Feedback: The Nemedian

Completely agree, why change this? Even more concerningly, who is making the decision to even put such a blatantly unpopular change into testlive? I mean, what’s their thought process? Can this be explained to us so we can see where you’re coming from? I just don’t get it, and that’s what concerns me MOST about this change. Someone at Funcom thinks this is a good idea, and is obviously so completely out of touch they should be removed from the entire process IMHO. Because THIS is what’s wrong with this brilliant game, these out of the blue changes that completely destroy the viability of a special item, or a food system, or etc etc etc


I agree, please do not change nemedian or godbreaker boots. Those items really add to the game.


Bad idea.

The Nemedian Helmet and Godbreaker Boots are just a convenience. Taking them away doesn’t help balance anything, it just annoys people.

However… the negative reaction this creates puts into question if durability has broader problems that these items only help to circumvent. Maybe repairing items is too tedious in general. But at least without serious changes to the durability system, just keep these items as they are.


What in heck are you going on about, the helmet makes nothing any more indestructible then a legendary repair kit does , its just done in a different way and only works for certain things, it does not repair shields, only weapons.


Karmic effect also doesn’t fix armor. Never has, and does not in any way make armor indestructible…

Meanwhile, making up claims so you can support an unpopular moves suggests you can’t even find a legitimate argument in support of your point.


What are you talking about? Any experienced player keeps his/her armor repaired before going out. The Nemedian isn’t oppressive to anyone. How could it be? Are you somehow counting on your opponent’s weapons to break during PVP combat? That’s extremely rare and I can’t imagine that a veteran player would make such a foolish mistake.

Legendary armor and weapon repair kits are easy to come come by in the Unnamed City, and I don’t think anyone has ever called them oppressive.

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Aaand you’re wrong -

Before using Nemedian -

After using Nemedian -

As you can clearly see, armor durability continues to go down (because you have to take damage to activate the Nemedian effect), Axe durability goes up, because the Karmnic effect repairs the Equipped weapon. And that is all it repairs.

Just because you don’t know how something works is no need to insult people.


For the ones who dont know how it works…
It’s all about abnegation and self sacrifice… how to save my faithful and favorite sword before it breaks? I dont do that during combat. It has to be a ceremony

Some of my friends burn themselves their skin and flesh on altars to save their blades.
On my side I have an altar made of a flat stone and I stand almost naked and let the beasts or the winds hurt me. My blood repair my sword and increase my rage. Sometimes I use some sort of smokes…



this Nemedian helmet is usefull before having a chosen blacksmith.
It seems to works in some sort of mystical way…

MAYBE, the aspect, the look, of its appearance could be changed… Maybe a savage, primal and wild crown made of bones, stones, teeth, feathers and claws will suit better to this artefact. A shamanic way to take care of legendary things (such things do have a spirit…)

Nemedians have good blacksmith… what will be their need to use such an helmet

Lola dude karmic has never repaired armour :speak_no_evil:


Again please go and look at what the helmet does before you go off on people who do indeed know more about this helmet then you seem to. It does not fix armor, it does not fix shields, if I remember right it does fix the black blood tools as well as weapons.

As you and I are going to disagree on what is right and facts I will just wish you a great weekend and to stay safe.


I only wish we could dye it


exactly, the person who came up with this idea is completely out of touch with the game and the players… i played more than 3000h and this item is essential for the game. please do not remove the carmic effect on the nemedian! i’ll quit and go for refund if that happens… the last changes already made everyone from my clan leave the game… they play eco now… think for yourselves, what this is saying about your latest ideas and changes

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Please reconsider the changes to karmic items (The Nemedian and Godbreaker’s Boots). These changes may not appear to be very severe on Exiled Lands servers, where Purge Thralls are easy to come by but in the Siptah servers, these changes have a drastic effect on balance, with no real way to repair legendary weapons other than massive farming of legendary repair kits. (Tier IV thralls are very hard to come by on Siptah.)

Please keep karmic gear available, at the very least on Siptah.


i too feel this change is just completely going against the playerbase… it was one of the few items i ever felt was worth getting… and now… it’s just useless…


It also gives you a reason to go to the Skittering Cavern. If there’s no Karmic Nemedian, why bother?

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Poll in Gen Discussion, folks, please vote !




Re changing Nemedian to colour: Oh hell yeah, if it at least matched ONE armour set in the game it would be great. Preferably not by changing that armour set to garish orange, but changing the bloody helmet :smiley:

Argo and Aquila when dyeing right color goes with flags and I would like wraps and building pieces to be dyed as well

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