Lifeblood Spear is completely worthless now

Not enough Lifeblood Spear threads. So is anything being done about this? I basically see no difference in regeneration with it equipped. Why was it even changed? A bunch of whiny pvp players didn’t think it was a fair just like Sword of Crom which is also no useless too? Why even have these items in the game if they aren’t fun or useful? Just remove them if you are going to make such drastic changes. The only reason to even use the item it to quickly switch for health regen (also worked good for killing snakes). It’s called tactics. Don’t cater to the whiny players who can’t win at PVP because they lack skill and commonsense…


Why do you keep acting like that makes a difference?

The problem I have with the nerf to the Sword of Crom is that it makes it into yet another useless joke weapon. The Unnamed City update was already chock full of such troll items (they even describe the Lying Bastard Sword as such in-game), so this and the Lifeblood Spear were among a very short list of weapons that were worth putting in long hours to grind. Other than the venom-infused recipes, the only other weapon I can even recollect finding a viable use for is the Predatory Blade and Reach of the Red Mother.

TLDR; It’s the fake / troll rewards that are most annoying.

Haven’t gotten either of those yet, nor Riptide, but the wiki stats look promising. I’ll add those to the list of items I’m willing to trade Purge crafters for, thanks for the tip!

Haha, yeah that did cross my mind when I looked at Maelstrom’s stat bonuses. :laughing:

No, it doesn’t matter at all. It was given to the players, they enjoyed it, and then it was taken away. Whether it was given by mistake or not has no bearing on how people felt about it when they had it.

ONe way to possibly make more of the legendary “relevant” is to give them drastic buffs if paired with certain armors.

The Jedhi’s Great Saber gets a +20% Armor Pen if you are wearing Skelos Cultist Gear. (only for wearing all of it).

Making getting both mean something.

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Thats a terrible example, but I get your meaning :smiley:

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