PC Hotfix (02.07.2019) - Further balancing and general bugfixes

Dear exiles!

It’s time for a quick hotfix to take care of some issues that popped up after the most recent patch. This patch includes fixes for poison on daggers, acid arrows, and a Grit perk fix.


  • Acid arrows now cost more to craft and instead of doing 10 damage to durability per tick, they do 1 damage per tick.
  • Dagger weapons now apply 2 poison stacks per hit instead of 3.
  • Specter Coating can no longer apply negative effects on players and the weight of it has been reduced by half


  • Changed how bandages work - It is now possible to remove bleeds instantly using Bandages. Doing so will put a small cripple effect on you instead. Bandages can now also be used while in combat.


  • Acid arrows no longer do damage outside PvP Raid-time
  • Fixed an issue where the Fluid Swings Perk (40 Grit) was always in effect
  • The Jhebbal Sag potion again grants +8 Accuracy
  • The icons for the building competition paintings have found their way back into the game

Wheres fix about forbidden building zones for new dungeons?

GREAAAT!!! :kissing_heart: Useful thingie at last!


Thanks for this awaited patch !


Hehe, a part of handsup expoite addressed.

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Great! Excited to see bandages serve a purpose again! We really need the lifeblood spear to be at least a little useful though, after spending weeks looking for one, mine doesn’t even heal or bring up the regeneration effect at all.


As flechas de ácido e sangramento ja não causam dano, e voces ainda dão nerf no stack?

Adcionem dano as flechas, jogar de arco ja é complicado, dai voces lançam flechas com 0 damage?
Independente se o sangramento é removido ou não com poçoes, flechas tem que dar dano!
Obrigado e aguardo

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corrupted weapons are usefullt again against mobs?

Are there more internal hotfixes?

How about the incorrect achievements in the Warmakers Sanctuary?

Lifeblood needs a buff now, it is literally so pointless. What was going through the mind of funcom when they completely destroyed arguably the best weapon in the game. It’s not even it’s damage but you completely deminished it’s consept. It either needs a buff or just take it out the damn game. It is the most useless weapon rn

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A few of us on my server are experiencing odd behavior from thralls holding the sword of crom. Is anyone else having this issue?

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Nice, wp. Particularly like the change to bandages. Finally, I can use them :smile:

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We need a Lifeblood Spear fix. No Regeneration at all. Pathetic, Funcom.


People really need to chill on that Lifeblood Spear. Got used to exploiting an op weapon for a broken weapon class to begin with and now cant stand it :rofl:

Might be douchie of me… but I’m LOVING it :joy:


Ok. I can live with the acid arrow changes. This was solid implementation however should still not work in PVEC. But at least it can somewhat be manageable.

Thank you for restoring the glory of the Jhebal Sag potion.

Can someone maybe confirm this before I run off and make a bug report…but Thorgar is MIA? Went to his spot and not a soul in sight :joy:

He can’t be RNG is he?


The arrows of acid and bleeding no longer causing damage, and you still nerf the stack?

Add damage to the arrows, playing bow is already complicated, so you shoot arrows with 0 damage?
Regardless whether or not the bleeding is removed on arrows, they have to inflict damage!
Thank you and I look forward [to the future]

Try translating anything with https://deepl.com/translator :wink:

Lifeblood spear is now a waist. the Sword of Crom on thrall issue smh. Please fix

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You can still pull every single melee fighter defence thrall to ONE location and Acid Arrow their ■■■■■ naked like you gas all the animals at defence in one swooop.

If I for example have 15 T4 fighter vulcano thralls in one room, or outside my base, the attacker can just aggro all and have them hug a doorway (inside) or a mountainside (outside) and Acid Arrrow them in stacks.

To counter this, I now have to build a barrier between each thrall, make him stand in a little square, unable to move anywhere - which renderes a figher thrall useless.

Come on Funcom, have any of you tried PvP? Acid arrows are STILL game breaking, even at 10% functionality. It now takes 600(twenty arrows) seconds instead of 60 (two arrows) to make “Put number here” fighter thralls naked. It’s to fast, and enables the freaking offline raiding BIGTIME - AGAIN.

Please reconcider, and remove them enterily. Look at your pvp community, and listen. It is we who are affected.


stop being a bunch of babies and crying about the removal of an unintended OP gameplay mechanic on that spear.

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