No Regen on Lifeblood Spear

Regen effect no longer working.

Used it myself and on a thrall as well with same result.


It is. Please see the patch notes and the numerous threads discussing the nerf.

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It still works. The heal was just reduced by 96% so it is hardly noticeable.

I agree with @Aria_of_Sorrow findings…it is barely noticeable to the point that it appears to be not at all.
I think this is not a bug; I believe it was done with a purpose. I do not agree with changing for that purpose.

I did some testing.

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Yes they made the staff pointless on purpose. Just like they made acid arrows and already nerfed those too now

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I thought so at first, but a damage kit gets it to around where the other Legendary spears are. Also, I’ll take that extra little bit of healing whenever I can.

All this means is the game ceases to be easy. Admit it, Backing away and having Lifeblood save your butt in a fight made you careless. Now, you have to plan your fights.

The arrows needed it. The LBS and Crom’s Sword didn’t.

LOL, yeah right. Now you just back away and use a Roasted Haunch and Herbal Tea. All they achieved was making a weapon useless and ■■■■■■■ off their fan base a little more. Nothing else changed.

Yeah not so much, I never used life blood during pvp battles just incase i died. I didnt wanna lose it. Herbal tea, aloe soup, and potions are all i used for pvp. I dont rish anything i cant easily get back

Wait what did they do to croms sword. Is that y my thrall sucks with it now. I had to but a predatory blade on him.

Basically, thralls act like they have a stamina bar when using the Crom Sword now. That’s why they attack once then back off.

Man what stoner do they have comin up with these ideas

99.6% you mean. It used to heal ~250 times more than it does now. 100% / 250 = .4%

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