[POLL] The Nemedian and the Godbreaker Boots no longer heal weapons on testlive

The title indicates what is now on testlive and stated in the patch notes. Your thoughts may influence this decision. Please view this over the long term since the reason for the intended change is unknown.

Elimination of the Karmic effect from The Nemedian and Godbreaker Boots
  • I don’t care, do not use either.
  • The effect is abused, good riddance.
  • I support this change for the overall longevity of the game.
  • Fairly minor, sallright with me.
  • I use The Nemedian regularly, please do not do this.
  • I use Godbreaker Boots regularly, please do not do this.
  • I use both, please do not do this.
  • It would seem there are better ways to prevent whatever the problem is.

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In terms of the actual items themselves, I am not too worried from an Exiled Lands perspective, but the change seems fairly disastrous on Siptah. I am still concerned that in the Exiled Lands the loss of these otherwise unique items removes the incentive to go places to get them - which is directly at odds with the devs’ stated aim of encouraging players to travel around the map.

I opted for ‘It would seem there are better ways…’ - if the effect is truly seen as so abusable that it has to be changed (I don’t really see how, but whatever), then there should be another way of achieving it that doesn’t cripple players’ use of legendary weapons on Siptah and doesn’t reduce gameplay relevance on the Exiled Lands.


I’m really only a pve player and since I’m on ps4 I can’t even speak from experience with regards to Siptah. By itself, this is not the worst thing to ever happen but within the context of so many other changes (and rumored changes) this is tiresome and really pushing me towards the last straw.

A major part of my frustration is that I have t3 structures that keep disappearing—not decaying, and not left alone long enough to be abandoned—but it seems to happen after a server restart. I’ve been putting up with it because gathering materials has still remained relatively easy. Yet, all these changes accomplish just making the game more and more of a grueling grind. And within that context the game isn’t being made harder to progress—it’s being made harder just to get back to where I was.

Outside of my building woes, what incentive do these constant changes give players? Numerous cool names thralls have disappeared, rng based legendaries like the lifeblood spear has been broken, and there are so many other things that can be easily lost. With so much taken away it’s hard to look at other rebalances or new weapon/building skins as something that is a good trade off, especially when a lot of these changes are effecting relatively new content that we arguably got in return for the last round of stuff that was taken away.

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Any magical items that repair other items should take on portions/all of the damage that they are repairing. When these magic items ultimately break they are gone - or have to be repaired themselves by cunning and 'orrible methods with all manners of rare items, unguents and sweat and tears.


if it’s a matter of them being used by thralls to repair without it actually taking damage then they could either make it where they can’t be placed on thralls or don’t give that effect when placed on a thrall… i mean could be a case of easier said than done but i think it would be better to not remove the only real use for them and add some other limitation or even make the drop rate much lower. there are many ways it could be made more balanced if that is really the issue


I never had any use for the Nemedian in Exiled Lands, but I use it regularly on Siptah. The reason for it is – surprise, surprise! – the RNG grind.

In Exiled Lands, you can farm the Unnamed City for legendary armor and weapon repair kits. They are a guaranteed drop from several bosses there, and the only RNG element in play is whether it’ll be an armor or a weapon kit.

On Siptah, they drop only occasionally from some bosses, and the Nemedian is the only reasonable alternative if you happen to like a non-craftable legendary weapon or tool.

Sure, they made it so that certain T4s can craft legendary kits. If they think that’s good enough, then they really, really need to take a month to play the damn game every single day, for at least a couple of hours each day.

I still don’t see why removing the karmic effect is supposed to be good for the game. Nobody has yet offered a decent explanation. The best I’ve seen was a vague, hand-wavy claim (not by Funcom) that we’re supposed to put effort into maintaining the legendary items and that this will make us “participate in the game world” more.

But let’s go with it and suppose that the karmic effect is somehow bad for the game. “It would seem there are better ways to prevent whatever the problem is” would be the understatement of the year on these forums.

They could have made the Nemedian not work on thralls. They could have made it lose durability when used on thralls. They could’ve made it repair only 1 point of durability per damage taken. They could’ve made it amplify the damage received. They could’ve done any combination of the above.

They didn’t.


Because removing the karmic effect is much, much cheaper. No new code to write and test, just fiddle with a few data tables (or whatever they’re called in their engine).

Here’s the thing that chafes: adjusting the loot tables (or whatever they’re called in their engine) so that certain Siptah bosses always drop a kit would have been just as cheap. Remove the karmic effect and give us a viable way to farm (not grind, farm) the kits, and we’re good.

