Fix The Lifeblood Spear


Funcom, please. For the love of crom, FIX lifeblood spear. This weapon is now utter garbage. A stone spear is more useful. It’s one of the hardest-to-obtain weapons and it’s one of the worst weapons in the game. Makes sense? I’m suggesting that you put it back to the way that it was, but instead of instantly healing you or your thrall when equipped, have it take 5 second before the first tick. PLEASE. I know you guys won’t listen to the majority of your fan base and that’s why y’all get so much hate. I’m willing to bet that the lifeblood spear will remain the worst weapon. And i’m also willing to bet that Funcom will remain one of the worst developer companies. Have a good day

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Hi sebas and welcome to the community. You know being still grouchy about the current state of the Lifeblood Spear, when I saw your thread in the suggestions, I grinned intently. I clicked on it, read intently while nodding resolutely in agreement, and rubbed my hands together ready to hit that like button with conviction. However, as I got to the last few lines of your post I realised that I simply couldnt. For me Funcom is one of the single best companies in the business, not one of the worst. They have such an approachable and consumer friendly business model. They offer all major content updates as free updates; the DLCs are cosmetic. They do actively correspond with and listen to their player base, for example the Sword of Crom and Dismantling Bench were my own suggestions, and there are the QoL improvements. Try getting that sort or reciprocation from companies such as Electronic Arts, Konami, Warner Brothers or Bethesda. Yes CE still has bugs, but they do make an ongoing effort to fix them, compared to some other games I own. For example, Skyrim special addition is still full of ancient bugs which they never bothered to correct.

That said, yes they do get it wrong sometimes, just like they did with the Lifeblood Spear and Sword of Crom nerfs. Dozens of players protested these decisions bitterly, and even suggested alternatives to simply slapping a nerf on them. And for the record here, I agree with you in the strongest possible terms that Funcom should restore the Lifeblood Spear! As you said it is one of the hardest weapons to obtain, and one which generally requires dozens of runs through the Unnamed City to obtain. And as you said it is utterly worthless now, an elongated paperweight.

Sabas I cannot give your post a like in its current state. However, I stand very firmly by your side in calling for Funcom to restore the Lifeblood Spear (and Sword of Crom) to its former values.


It doesn’t come across that way, or rather, it comes across as them listening only to a certain minority subset of users, regardless of how it effects everyone else.

I wasn’t this negative or cranky when I first started playing or even when I started posting here. This is just the result of facing a wave of nerfs that make the game objectively worse, and whose only benefit is appeasing the whining of that subset of players that I mentioned earlier.

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Aria I feel you here, I really do. And I agree with virtually everything you have just said. While Im not quite ready to throw up my hands and say that all is lost, and I have not lost all faith in Funcom just yet, but I have myself found my patience being increasing tried, and my frustration and general grouchiness levels on the rise. An absolute bucket load of Singleplayers and PvE players have been saying for many months now, and across numerous threads just how inportant a respectable level of regeneration is to us. But Fierce Vitality and the Lifeblood Spear were nerfed into the dirt anyway. Now we have a lot, and I mean a lot of extra grind, so that some players dont have to spend an extra several minutes killing an opponent. It ridiculous!

But look I didnt really come here intending to start another debate between the play modes (although odds are it will turn out that way). Just to agree that the Lifeblood Spear (and ideally Sword of Crom too) should be restored to their prior values.

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Better idea. Remove the lifeblood spear. The concept is flawed. Adding an item that gives permanent regen while equipped breaks the game.

I refreshed my base timers last Saturday. There is a two week decay timer. I told myself unless they give some indicator that PVE players aren’t just 3rd class citizens in their eyes, I am just going to let it all decay.

Less than a week in they make a post about more changes to benefit PVP and how they have nothing to mention about the DLC some people have already paid for. To their credit, at least the changes this time didn’t hamstring PVE in the process.

If I don’t see anything by next Saturday, I’m just going to let my bases decay. I won’t have anything left tying me to the game, so I am just going to uninstall, and move on when that happens.

It’s not flawed, and there a plenty of ways to adjust it to be more palpable to PVPers without making it completely useless too.

Maybe instead giving health back when you hit things like lifesteal would be interesting.


I like that idea.
Like… 10% of damage dealt? :astonished:

It is a flawed idea. It ruins the game mechanics set in place for healing. It makes the game easier and has no cost beyond the grind to get it. The only reason people want it is because it is broken. The Red mother is a chump once you know how to deal with her. Your all going to grind her for fragments, the bow, and the torch anyway.

