PS4 Hotfix (02.07.2019) - Further balancing and general bugfixes

Dear exiles!

It’s time for a quick hotfix to take care of some issues that popped up after the most recent patch. This patch includes fixes for poison on daggers, acid arrows, and a Grit perk fix.


  • Acid arrows now cost more to craft and instead of doing 10 damage to durability per tick, they do 1 damage per tick.
  • Dagger weapons now apply 2 poison stacks per hit instead of 3.
  • Specter Coating can no longer apply negative effects on players and the weight of it has been reduced by half


  • Changed how bandages work - It is now possible to remove bleeds instantly using Bandages. Doing so will put a small cripple effect on you instead. Bandages can now also be used while in combat.


  • Acid arrows no longer do damage outside PvP Raid-time
  • Fixed an issue where the Fluid Swings Perk (40 Grit) was always in effect
  • The Jhebbal Sag potion again grants +8 Accuracy
  • The icons for the building competition paintings have found their way back into the game

So is lifeblood spear still broken?


It’s not broken. Its stats were intentionally lowered in the previous patch. :slight_smile:

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The lifeblood spear is completely useless now, 30 vit and the soothing buff heal you more than lifeblood spear does. I used to carry one with me all the time now I kept one for the wall the rest I despawned cuz they are useless


Why CANT i see my official server anymore, DID it wipe are something


Thank you for the Acid Arrow Balance :slight_smile: Keep up the Good Work.

I don’t understand why, I think in my opinion it was good the way it was especially for those who literally spent hours or days killing the red mother dragon to obtain it just for it to be worthless on its perk and damage. If I wanted my health to regen 1hp every 5sec I could just boost my vitality…Atleast make the spear match its name by gaining a passive amount of health when getting a kill with the spear “blood must have blood” lol. Hopefully you guys will change it again nd make it worth having. Honestly it was the only weapon that I loved in the game…before I even knew you guys patched it to be the way it is now, when I say how heart broken I felt that my Lifeblood spear was not healing me I was panicking! I even went to kill more red mother dragons and surprisingly got it again on my first shot so kinda start figuring something was up to get it that easy lol. Mann PLEEEASE change it back talk to your people make it worth it again! I know you guys have a heroes heart in ya somewhere. Lol


Thanks for addressing the acid arrows issue fairly quickly. Having used them myself and had them used against me, they were totally broken and rendered thrall’s completely useless for defence. Keep it up :slight_smile:

We understand it is not broken but as a alternative could you please just remove the lifeblood spear from the game

Or make it where we can break it down for something useful like a branch


We can’t even equip the acid arrows or smoke arrows to bows. Has this been fixed?

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Place them into your hot key bar, equip bow then select arrow’s from hot key. Isn’t ideal but works.

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I’m on PS4 . IDK if we can put arrows on wheel. Normally select arrows from inventory. Place on bow. Click. Then equip bow.

New arrows and now players need a work around? Lol

Our official server us 3538 is offline. SMH

on PS4, all official servers that are not ASIA or Europe, are down. PLEASE DO SOMETHING! OFFICIAL SERVER # 3986 gave notice of restart, and did not appear on the list as well as no servers from America or LATAM

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US Official Server 3538 is down. Seems others as well.

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Why with every update you mess up the PlaystationPro players? The new issue now is absolutely no access to any north American servers. WTH!!

I cant even find a single north American server

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What happened to the north American servers?


Same my server is GONE as well ??? What’s going on ?

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What is going on with my server it is gone I can’t even find it in search / official server #4314 Pvp - g-portal us /

Some servers just vanished Any word on why ? Is this a bug ?