But that would require knowing what it’s like to actively play the game. :angry:


Not quite: "Karmic" effect (The Nemedian)

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Yup, all caps gets the job DONE.



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Not to go OT, but (these days) that is gambling.

And, there is the cure.

Note that Blizzard is stuck with backwards RNG, constantly. Each expansion is another island with more gambling. I left that kind of scene. I’m happier on CE since the RNG is secondary and there are tools to butcher a mob for expected drops.

Anyways, sounds like it needs to be reworked some (on both maps).


One of the things I have never quite understood is when relatively minor changes are made to games, new players never notice as they only see the changed items. It seems that when longtime players find their specific items change, or thralls change, or even suddenly there are more plants and berry bushes, and the game suddenly has hops and lotus, etc. then there are screams and shouts and rage-quits.

I don’t get that. If you think about it, many of these changes are pretty cosmetic. We have swords, axes, maces, bow, daggers and polearms - the core weapon types. Like build pieces, we also have reskins of these (except, in some cases, their damage/defence/application differs slightly). All of these add to the game, but doesn’t really change the core application. And then thralls change and more flames. That makes no sense. I have lost count the times named thralls have disappeared or moved about. Who cares. They are ‘thralls’ at the core, just have sexes and name changes. They remain T1, 2, 3,etc. It keeps things non-stagnant.

Like many people have already said in here, the game continues being developed, being updated, being maintained. That’s key in my mind - and thank you to the Devs (and Modders) for doing so.

Saying all of that, it does seem that Siptah is biased towards clans, and large clans at that. Solo players are certainly at a huge disadvantage in gathering, fighting, etc. Even private servers that have battle settings beefed up have max-levelled players being two strike killed by some bosses (though I 100% agree with damage elephants/huge-beasties do (if you do kick an elephant you are likely to become a very brief squeak in short order). The problem is that if I beef up solo players then clans regain complete domination - how can they not? I make clans max size 5 and tell players to collaborate for Siptah stuff.

[…and here endeth the dissertation :slight_smile: ]


If you try hard enough, you can describe any change as “cosmetic”. After all, it’s just a video game, so it’s not real, so it doesn’t really matter. It’s a valid point of view, but is it useful?

Dumb it down for me, Kemosabe. If these changes are merely cosmetic and don’t matter, how does that keep things non-stagnant? Also, what does any of that have to do with the topic?

Maybe it’s the late hour, but I fail to see the point, beyond the implication that we should stop whining and be grateful that Funcom hasn’t abandoned the game…

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I don’t use either, because I feel the effect is a bit… gamey, but I do care so can’t choose the first poll option.

I would very much like to understand the reasons behind this change before making any judgements or deciding my stance. Without information, I can’t decide whether the change is good for the long-term health of the game, nor can I formulate a well thought-out post to explain my opinion on the matter.


I used the helmet on my previous character SOMETIMES, so for me it’s not a big deal, but the “nerf something = completely destroy something” view that killed the lifeblood spear and healing waterskin and now yog’s touch and these 2 items is NOT a proper way of balancing. It just takes away unique elements from the game, instead of making it more balanced and diverse.
Of course this is only my opinion based on former examples and I hope the devs would rethink this decision and will fine-tune it.


Yeah that´s how it used to be all along, this discussion is about these items not repairing your weapon anymore.

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I agree with this.

I don’t even use these items but it is downright scary to me that they would just destroy them for basically no reason. Yog’s Touch is the other thing that straight-up frightens me: a nerf was appropriate, but destroying the item was horrible.

It’s not so much that these are changes, or that they weaken cool items, but they are painted with such a broad brush that it smacks of complete disregard for balance. Their “fixes” are too swingy. “It would seem there are better ways to prevent whatever the problem is” is a manifesto for several of the last few balance updates.


At least there’s this now:


All i want is to congratulate you for the post. I am a ps4 player so all theese changes might never come to consoles. I don’t know if iam fool to envy pc players for the progress of the game, still any progress is better than no progress at all. I wish one day i 'll understand your problems and ofcurce find your hide and farm you too :wink:.


And you have enough time to prepare for the changes.
Farming/crafting the item to retain its pre-patch attributes, or finding a way to overcome specific problems!


That may not be the case.

If the actual karmic effect is removed from the game rather than just removed from The Nemedian and Godbreaker Boots, then the effect will not function regardless of which version of the item you have.

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