend fishtraps as if I am playing a tamagotchi game. This is lame and sucks the fun out of the game for me. This is really one of the points that needs a immediate fix. The first time this bothered me was one day after the patch. I stashed 100 insects in a fishtrap, went to make 2 vaults and when I returned, all the insects were gone and only 3 fish were left in the trap. This isnt an acceptable timeframe.

Either increase the decay timer of fish which are in a fishtrap or completely remove the timer while fish are in the trap. I know the latter is not wanted, having overflowing fishtraps scattered all over the map isnt what would fit into a game set in the Conan universe but the ultra short timer we have right now prevents me from enjoing the game and keep staring at progress meters. This is not fun.

Flaw 2: Arena
Even though I play on a fairly civil PVE-C server, I enjoy friendly matches with my clan members. Right now we avoid this content because we loose equipped sigils on death. I dont mind loosing them during PVP hours, since I like the thrill, this is why I signed up for a PVE-C server. But friendly matches should stay friendly matches with no penalty.

Keep sigils upon death in a arena flagged environment.

Flaw 3: Item durability for items worn by thralls
This is active on testlive server and I dont know if this is a bug, just a test or something that will find its way into the game. If this change is unintended, ignore this point. Adding another thing to keep an eye out, move the focus from the main gameplay to watching another progress meter in a menu. I really dont want this game to become the next EVE online, I just want to crush my enemies, drive them before me and hear the lamentations of their women.

Remove durability decay on equipment worn by thralls.

Flaw 4: Thralls/Pets/Horse following distance
This one drives me insane all the time. Having a thrall/pet and a horse with you is a real PITA. Not only do they block entrances/hallways, they block view, one gets stuck in them regularly and when farming materials they always run into my pick or axe.

Make thralls/pets/horses following you stop at a reasonable distance instead of right besides me.

I hope I could provide some useful feedback. I really would love seeing this game move away from the excessive micro management simulator it is right now and get back to the state it was before 2.1.

I would love to see what the community thinks about the points I wrote about.

Thanks for reading.


I’m a little tired right now to offer decent feedback, so in brief -

  1. agreed - no issue with bait requirement if that’s needed for game balance (or server load, whatever), but the decay timer could do with looking at
  2. seems reasonable, not my area
  3. confirmed as ‘unintended’
  4. improved on testlive - I haven’t yet tried a couple of specific ‘worst spots’ where I’ve had consistent trouble with a rhino before, but horse (and thrall) definitely seem to be hanging back out of the way, even on slopes. I’ll try to remember to do the rhino test tomorrow, but so far it’s looking good :slight_smile:

It’s a bug.

Are you making this suggestion after testing the new changes on Testlive?

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All hail filthy_casual
Man I love it when people talk about the things that really matters…
Now I hope the right people read this and takes it up the chain…

As for the decaying problem/bug with thrall equipment, it is a bug… BUT also it is a bug that has been present since siptah release… I remember giving my thrall a mace and a shield and doing a dungeon… came out with mace broken… gave her a battle axe and kept an eye on her… axe took damage… took away the shield, problem solved… UNTIL last patch… boooom… thrall has axe. does a round of storm boss harvesting, almost breaking axe AND armor…

So yeah… realy hope this gets fixed…

PS… 1 last thing U did not mention, correct me if this has been fixed, but PLEEEASE make my thrall heal when eating cooked pork… sometimes the strength buff is needed but its not fun losing a thrall because now suddenly the strength buff takes away the food healing…


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Are you making this suggestion after testing the new changes on Testlive?

No, this one has caused me lots of frustration on the live servers.

Nice, thanks for the response! Issue 3 can be ignored then and Issue 4 seems to be on their to do list, if it is already changed on testlive.

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Alright, I never tested that one but I’ll edit my post after I can confirm this issue.
Thanks for your post mate!

There are changes to that particular complaint on the current version of Testlive, which is why I asked.

How are they?

I was killed this morning by my gazelle pushing me up mountain…who kept trying to get into my…rrrr ya. Eventually I didn’t land on it and slide down of a cliff before I could grab on. XD

I’m pretty sure my Horse has seen tip of my pickaxe more then its run over enemies…

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@Sera67 - so far it’s a lot better on testlive - even on slopes horse and thrall were keeping a decent distance. I haven’t yet gone to a reliably ‘bad spot’ I know with a rhino - I’ll test that tomorrow (I was more focused on the combat stuff today), but I’d say it’s definitely looking good so far :slight_smile:

Edit: And good news on the rhino as well - wouldn’t come near me on the slope, and that particular spot is one I’ve always had problems with. I’d say follow distance is looking pretty decent on testlive.

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