Another Thread about the Lifeblood Spear

So? What did we do without this thing.

We ate fish sticks and made aloe potions. We relied on Ambrosia, and Yog Meat. The game was playable.

Long story short we managed and had to carry things.

I liked my Spear just as much as everyone else. I could fight legendary everything without ever worrying about death. The only death I feared was falling off a cliff. But I did like the spear.

But this is not game breaking except for people who didn’t want to carry the previously mentioned items. Potions etc.

We now have the soothing buff in it’s place. The spear still works and makes a solid traveling item for some regen on top of the food you bring with you. Add in the soothing buff and we have more heal options than before the spear was implemented. Before that spear the only option was consumables.

While I mourn it’s loss as much as everyone else, due to the fact that I could farm a location indefinitely eating minimal food or potions, I also see why it was brought to a reasonable level of effectiveness.

With 50-100 purified water and 100 fishsticks, I could literally stay in the Unnamed City for hours on end, get a few hearts and never worry about dying.

A weapon should be a weapon, but invulnerability should not be a thing.

I am only referring to PVE content, as I would never have used it in PVP ever. But for PVE nothing should make you invulnerable by just running around and regening all of your life.


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