It also will never be balanced. It will always be too weak or to strong. FunCom will be dealing with balance issues and people complaining for the life of the game. It is better to take it away.

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You can disagree with it being in the game all you want, but it is in no way shape or form ‘gamebreaking’. That term is thrown around far to casually nowadays. It does not render the game unplayable. The Lifeblood Spear now heals a laughable 1 HP every 5 seconds if uninterrupted. So assuming a player is playing with a baseline health pool of 200 (ie- no Attribute points invested in Vitality), which is highly improbable, that means it would take 16.5 minutes to completely refill our health. Probably double that to 33 minutes if like most people you invest in Vitality. And the minute we get hit, that puny effect grinds to a screeching halt. So it doesn ‘invalidate healing’ at all. Heck its not even a quarter the power of the Fierce Vitality perk or the Soothing buff. That is just a gross exaggeration.

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Gamebreaking has never exclusively meant, “unplayable.”

A glitch that let’s you one shot enemies that you couldn’t otherwise, makes you invulnerable, or even just makes the boss stand motionless while you beat on them were all considered gamebreaking, and they didn’t stop you from playing the game.

For something to be gamebreaking, it just needs to hinder one of the core mechanics in the game.

Even the old LBS did not do that. Healing is a core part of the game, and healing items are easy to come by. The LBS was also a legendary, and another core concept of the game is that legendaries are supposed to be better than other gear.


Rust, Ark, Atlas, Minecraft, Unturned, Gary’s Mod, GTA5 (technically), I could keep going. Sandboxes have PvP. Every PvP game has balance and meta issues. Actual PvP games like Salt of Legends and HOTS get tweaked on a regular basis.

The issue here is that Conan Exiles has how you heal set up in a way that requires a cost. 30 vitality means you have less points to put elsewhere and is only a small trickle. Eating food or drinking potions requires you to keep gathering food and potions. Life blood spear is always on with no real cost beyond getting it. Getting it is easier then people are making it out to be. No matter how hard you make it to get it still wont be a true cost because once you have it, it works forever. If it give good healing it’s game breaking. If it gives a small trickle then everyone complains. It will never be balanced in a way that will make you all happy. It is better to remove it and to not add anything like it again.

I have suggested multiple ways that it could work that would make everyone happy, and other have suggested compromises as well. Instead Funcom took the easy way out.

You and others have suggested things that “you/others” think would be a good compromise. Other people would disagree with you/others and the battle would continue on for the life of the game. The spear was a neat thought but it messes with how healing works and will never be balanced in a way that will make everyone happy.

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I haven’t heard of one person disagree with it, and even if they did, it would certainly be less people than disagree with the route Funcom took.

So you want Rust, Ark, and Atlas to stop having PvP?

it dont break the game, it give a reward for those who choose to farm for 2 months uc to find this spear. and this spear do not make you invulnerable, you can still be killed (and i play pvp for 2 years now…)

if you say lifespear break the game in pvp, i will assume that you are newbie and not a pvp player. and again this a very rare drop, so yes normal to be an op weapon, and there is some other very op weapons, so argument of nerf, remove from the game because game breaker is totaly false.


Two months? Most players on the server’s I’ve been on get it in the first week after a wipe. It is far to easy to get. You must be very unlucky. It’s not about the PvP. It breaks the game in how the game treats healing as a whole. I’ve said everything more then once so I wont be repeating it. I know I won the argument already because you have resorted to attacking me as a player and exaggerating how hard it is to get the item to try to invalidate my side of the discussion.

it took me 200 dragons kill, it is confirmed as a very rare drop in weight table of the game. like the sword of crom, like some weapon of warmaker dungeon who are even more deadly… but more easy to get…

you proved you are exagerating in saying the lfe spear is easy to get. but was not my original point or my will to demonstrate that, i was answering to the fact that for pvp it’s not gamebreaking at all as you are not invincible with a lifespear.

and yes the lifespear was bringing an unique attribute, as some others weapons bring some others unique attribute. and this is what make the game interesting.

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It is easy to get. Killing the red mother is easy once you get the right tools and knowledge to do so. Players who know, can get all of her drops withing the first week.

I never said the spear broke PvP. I said it breaks the system in place for healing in game. The complaint people are making about how weak it is now is because it’s not good for PvP anymore. Your all complaining about PvP. I’m saying that it needs to be removed because it breaks how healing works.

Nice to see you just ignore your direct attack on me as a player in your response. Again, you know an argument is over when the other side needs to resort to attacking the person rather then discuss the topic.