More arbitrary changes - Lifeblood Spear

With this new patch comes another unnecessary change to one of the hardest weapons to obtain in the game: the Lifeblood Spear.

With how many nerfs have now hit Spears in general, the Lifeblood was already simply a tool to be used rather than a weapon to attack with.

The heal on this spear indeed made it worthy of the headache behind camping and obtaining it. It cut the cost of regenerative items while out farming nearly in half. Rather than having to burn aloe soup and roasted haunches every time you took damage, you could equip the spear and simply eat food for the intended healing.

For some reason, Funcom has seen this as being an overpowered item, despite its rarity and difficulty to obtain. I’m not sure why that is. As it stands, all PVE content can be solod as it is. And in terms of pvp? The spear isn’t as powerful as you’d think considering all of the ways at players disposal to interrupt the healing, such as poisons, bleed as well as weapons with temperature debuff effects on them now.

One of my biggest complaints about this game is that the PVE content isn’t nearly rewarding enough. The fights are too easy and with the exception of a few items, the drops aren’t exciting enough to warrant investing time into them.

Then came along the Crom sword and lifeblood spear. Both items were worthy of their 1% drop rates off of what is currently some of the hardest bosses in the game. Then, per usual fashion, they both get dumbed down to the point that they aren’t worth wasting time to get any more. The Crom is hardly any better than an adventurer sword or teliths now. And the lifeblood spear heals 1 hp every 5 seconds, which isn’t even worth carrying any more.

it’s a joke. A sad joke indeed. At least we got to keep our prenerf Crom swords, but now every lifeblood is worthless.

Why funcom? Why do you insist on turning every semi decent item in the game into the same old bland garbage like everything else? In a game where it’s incredibly easy to lose your body to both bugs and deaths as well as lose your items to raids, what is the purpose of keeping every single player on even footing regardless of how much time they invest into the game?

I’ve put over 2,000 hours into this game now and it still never ceases to amaze me when these awful decisions are made…


The only people claiming it’s OP in PVP aren’t good at PVP, no offense. That’s the biggest problem here, they make these changes based off feedback from players that shouldn’t be allowed to impact the game in this way.

Daggers have already been made immensely powerful in PVP, and as such you’re already combating bleeds cripples and poisons which nullifies the ability to keep the spear healing going on its own. 1 health per 5 seconds… that’s roughly 17 minutes to fully heal 200 hp with the spear out now. That’s INSANELY BAD and you’d be stupid to wield that garbage spear now for that long. It doesn’t make any sense.


Congrats, you have been blessed by the RNG gods. Whereas I’ve seen a single spear in over weeks of farming and roughly 60 kills of the dragon. You are the exception, not the rule. And fyi, you don’t need the spear to fully heal a thrall in seconds. I would never waste my time equipping one with it.


It’s not rare or hard to obtain in someone gets one then dupes thousands of them.

That said, I am not sure why they wouldn’t do something like letting it have its old regen rate, but require that you equip it and go 30 seconds with it equipped and not taking damage for it to activate.


Took me several weeks to get that lifeblood spear…so long I thought it might have been removed from the game. The nerf was uncalled for. The PVP argument is pathetic. Only someone who can’t keep a bleed or cripple on an opponent would have a problem with the healing. As far as attack the spear is not really special. So why make it worthless now? Any argument about OP can be applied to many other weapons–The Sword of the Adventurer comes to mind. Might as well nerf that down so that it is the same as a crafted sword–just to make things more fair.

In all honesty I did feel like it trivialized PVE content. I still used it and it is still useful. It’s still a great traveling weapon.

But before you could just dodge roll most content and legendary monsters. Heal and continue the fight which just made PVE content even easier.

But I see the point it was and is an epic drop. I still consider it one.

Daggers needed the improvement. The were not an ideal PVP weapon.

Crom is still very valid on a thrall. It does 91 damage. That is higher than the adventures blade for sure.

If PVE content is already easy then these things just made it easier.

Don’t think the change was fully needed. I understand why the did it.

The game needs balance, so they’re balancing, making an Op weapon weaker isnt bad for the game just because its your weapon of choice, think of the game in all aspects.

