[POLL] The Nemedian and the Godbreaker Boots no longer heal weapons on testlive

I don’t use either, but I also don’t see how this change in anyway improves the game. Every unique, useful item is seemingly nerfed into oblivion.

Might as well just stick to star metal and base epic armor. I wouldn’t want my time and effort to actually pay off after nearly 3000 hours.


Hopefully the effect itself won’t be removed from the game. As I said I don’t use the items that have this ability, but it is a cool, unique effect.

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Don’t put rat poison into your pot. Bad for mental health.


We’ll proceed to close the thread. Not because of the feedback or criticism. It has been heard loud and clear, and we have been working to address it in a future update.
But this situation seems to have been allowing unnecessary confrontation between you guys that is not okay.
Please, do read our community guidelines, and be excellent to each other.