Lifeblood Spear...again

I keep it short. Funcom brings new items (probably untested) where you need a lot of effort to get them. Then after a while you used this item and loves it cause it makes the more difficult places more surviving and enjoyable so you didn’t have to wear tons of health regainers. And then boom new Patch, some good changes and additions and the most useless nerf you can imagine. Congrats.

PvP is full of trolls and cheaters and you care for a spear who is now totally useless. Well done.


I feel like a common mistake developers make is introducing an item or skill into a game which works great in PvE but people become angry about in PvP. Instead of making a focused change they nerf it across all utilization environments, hence making the item impotent or marginally useful at best. Only a few games and studios have solved the problem by fully partitioning the PvP and PvE environments. It’s just a lot more code however. The easy solution is to just nerf the item or skill and trade outraged PvPers for big sad PvE players.

Keep in mind that from a certain developer point of view, what keeps survival games alive are the PvP players. So they get catered to more frequently. A studio really has to have an advocate on the right team - i.e. production, live services - in order for PvE players to really have a voice that carries.

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its simply because 4 - 5 persons complained about how op was the spear or crom some weeks ago, because oh my god i tried to raid a base and i have been chopped by a thrall with a crom sword, this is not acceptable !!!

and this is really to laugh when you know how easy it is to deal with the best thrall, with the best gear, and the best weapons.

we simply now hear the voices of the real community.

The Lifeblood Spear is merely a symptom of a greater underlying problem - passive regeneration needs to be base feature, not a perk.

The spear enhances the game so much that it is universally beloved says something about a game’s flaws.

The current system ends up turning food into bandages. That’s not how metabolism works.

The most fun and unique implementation of a non-regenerative HP system is that of EverQuest, where the only way to regain HP in any timely fashion was either by magic or bandage (and bandages only got you to 50%)

The magic system wasn’t imbalanced either because only way you’d regain mana decently quick was by meditating with your spellbook open.

CE doesn’t implement anything that would make a non-regenerative HP system an interesting experience or make the act of healing a novelty worth researching.


The problem with partitioning is the game itself and its 3 modes. So the main problem is PvE-C. How should a mechanic behave there?

Because I also had thought about balancing PvP and PvE differently… But that damn PvE-C…

I play PVE-C and never carried the spear during prime time hours. Its not a weapon, its a tool. A tool that replaced the humdrum boredom of constantly making aloe soup, and waiting for your health to regen so you can keep having fun. Now we have tools with survival on them, but no health regen again. Healing arrows are nice but not really realistic and I don’t like having to constantly switch out my arrows, the cloud effect lasts only 10 seconds, and I am still having to farm mats to make them. If Funcom’s goal was to punish players for not farming aloe…mission accomplished.


Go for the H&H combo instead. Haunch and Herbal (Tea). The drink seems to regen stamina, so if you’ve got 5 points in AGI and equip Black Bruargh’s Fury, you’ll run like the refreshing Hyborian winds!


Cooked abysmal meat and Aloe soup are the best, trust me. :slight_smile: Unfortunately both take time to gather and create.

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B-b-b-but the Dregs is spooky! :smiley:

That i why the H&H is more efficient…you can stock pile. Or for me, it is the meat mashup (haunch is made into spiced haunch for the north) and herbal Tea, with some aloe potions as well. All easy to stock pile in a fridge, and herbal tea being the only one that takes some farming for crystal…

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Citation needed.


In my recent wanderings, I’ve found the drop rate for purified water among Darfari to be nice and high. On my Pac Man route, two 10-man villages brought me around 45-50 last night prior to my soup and teamaking.

Yeah I’d question the last bit at least, seeing as the kind of DLC offered for a game like CE, since it offers very few advantages in PvP (and none that can’t be fulfilled with a single pack). But I can’t say that you’re wrong (or right) without data. There’s doubtless not one single answer in any case, different strokes for different players even on the same ruleset.

PvP being “the name of the game” is a self-fulfilling prophesy of course, the more the content focuses on PvP, the more it’ll in turn attract PvP players. What I question is that survival games as a genre and by definition have to cater to the PvP crowd.

Also, unless changed, silver coins are great way to stock pile quickly. 1 coin to one orb (1 purified water). I know back in the day, 2 runs of silver mines a day and we would have thousands of glass orbs stock piled.

25 years experience. Enormous amounts of money invested in EA.

Roasted Haunches are the best healing item. Grab a thrall to tank, kill one reptilian monstrosity, hit it with a cleaver, then just cook that stuff. Then you are pretty much set for an entire play session. Even if it doesn’t heal as much as the other option, the fact that is so much less tedious (if you have a thrall with you) more than makes up for that.

Honestly, Aloe Soup would be a lot more fun to use if soup didn’t have meat in it (as the aloe soup lore describes) because at least that way you could always have the ingredient on you ready to craft some whenever without worrying about it expiring.

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Rocknose miniboss drops haunch too, so I go for the 1-skull near Relicwatcher Rise every morning and get him in my fridge.

Great, have Funcom fix the thralls from eating all the damn food so you don’t have to carry it.


Do people need the healing spear for pve? With thralls this good I can run around farming world bosses and unamed city with haunches for myself (Don’t even need aloe) and healing arrows for the thrall.