Lifeblood Spear...again

It’s not that it’s a need. It’s more that it’s a Legendary, extreme low drop rate, quality of life spear. You don’t need a Flawless epic sword, when you can make a stone sword. You use better equipment, because well, it’s better.


Depends on your play style. I could go in and take a hit then let my captain pull agro with his old style Crom sword and just watch. I wouldn’t even need to heal. Is that fun? Not really for me, also it takes up more time, and when your playing prime time PVP ( I play PVE-C) you risk the chance of someone sneaking up on you. Most if not ALL of the mobs and mini bosses have some sort of AOE, so your not going to just stab them in the back and get off without damage. The spear was not NEEDED, just like Silent Legion armor, the Crom and Predatory blades, etc, are not NEEDED. You dont NEED heal potions and Aloe soup either, you can just stand there waiting an hour to heal. The fluid pace of the game should get easier as you progress and obtain better items. And that is what the Spear did. I can assure you if they nerfed regular healing potions etc this forum would go up in flames.


I just don’t see how it adds anything. Currently with 40 vit and heavy armor I can literally just spam combos nonstop with my thrall, the thrall even takes aggro without me having to run away because he does more dmg. It’s totaly effortless and equally efficient. Switching to a lower dps weapon like lifespear would just make it go slower.

That’s my experience anyway.

I couldnt help but laugh when I read this post. Gee what a coincidence that you think PvPers are the better, more invested base of supporters. Didnt see that one coming. But sure ill bite.

Yeah the thing is google can confirm essentially anything we want it to, as the internet abounds with false and out of context information. Odd that I couldnt couldnt find any such data when I searched it out. Considering that by your own admission there is ‘no solid data as to why’, I would cast a very skeptical eye on any source which cannot evidence its own claims. Take that claim with a huge pinch of salt; I know I certainly will.

I would disagree with this, and even more so in the case of Conan Exiles. The AI may have its issues at times, but its more than compelling enough for the task. People such as myself, Mikey, Larathiel, Shadoza, have all been playing for up to 13 months now, so it must be ‘compelling’ enough if it can keep us entertained for such prolonged periods of time.

And there behold my second bout of laughter. So you are insinuating that PvP players are both more invested, and even spend more on PURELY COSMETIC dlcs (in this instance) in which the hook is primarily re-skinned building pieces and placeables!? Because face it, dlc weapons are basically copies of other dlc weapons, well…certainly not anything to set them apart from the crowd. If anything PvE and Singleplayers are more likely to have more use for these dlcs for roleplaying and decorative purposes.

You said it yourself here; pure speculation, and and simply another unsubstantiated claim


I think the most important thing to remember is at the root of it we’re all playing a PvE game. If the server is empty, I’m playing versus the creatures and trying to wade into all that juicy schwag. In my opinion, Conan Exiles was designed as a Multiplayer game, and PvP is simply a mode. We PvPers want the option to smash each others’ stuffs, and we’re willing to risk ours in the process. Doesn’t make us better or hardcore or anything. We’re just players, same as you.

However, there are armors that one really cannot avoid buying for PvP. The new cold-resist items are great, but nothing beats crafting that mundane Khitan for a frosty hike to retrieve what’s left of your stuff. :wink:

In my PvP experience, we buy far and away all there is to buy. Think of Shark Cards for GTA. But that’s an online mode distinct from the base game. In Conan Exiles I think we usually share the same space pretty admirably. I would guess DLC buyers for this game are more often on the PvE side.

Its never been about using the spear in combat, that’s why you don’t get it. Nobody used it in combat, we used it as a quick healing tool for ourselves and/or our thrall. Also, I would love to see you “spam combos nonstop” against the champion in the new dungeon. It would be a sight to see.

I’ve recently been using maelstrom and haunch meat. I do 32 str and 32 vit. With the new fish, I hit 40 vit with mael equipped off and on. Then I switch to adventure blade to go in deep.

I know you use it for healing, my point was that switching to it would lower dps regardless of how you use it.

I haven’t tried the new dungeon yet so I’ll take your word for it.

well if that’s the case no wonder why the lifeblood spear was nerf, because it was used out of purpose^^ kindof like when tool dealed damages (and the acheronian sickle was the best mele weapon)

Well, Shadoza. I don’t think it’s quite that simple. I understand your point of view and your stance. Lets understand something about developers though.

Developers are strange creatures. They tend to have an amazing work ethic. They also work under amazingly stressful conditions in a place that has free food, bean bags and ping pong tables. It’s quite the contrast. Post release, developers have two missions - Make it more fun and fix what doesn’t work…and we want it done with X puny amount of time and money…and the General Manager wants the sprints crushed.

