More arbitrary changes - Lifeblood Spear

Amen brother. Then again, I never got the Spear either, so. :man_shrugging:

yes but some only, i play on pvp only and as pvp player i say this is a mistake to nerf crom and lifeblood.

it remove diversity & depth of the game. and yes the game need some deadly weapons, more op than others, especially when it can take 2 month to get one of this weapons (this is the time i took to find the crom sword). and please funcom stop to listen people who don’t support to be killed by a thrall when they raid a player base.


Yes and No.

Epic heavy armor on a good t4 thrall like a Bandit leader with 2 h star metal sword can clear 50% of bosses… in less than 4 minutes

They have a harder time with bosses that have stun and knockdown… but if you have healing arrows. It becomes a joke.

I kill legendary bosses faster than the legendary chests refresh with loot. It’s easy solo with the appropriate gear.

I can understand the difficulty if you aren’t using the above method though.

i had to do 163 boss kill for crom sword, and 89 boss kill for lifeblood.

this is what I call a weapon hard to obtain even if you farm every day with a thrall.
1% drop… even maybe less

and those weapons drop on unnamed city boss, not in legendary chest. it took time to kill one of those boss even with a thrall. and they will respawn before you have time to kill all of them for sure.

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if eveyone use the same item, it can’t be called diversity (that’s the oposite actualy)

because when you play on pvp server you meet only player using crom or lifeblood ?, because personnaly this is not what i encountered (beause those weapons are very RARE)

and now if all weapon do the same damage, may be we can think to remove 50% of its because there is no point. we are already in case where 98% of weapons are doing all the same damage. there was only some very unique weapons who were not in that case : 4, now it left only 1 who have not been nerfed. but no worry we just have to wait for next guy who will not support to be kill, and this last weapons will become nerfed too.

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Yeah and it also removes the “grinding effect”. Why should I bother grinding for legendary weapon, when it gets nerfed into oblivion, just because someone is a crybaby here and have no clue about mechanics…

In 1 year, we get a Patch where you cannot dmg other players in PvP, because people dont like to get killed in PvP and are crying here… /s

Games easy?? Go try it on console then after you’ve wept in the corner for awhile after the experience come back

I think people are missing the point. Before I had the Lifeblood Spear, I could heal up pretty quickly with the Aloe soup/food combo. My Captain wears Flawless Heavy Turian which is better than Silent legion and carries an old style Crom sword with 127 mod DPS. I can clear UC for hours before I actually have to take him home. The POINT is we spent a LOT of hours farming high level mobs for this weapon. I could have been building the Taj Mahal. Please don’t add weapons into the game if you are going to keep nerfing them. My boyfriend gave me a diamond ring for my birthday, then took it back and said, "Oops, that was a mistake, here is this copper bracelet, it may turn your wrist green. " He is no longer my boyfriend…( just an analogy, but you get the point)


Same. Pretty much every game I have ever played needed to readjust something. I never get attached to something that seems to good to be true.

Regardless, Hexsing and Zerog. What you say is most likely true. Does that mean Funcom cannot do better than “other” games, because i believe they can. They have amazed me with this game so far, in all of its little details, and even with the AI glitches etc, I have complete faith in the future of CE. to quote a famous line in a movie, “I am not those people.” (Salah ah Din during the siege of Jerusalem when told the crusaders massacred the entire city, taking it. )

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My faith in the team is pretty much how it always has been. When I look at my gaming history most of the games I have playes have been published by FC because they make things that appeal to me. We have had our ups and downs but I always return to their IPS.

I think they had to make some changes do the weapon. While I do agree that they hit it with a Sledge Hammer and not a Nerf Bat.

Balance is important. I wish I streamed because I would share some moments where it showcased just how powerful this item was in it’s original state.

But I have faith in the team and am sure they will rebalance it again.

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I wish it was like it was when the game releas…Oh yeah, it wasn’t around for 75% of the games past. What did we do then? I know old time healing was nerfed, but they also added in healing arrows, and those work decent as a counter to that.

No ones is immune from errors. Even if I don’t work for Funcom, I’m a software developper so I can tell you no software is immune from bugs and problems.

So no dev could be ever able to grant you what you’re asking.

Just a curiosity: you said you was pretty able to farm for hours UC even before Lifeblood Spear before " I actually have to take him home.".

So why you spent a lot of hours to keep it for other reasons than to have it as decoration on the wall of your armory ? Because I spent a lot of time to give one for this purpose but I never used it, just because I never needed it to do all the thing I was already able (you’re saying you was able too) to do. :thinking:

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While I appreciate the attention that this thread is getting, not a single person has provided a strong argument in favor of how miserable a weapon this spear is now. With 200 hitpoints, it will currently take you 17, SEVENTEEN, minutes of constantly having it equipped to heal to full.

The spear by itself, without the healing effects, is not special in any regard. There is zero point in wielding it as an actual weapon to attack with as there are far easier and better spears to both obtain and craft. The healing was the only reason to use this spear, and it has subsequently been turned into garbage.

This is evident of a much larger issue with this company in which they disregard the time and effort put in by their already dwindling player base when they decide to arbitrarily make changes that affect serious time invested by us.

The only reason someone could possibly complain about the spear in its original form is because they don’t want to have to invest the time to get it. If we’re going to water down every item to the point that everyone is on even footing regardless of their time commitment, then I should be playing something like CS:GO instead because that’s what you’re turning this game into.

And, as someone else pointed out in this thread, in the countless PVP battles I’ve been in across a handful of different servers, most people don’t even bring this to a fight because it’s not worth the risk of losing it. If you can’t kill someone simply because of this spear, it’s evident of an issue with your gameplay ability, not the fault of the spear, because you can heal just as quickly if not quicker using consumables…

THE POINT - This was not a bug or a problem. It was an item added in game as a 1% drop that people spent TON’s of time trying to get, myself included. Once obtained, it did give you a great advantage…is that NOT the point of trying to get it? I myself mentioned it was OP on this Forum and fully expected an adjustment. What we got was a paperweight. 1 HP tick every 12 seconds? Seriously? You do the math.

I’m sorry I know is fault of my bad english, my apologies.

My point is: no software developper would be ever able to assure you his software released content will be game-balanced nor bug-free nor immune from any kind of problem, so no software developper will be ever able to assure you a released item will be immune to nerf-need.

But my last question was just curiosity: I never had problems in boss farming before that spear, no problems at all in healing me or my thrall for hours, and, if I’ve understood what you said, you said the same thing.

So why you’ve spent so many times to find something uneeded ? I’m asking you what was the great advantage.

Because this spear was always a decoration on my wall, doing great in something I was already able to (healing) and very bad as a weapon dealing very few dmg, making me losing my time during boss fights.

I can see the incentive to possessing this spear now. It is a reinforcing extra tick every 5 seconds, which can be (somewhat) useful for thralls. It’s not going to save the day, but in a pinch it adds extra healing if you’re low on healing arrows.

However, nothing beats getting that skeleton key, then proceeding to head-shot Narr Goatfoot right through the eye with my dumbed-down Bossonian Bow and a healer.

I’ll probably still let my thrall carry it because they can use spears pretty effectively still.

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I would not let my thrall carry this unless, out of combat. The chance of them throwing it at an enemy is to great for me to lose it. I only give it to them to heal and then take it away. This spear in no way should be even considered legendary in this state. Funcom should nerf ALL T4 PURGE BLACKSMITH’s legendary repair kits to only repair 50 points of durability to weapons. This is exactly what they did to the spear’s healing ability. Should not be a problem right? Just carry more legendary repair kits. :crazy_face:

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