Lifeblood Spear not regenerating

General Glitch
I am aware that this may have been already posted and I wanna check for a current status on the issue.

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There is a thread about that. They lowered the tick rate intentionally.

They broke it, basically. The new tick rate is 1 HP every 12 seconds. It is now officially worthless.

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Ooooooooh wow thats so bad now

Hello! Just hopping in to clarify that the new regeneration should be 1 HP per 5 seconds, which you can verify if you have no other health regeneration going on and no mods interfering with it.

Which is still nearly useless, such legendary power…


Correction, 1 HP every 5 seconds / 12 HP’s a minute, so its basically worthless. Like watching paint dry? Use the spear.


I wonder if the regen rate is affected by your current points in vitality.

I know that normal healing is affected by it. The highest impact has the 40 vitality perk.

5 seconds, 12 seconds, what’s the difference?

It’s just a big tooth pick now.


From my POV it’s the worst high tier spear in the game now, I’d even take the garbage DLC spears over lifeblood.

Nerfed the damage into the ground, then made its legendary perk nonexistent. Yikes.


Yeah…I spent a very long time obtaining a, now, very worthless spear.

To be fair though, it seemed that no-one could PvP without one. I just wish it didn’t have to be nerfed to oblivion.

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“No one could PVP without one.” Though I disagree with that statement, the fact is, we spent a ton of time trying to get one, and what is the point of trying to get better weapons if they just nerf them because not everyone has one. Staying ahead of the curve is what it is all about, trying to have the best of the best. Maybe instead of nerfing everything, they need to make a care package that everyone can open and get all of the best armor and weapons available without any effort. And also, just let everyone start at level 60 also, with epic armor and weapons. Cant have any unfairness in the game. (sarcasm off)


So basically, one of the hardest weapons to get in the game, one you have to spend countless hours farming 1 single enemy to get, now Is useless, in an effort to reduce it’s healing effect, which can be duplicated by potions, food, and drinks to make the game balanced. doesn’t seem like a balance to me, but a slap in the face for folks who went after the weapon. so instead of carrying that spear now, which does piss poor dmg, just going to carry more aloe potions to make up for it. Sooooo…WTF, instead of making it pointless to use, why not just remove it from the game.


well at the very least, hope they increased it’s drop rate. it can be scrapped for starmetal to make better weapons………


Totally agree… nothing more annoying than lazy pvp’ers whine and cry. Even when a good pvp’er spells out what works, the nerf happens anyways and we who do single or pve pay the price.


I don’t know if it has an increased spawn rate or not. We killed her over 200 times to get 2 Spears.
To add insult to injury, we’ve killed her twice since the patch and got 2 lifeblood Spears.

It’s like lemon juice in the eye.

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It 100% needed a nerf to healing. The fault lies not with the pvpers who wanted a nerf to the healing, but with the developers who handled the nerf poorly. They completely gutted it so it’s useless. Most pvpers just wanted the healing dumbed down slightly so it wasn’t broken, but still functioned… We didn’t even want a damage nerf on it.

Maybe a different approach should be taken towards complaining to Funcom about something being OP.

Offer a good solution instead of having the word “OP” and “bad developers” in the same sentence.

Don’t develop a poison without an antidote.

Thats balance in a nutshell.

Make a OP healing spear? Then create an OP AIDS arrow that stops you from healing passively.

Want people to not use the healing spear on thralls? Then make them not wieldable by thralls (and/OR have thralls only be able to wield weapons that they know how to use so they don’t bug out)

But no… Let’s just DerpNerf something.

I for one have given up playing CE. All that’s left for me now is pure attachment.

This process of fun things having a “honeymoon period” is now a norm. Fun is now a seasonal thing.
Instead of celebrating something fun, it’s all about “I’m using this so hard before they nerf this!”
Like, you feel pity for anything that is worthwhile because you know it’s usefulness will deteriorate.
This is just a typical pattern I have observed across all games.

Basically nerfs are an apology for well meant enthusiasm.
God forbid there is a meta.


The spear was a bad thing to make in the first place. Having anything that give permanent regen is going to ether be game breaking or so weak no one wants it, there is no middle ground. As far as it now being useless, I would disagree. It is still healing. It might not be good for PvP but it is still a form of regen that never runs dry.

No, it didn’t. It just needed adjusted not nerfed.

As an example, if it healed 1 HP per second, then just change it to heal 15 HP every 15 seconds. It heals the same amount, and PVPers only have themselves to blame if they can land a damage tick at least once every 15 seconds.