With that in mind, when a loud group of players, which tends to be the PvP demo, doesn’t like something, it gets nerfed, provided the data is there to warrant the change. It’s just a matter of coding time and bang for buck. There’s also this fear of sunk cost fallacy. What’s worse, a lot of times (as unbelievable as it sounds) the studio doesn’t even have a good way to gather the metrics it needs to really get a large sample size to even make a decision with. So community outraged topics get investigated by a couple of key people in the studio along with the testers and within a meeting or two or three, the nerf happens. meanwhile, PvE players just sort of roll with the punches. PvE players tend to stick around longer whereas PvP players are more fickle, more trend following. Ask around, a lot of Conan PVP players have also played ARK and Rust and they didn’t stick around for terribly long. Where as PvE leaning players are (sadly) still loyally playing ARK and buying all their garbage expansions.

It’s not that we are undervalued, we’re just less cranky and tend to make ourselves less of a concern. We’re louder about NOT ENOUGH DECORATIONS, BRO, than the HPs of a spear. But make no mistake, those decorations come in paid expansion packs. When the PvP players move on to the new shiny, the PvE players will still be here buying expansions.

You have a voice.


Yes, I used the Spear to heal my thrall. An infinite healing item is superior to consumable healing items, such as the arrows. And shooting someone to heal them feels wrong on so many levels that I never got healing arrows before this update.


yeah my thrall carried lifeblood spear as soon as I got one

@Kimiko: Well explained and right on the spot. Funcom makes the same mistakes like other Developers, they simply listen on the wrong players. PvP is just one of the possebilities this game offers and far away to be the best. I have experienced 3 official PvP servers and it always ended the same. Always some people who are just there to troll and to destroy the game for others didn’t mentioned the cheaters yet knowing that they can do everything without fearing an administrator or punishment. Those “players” shouldn’t decide what is op and what is not.
And as a tip to Funcom: Don’t implent stuff like the lifeblood when you intend to nerf it in a impossible way. I deeply regret the buy of the seasons pass.


Personally, I started this game fully intending to go PVP with my hair on fire, but then realized that I loved a lot of aspects to the game that didnt have anything to do with PVP. I played PVE to learn the game for 2 months, switched to PVP, played 5 months, and got bored. When they came out with PVE-C I jumped in with both feet and love it. I don’t think you can categorize most people as PVPers and PVEers, its more fluid than that, and a lot of us play both. There IS that hardcore element that seems to roam the PVP servers and just ruin the game for everyone unfortunately, but I respect PVPers opinions as much as PVEers on most issues.

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My complaint is with complainers (lulz) that demand nerfs on items they could just as easily get and use for themselves.

This is not to say I think all PvPers do this, and I think everyone deserves to be listened to.

I’d just like the folks that aren’t thinking it through to take breath and realize that they too could have fun items that improve their quality of life if they’d only take the time to work towards acquiring them.

I can’t really argue with you in the contrary with any integrity. You’re not wrong. It really can be that simple for some players - for a lot of players. If I’m understanding your correctly, you’re of the mind that if you purchase a product based on a promise of effectiveness or briefing of functionality, you expect the purchase to deliver just that. That opinion, point of view and approach is both reasonable and uncontroversial.

The argument I gave you initially comes from having friends and loved ones who do game development. It comes from being financially invested in these sorts of things. But I’m also a consumer and am entrenched in the culture. I can see both sides and can empathize with the humans on either end of the supply and demand perspective.

Still, I’m more like you in most all other things I purchase and consume for the fact that I don’t know anyone who make headsets or nail polish or car tires. My headsets had better not fail in a month. I don’t care for the excuses fielded by the nice people who make them because I don’t know them. My nail polish better be pretty and not be dried out or in broken bottles when the nice UPS lady brings them to my house, regardless of the day she’s had. And my car tires better not fall off my car at top speed, that’s dangerous and I don’t want excuses.

Believe me, I’m really having a hard time with this game right now and I’m frustrated for different reasons. I think I just make excuses for certain people - especially if I know them personally or at least know the type. I don’t know anyone at FunCom or anyone working on Conan. But I can feel for them. I’m still really bummed out about my recent experiences in the game. I don’t want to leave, but I will if I feel like I’m being left behind or pushed out, be it by nerfs, policy changes or the end user result of distant studio politics.

I respect your resolve and I bet you’re a good friend to have around in hard times, Shadoza.

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