1 more reason I’m not saddened I let my year worth of progress decay last week, and will be sticking to solo if I get the itch. Theyve needlessly nerfed the game into irrelevance for me. Why am I going to spend hours accomplishing something when it will be made useless at the drop of a hat?


Totally agree. The spear is now totally useless, and it was a unnecessary change, same as you say with Crom Sword. I have got 3 Lifeblood-spears in about 200ish kills, 2 lost in death-bugs.

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While it may be ‘balancing the game out’ for PvP, it is having the exact opposite effect for Singleplayer and PvE. Just look at the sheer number of members from each of the two respective modes of play talking about it on the forum, who dislike this nerf!

This nerf is a poorly thought out, knee-jerk response to a larger problem. For example, they could have simply made the Lifeblood Spear and the Sword of Crom unequippable by thralls. But no… Instead they have now been ‘sissified’. Like most of the good weapons in this game; watered down to the point of mediocrity and eventual uselessness.


I, like most on this thread, spent a good amount of hours trying to get this weapon. While I think it was a bit over the top, it shouldn’t have been nerfed into oblivion. it IS totally useless now. Just another legendary tossed in a chest to rot. I tested it numerous times after the patch, and I don’t see it healing at all. It may be that it is So slow now that you might fall asleep waiting for the “1” tick. Please adjust this back a bit and make it a viable weapon again, thank you.


It was really the only way to heal your Thralls. Otherwise you had to have a couple on standby and switch them out. At the rate Thralls heal normally they take roughly 20 mins per 1k hp. Now if you argue the flip side on that Thralls should be able to be given potions to heal up. Now the only semi viable way is healing arrows.

Oh well, there’s a spot on my wall for it along with all the other formely great, now utterly useless weapons and tools I have. The acheronian war axe, crom blade, pretty much anything obsidian…

The silver lining is I no longer feel sad I never managed to get one of these to drop :slight_smile:

Thralls are easily healed with healing arrows.

Spears, in PvE, was totally useless even before this nerf, they was since previous nerf, making them the less dealing damage tools of the game.

The lol thing is I really doubt this nerfs will solve something in PvP, because the op of spears is the reach+staggering effect, wich is unchanged, no matter if spears deal 60 or 1 dmg.

Fix the spear! I have never even got one myself but keep trying and now you have removed the need to bother trying

Already mentioned healing arrows. But you shouldn’t be force to (previously) carry around a spear or carry around healing arrows and a bow. Thralls should heal with food (some) and get regen effects just like players from potions.

Forced ? Semi viable way ? :astonished:

Well… excuse me but what I meant was I use healing arrows to heal myself and my thrall after each boss fight in UC because is the fastest and best way of healing.

A single healing arrows heals at the same time you, your follower, your mate and his follower like only a total of 2 healing potion + 2 food + 2 useless lifeblood spear can do.

This was true, imho, even before this update.

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Yeah I suppose the bonus for me is I can now put my skinning knife/cleaver back in my hotbar permanently.

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Yeah, combat thrall logistics was the reason I hauled a Lifeblood spear everywhere with me; so I could heal my thrall between fights. So yeah, maybe the Spear was too strong for that, I can accept that argument. But because thralls don’t seem to benefit from consumable healing items (except getting a combat buff for eating food, yay), Unnamed City runs would become a lot more tedious if I had to go fetch a new thrall between bosses.

I guess I’ll need to figure out these “healing arrows” people talk about. They’re such a silly concept that I never used them before. I was also lucky that I got a Lifeblood Spear drop very early, and a couple of spares later. I’m also glad I got the last recipe from the Archives a few days before the Spear nerf so I don’t have a pressing need to camp at the Unnamed City anymore. (Still missing a Sword of Crom, though. And a few other fancy items.)

That said, I need to test the new Spear in practice before abandoning all hope. One thing I’ve learned over 17 years of active Internet foruming is that what someone calls “nerfed into uselessness” often turns out at least situationally useful to me. But if I, too, feel it’s become useless, I’ll join you guys in the mob with torches and pitchforks marching to Funcom HQ.