Lifeblood spear broken

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Im not sure what was suppose to happen with the lifeblood spear but it is completely broken. I took it into the new dungeon and tried to use it to heal and it did nothing causing a death. I went to my base damaged myself and tried to heal. It was only healing 1hp every 5 seconds. This makes this spear useless. PLEASE fix this asap. It was fine the way it was. Other people on the ps4 exiles page are confirming/ reporting the same thing.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.damage self
2.equip lifeblood spear health gauge not or barely move


They decreased its healing by 96%.


It got changed in the newest patch on purpose, I don’t know how much it should heal per tick but the change to one tick per 5 seconds was intended, it now doesn’t stop healing when you get hit

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If they wanna do one tick per five seconds that would be fine but then it should be like 20 to 30 hp not 1

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The lifeblood spear does not heal at all. With this new update your getting the 1hp per 5sec from being normal temp, Soothing status effect, not the spear. Please fix the spear asap.


This is one of those balances that requires you to carry 50lbs of Ambrosia.

There was no need to give a great weapon, and then take it away by neutering it. You should have saved us some trouble and just made them all disappear.


Why is this coming up solved? The staff does not heal u at all. I would like to know how much it is suppose to heal u for.

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The spear is pretty much useless. The only reason why you would use it has been nerfed to oblivion. I’m about to hang it on my wall as a remembrance for all the dragons I had to kill just to get one life blood spear, lol. How about instead of passive healing, make it into a vampiric type weapon in which you have to do damage to receive a proportionate amount of healing.


I don’t know why they even kept it in the game if they were going to break it like this. What’s the point of it being a legendary, ultra rare weapon if its no better than a basic spear and the soothing regeneration? I know, I know, pvp exploits and all that, but 1hp every 5 sec is ridiculous. Totally pointless weapon now.


I never even used it for pvp. combine aloe with aloe soup and u have almost instant full health. I only used it when farmin around maps or doing world bosses.

Hello @xavier_pjg, welcome to the forums!

The Lifeblood spear was indeed changed, as stated in the patch notes:

It now heals every 5 seconds as long as you have it in hand.

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Yes i already read and was aware it was only suppose to go off every five seconds. How much should it be healing for? I damaged myself, equipped the spear, waited a min, and i got nothing. The patch notes said its time was nerfed and thats it.

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It should heal for 1 health point every 5 seconds, if this is not working for your character try having it die and respawn to reset his status.

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Wow. They really did make it useless

That’s useless. I heal more than that naturally. That’s a weapon that was hard to get, and a legendary. I honestly feel that this change is extremely unbalanced and makes this item a waste of time for the players, and the people that spent time creating and implementing it. If this spear is an issue in pvp, then why not work on duping issues, or modify pvp servers so the staff heals less. Those of us who play pve and just want to enjoy the game, have been screwed over.
as an example, because (for some silly reason) you can be killed while loading in (why haven’t you fixed that?), that spear saved me countless times. Why punish those who had no part in this?
I really hope you modify the spear, perhaps to 10hp every 5 seconds and keep the heal stop on damage.
youve given this item no real reason to stay in the game.


I agree, im in a pvp server however i never use this during battle. I wasnt trying to lose it if I ever did lose a battle. I only carry it when im farming/ traveling. It was nice not to have to use consumables just to heal fall damage and dumb stuff. Whats the point of 1hp every five seconds. Atleast increase it to 10 or 15. I never payed attention to how much it healed before but i have 400 hp and i know i wasnt waiting 5 min or more to fully heal up ( @ 1hp/sec )Guess ill just be makin more aloe soup and herbal tea.

I like it this way the fact it’s a spear and having massive range and damage was obnoxious.

No one would find that this is unfair originally it would stop healing outright if you took damage requiring you to remove it and re-equip it this takes that issue away and provides a nice moderate regen plus the passive perk plus the new soothing effect honestly this is just fine anyone who whines clearly was dominating and now they can’t have obnoxious range/damage/bleed/cripple/healing. So honestly be straight with me you know why they did this.

In fact I say remove the spears altogether and then suck it. Because let’s be honest I love spears but we know they are way to easy to win with in any situation.

I am willing to debate this in the discussions if you @ me.

Not everyone was like you hence why this occurred.

One i dont use spears in pvp. 2. 1hp every 5 seconds is not " a nice moderate regen" i get more than that from eating cooked fish. Anyone who used this spear in pvp is an idiot, if u die u get looted. Save the consumables for when they r warranted and give us back the spear for when we r farming. Like i stated previously. Id be fi e with it going off every five seconds, but 1hp is just plain dumb

However they added “Soothing” in the patch as well so if the spear had remained as it was soothing 1hp per-s thennadd another from the spear that’s 2 then add 0.5 from passive regeneration that’s 2.5 a second top that with any healing food then top that again with potions all which aren’t the same and allow to stack both.

This would cause a huge difference between the people whom have 1 and the ones with out. If you count thralls as well or pets in this the advantage is always going to he the spear user and if a clan attack happens no matter how many you fight against or how few the spear user will have a huge regeneration advantage.

2.5 is fair while I do agree 5 seconds is a bit high 3 seconds would be more fair. But all this has to be taken in and the way spear fights happen against anyone not using a spear. Poke, keep distance, repeat, wait to they over reach with stamina and then let loose with heavy/bleed/cripple/whatever else.

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