Lifeblood spear not granting regeneration

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.equip lifeblood spear
2.notice no regeneration is granted
4.realize rhere is still no regeneration.

Hello @Evolan007, welcome to the community!

As per the latest patch notes, the Lifeblood spear heals every 5 seconds while being wielded, keep your inventory tab open while having the weapon in hand and you should see your character’s health going up every 5 seconds:

I have another post about this up. They say in the patch notes that they nerfed the time and it is only suppose to heal u once every five seconds, however, it is not healing at all, i requested more info on it( how much ut is suppose to heal every five seconds)

They just responded on my thread, its only suppose to heal 1hp every 5 sec, Guess its going on the wall as a display unless they fix it

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Absolutely… not even worth it anymore.

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