Testlive Update (26.11.2020) - Update 2.2: Bug fixing, stamina and shield overhauls!

Sort of like “its not fair that long time players have special bench thralls that make unique armor sets, waaa!”

Funcom: Cool, unique recipes are on ALL the thralls now.



Really really TRULY displeased with the unnecessary changes mentioned above by many people… There are unique items that brought something special to the table and now we just lose them for… What?

I think my biggest concern is that Funcom isn’t seeing the differences in mentality here. PvP players think differently than pve-c players. PvP is all boxes, honey combing, explosions, and bleed+poison builds…

Pve-c we have community and trade and dungeon runs and gear collections and stat builds and training and farms and… I dont know, we have fun in our escapism.

I’ve put over 1600 hours into this game in about a year due to the pandemic and having extra time on my hands. I LOVE this game… But most patches have seemed like mislead reactions to whiney complaints.

And then we’re told “server load is too high, too many thralls/pets, too many foundations” so instead of a build cap or thrall cap we get a million more benches BIGGER than before requiring more bench workers and defense and bigger housing with more foundations to fix it… Not to mention weeks of having to place fish traps ON MORE FOUNDATIONS cause they couldnt just go in water or a well…

I thought that would be the extent of my annoyance. I thought that would be the peak…

Not at all apparently.

Bug fixes are absolutely appreciated but what now? Siptah release and build changes already drove TONS of toxic PvP folk into the pve-c servers erecting giant boxes everywhere. Then came the million bench march. And here we are… Time to devote an entire vault to legendary kits. Time to devote a giant server breaking building to endless crafting of trash gear and the materials for it.

Its at a point now that you may as well redesign the logo to say “Not Quite Rust But We’ll Get There.”

Anyway… Since Siptah release, I had been drifting away regardless to a private server with more unique qualities and rare gear and benches that just make sense. Feels good to build with beauty and cleverness, feels good to hunt down unique and rare thralls, feels good to work hard and earn top tier special gear…

Feels bad to fall out of love with the base game.


Just saw your video about the weapon nerfs and thrall durability, terrible idea Funcom. Don’t make it so obvious you’re trying to kill this game. I’ll also be quitting the game along with Wak.

Everyone should watch Waks latest video about the possible changes coming in the next update. Thralls weapons and armor will now require you to baby sit and make sure they’re not about to break…

They’re also gonna nerf a bunch of weapons’ that they only just made good not that long ago like Dragon Bone and Teliths Sarrow. Weapons that if they have an upgrade on them, wont even be affected by the change.

Funcom once again making unnecessary changes instead of just making other legendary loot on par. Their idea of a solution to the problem is nerf it to the ground or make it harder. And guess what, that Yogs touch you’ve got with an upgrade on it already, not gonna change. Just like every other weapon Funcom tried to nerf in the past.

Take away God Breaker Boots, next the Champions Pants Corruption Cleanse I’m guessing. BTW your God Breaker weapons still don’t work.

I advise anyone reading this to not waste their money and time on a game like this.


Both are bugs. Repeatedly posted by Ignasis.


Hey there,

Just to confirm, durability changes for thralls and any lower stats on weapons or armor not mentioned in the patchnotes are now confirmed issues that will be addressed in an upcoming hotfix on Testlive.


List of bugs:
Khari armor’s still do not provide all stat bonuses, only 2 parts from each set do it
Carpenters still do not add any bonuses to arrows
Still impossible to hit arrow-knocked target
Shields still can drop blocking when you holding the key, or after attack was blocked
Predator’s blade + shield still can not damage by shield attacks (2nd and 4rd heavy, this attacks are performed with shield, not the blade, why they deal 1 dmg?)

Yeah, thats a problem too. What this does is remove one less difference between armors, meaning that heavy armor has one less drawback (if any). Isn’t everyone using heavy armor anyways? Don’t quite see how this helps the other two types.


FunCom devs,
There are so many bugs and glitches in the game. It is wonderful to see this major list of fixes.
However, I am disappointed to hear about changes concerning Nemedian helm and the boots. As well as changes to weapons and thrall equipment durability.

Please do not force these changes on our private servers and single player games. Please make an server setting to enable / disable these features.

Giving players and server hosts the ability to decide whether or not they want these settings in place will likely keep people much happier. People happy with the game will get more people to buy and play the game. People unhappy with the game not only will not encourage their others to get the game but also post negative reviews, causing even more loss of customers.

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nice to see this is getting addressed, and not sent to live server as happened in the last two test live patches.

be mindful of the karmic effects removal from godbreaker boots and rthe nemedian, this change might work well in exiles land, where having a t4 blacksmith is VERY easy, for siptah, its the way most people uses to repair their weapons. i would advice that this change is reverted. or allow repairing of broken gear with legendary kits…


2900 hours on my part… At least I left the Exiles lands with three different characters. Not sure how I can end-game Isle of Siptah yet…

Anyway, there’s less than 2 weeks before CD PjR launches Cyberpunk2077, so I know testing Isle of Siptah will take a backburner from Dec.10.

Maybe halt the patch and release it after they’ve fixed the issues???

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Nerfing godsbreaker boots, nemedian and yog´s touch are not wanted in this form. and durability on thralls to top it off???
Why are you destroying a wonderful game with somthing like that???
Listen to the majority of your community or you will loose them.

Durability on thralls is not happening (at least not right now) - that’s been confirmed multiple times to be ‘unintended’ (literally seven posts above yours for example). I’m also not a fan of the nerfs - and have frankly never seen such a level of opposition from so many people at once - but we might as well focus on complaining about the things that are actually intended, that way they don’t get accidentally dismissed along with concerns about things that are unintended.


As many say out there, there are changes that greatly affect the people of PvE/PvE-C, you must also think about that community, which have another approach when playing…
I am in favor of many changes and nerfs, although they are negative, but frankly, the nerf of the godbreakers boots or the nemedian helmet, I see it unnecessary.
There is a lot of the community that plays on private servers (and although they are not official, they are people who also buy the game and also buy its DLC). Those people, play with Mods that have weapons / tools with a disproportionate cost and that thanks to that type of Karmic equipment, can be “maintained”. I’m not asking you to take mods into consideration when applying changes, but a bit of consistency and take into account other approaches when you want to tweak something that has a big impact.

As many say out there, although it seems silly, so many nerfs at one time, can affect the “comfort” of the players and end up getting tired or looking for another alternative. Remove that way of repairing, that thralls now lose durability in their stuff, nerf in other items such as the Yog touch, that cannot be turned when you are overloaded (many use it to work at home full weight as they have said, no everyone plays PvP), among other things, it will be a hard hit on the patch.
If we also add that it surely comes with errors like all the previous ones, we can not play a couple of days (and those of private servers, perhaps several days to wait for compatibility with mods), it will affect a lot.
On the other hand, errors that report that they are very annoying and that tire people, like this:

It turns out to have “B” priority over the “A-D” system.

You should rethink certain priorities and changes.


Read 3 posts above where you posted.

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Just posting this again, because it’s still being ignored.

Thank you for responding and indicating that these changes were not intended and for explaining the test live bug report process.

Thank you for giving this issue the attention that it needed and for committing to resolving this in a timely manner.

May I suggest implementing a policy requiring the use of an automated tool (i.e. kdiff) with a mandatory Quality Assurance step to exhaustively verify file differences on the database tables and the source code as compared to current live version so that all changes can be easily cross referenced to the intended changes list and that unintended changes can be easily noticed and corrected before a push to test live?

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Herbal Tea only heals me 1 point every second? Is this new or a bug?